Our scaffolding is a miss-matching mess rusting away. But we're changing that.

Warehouse inventory is done. New tools coming in, and headed to FL site. Inventory trip tomorrow to Lake Charles, LA site. Looking for a replacement truck.


Ida response is done.
Flood response in KY: efca.org/kentucky-flood-response.
And I have help with the warehouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is in line with what @sinbach recently said in the BTJ podcast about China. youtu.be/41YoULB0tkI

Why does the underground church of China continue to grow? How did it survive through the harshest years of communism?
"They did not depend on a centralized structure. Any believer could plant a church, preach, and baptise others. In this way they could multiply in secret. Also, strong organisations are easy to target. You can destroy their buildings, freeze their assets and arrest their leaders, but a church that does not depend on buildings, bank accounts or a hand-full of leaders, is very hard to control."


At least one person was killed and several were injured Sunday in an attack on the inauguration of a Greek Orthodox church in Syria’s Hama Governorate. 😢

There are reports of one or two deaths from the attack, and as many as 12 wounded. 😢


While the others are away at Challenge, I'm starting on reorganizing the warehouse.

Crazy week with Challenge prep and a volunteer team! But frist, what is Challenge?

The last half is with Matt Walsh and so worth watching. He talks about his documentary "What is a Woman"

Watch "Justice For Johnny Depp, and What is a Woman, with Matt Walsh and Mark Geragos" on YouTube

A quick update about the week. And a prayer request for our staff in Covington.

I want to watch this documentary by Matt Walsh! Who thought a few decades ago that Westerners would lose the ability to define what a man and a woman is? Crazy times!

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