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Great volunteers this week. And a time of worship with them and Trinity Church.

Guys, whether you acknowledge it or not, this single event in history is changing the future of the Middle East FOREVER.
The final frontier of missions is getting smaller.

Could Covid Lockdowns morph into Climate Lockdowns?
Listening to the climate experts right now - it seems to be a very real option.
Would Jesus want us to lockdown to save the environment?

Our annual training meeting was in person again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We met at our partner church in Morehead, NC: One Harbor Church.

Colorado State offers help to anyone "affected by free speech."
This sign offers students 17 resources to help them if they have been affected by free speech.
Universities are treating Free speech as if it is a disease or violence affecting students.
Do not be fooled - the enemy's first attack when he takes over an areas is to stop free speech. Preaching the Gospel and sharing the Word is essential to complete the Great Commission. This is why China, Saudi Arabia, North Korea, Iran WILL NOT - CANNOT allow free speech. An attack on free speech is ALWAYS a direct attack on completing the Great Commission, to prolong Satan's time on earth. 😥

by the big platforms. They just delete tons of videos and articles. Not because they are false, but because they tell the truth. How sick isn't it? Luckily you find @thetruthaboutvaccines and @thetruthaboutcancer here! These screenshots are from Telegram.

With Apple allowed to continue operation in China when others were being shut down, we KNEW something was up.
NOW we know why.

Inventoried the tools at our Lake Charles site. And had a surprise.....

Had two teams this week. Inventorying extra tools. Fixing broken tools. Low on some tools.

I have NOT been vaccinated.
Go ahead and gasp in shock. I will wait.....
I am thinking about getting vaccinated.
NOW the other half of the room can gasp in shock.
I await ALL of your article links informing me how uninformed I am.
The truth is, I have spent the entire pandemic traveling the world. This year, in 2021, I have been on a plane flying to a different country about every week. I have been pretty irresponsible - speaking in large groups, hosting illegal meetings, not wearing a mask, hugging, shaking hands, licking door knobs - you know the usual.
I have also been tested more than anyone reading this post.
Let's be honest - there will a huge group of people celebrating when I finally get COVID.
But after traveling around the world, experiencing the lockdowns in China, US, and Europe as well as enjoying the relative freedom of movement in Sudan, Iraq, and Sweden - I have a few opinions.
You asked for them. Now you got them.

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