When you're suffering - pray & praise Jesus.
When a loved one is suffering - pray & praise Jesus.
For it is only a false & dead faith that can praise God when things are well and good, but cannot do the same in suffering.

'The sword of the Prince Emmanuel,
And the shield of Captain Credence'

Which is, in the Mansoulian tongue,
The word of God and faith.

- The Holy War, John Bunyan

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Have you ever put on the FULL armour of God?
Notice that it is up to you to complete this much needed task.
Do you realise that you are, right now, in a great battle?
How much time do you spend making sure you are battle ready?

The Spirit of the living God is ever-present, and we perceive Him not.

A Christian's purpose is to live by faith. Jesus is our great example of how to live by faith. He didn't deviate one bit from what His Father revealed to Him, either through the Scriptures or by the Holy Spirit. Following Jesus's example of great faith, the apostle Paul came to a point where he lived his life by the faith of Jesus, which is to say that Jesus Christ was living through him in the same way that the Father lived through Jesus when He walked the earth.

Without faith we can't please God. If we speak and act based on our circumstances we are not living by faith at all, faith is the evidence for things that are not seen. You cannot manufacture faith. Faith is being persuaded by God Himself, and living by faith is living by the revelations of Jesus continually.

So if you are not hearing Jesus you cannot live by faith. Hearing comes by the word of Jesus Christ, either through the Scriptures or by the Spirit, so I suggest we begin a diligent pursuit of every word of our God!

So so sad to learn about the killing of Christians in Nigeria at a Church on Pentecost. The killings included small children who were brutally shot to death. Please spend some time praying for the situation and for the deliverance of the oppressed. Cry out to God for our persecuted family around the world.

Jesus. All things were created by Him and for Him.
This pleased His Father. Jesus's raw creations are marvels that are unsurpassed by man, because He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. His Father works all things according to the counsel of His own will. Even great men are but vapour and smoke and noise for a moment. But we who are born by the Spirit of this same Jesus, which is the Spirit of His Father also, are greater marvels, unconquerable by man, or beast, or spirit, or life, or death, because we have become children of the One who oversees all things for the good of His kin.

Beware! I have seen again and again through personal experience that we can give satan a foothold through simple meditation.

It has been proclaimed by the King Jesus that His followers are the light of this world and the salt of this earth. Without light nothing is clear, nothing is seen as it really is, and nothing can be done properly. Without salt things corrupt and decay, and they are often bland or tasteless.

Do you see your high calling for this life you have right now on the face of the earth? You are to clarify reality, radiate the way to success, prevent corruption, improve the quality of society. Think about whether, right now, you are light in any way, and salt in any way. If you aren't, why is that?

You need to consider this because light is not here to be hidden under a bowl, and if salt loses it saltiness, it is no longer good for anything, except to be binned. It's time to grab hold of God's word, shake off everything that is holding you back, repent and cry out to God, and then... shine!

I want to begin to challenge you about what it means to be a Christian. I have also been challenged in this important matter. What do you think it means to be a Christian, or a believer in Jesus?

Do you think the focus is on merely trusting in Jesus so that you make heaven? Do you think it's about saving as many people as you can? Do you think it's about going to a church building regularly? None of these things are a good summation of what a Christian is.

What is your daily life like? Is Jesus your focus in daily living? Is hearing from Him a focus of yours? Can unbelievers tell that you are not of the world? Do you do the same things that unbelievers do? Do you watch the same wicked TV & movies as godless people?

Do you think that forsaking all that you have and taking up your cross and following Jesus everyday is too much to ask? Based on the words of Jesus in Luke 14:26-33, are you really a Christian...

"whoever of you does not forsake all that he has cannot be My disciple."

Jesus says:

"The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit."

Here you'll find my videos on the rapture lie, magic the gathering, the gospel and more:


A Story Begins...

"The beautiful, pristine, soft looking sparrow, charged, pierced, and killed the flailing worm before it could reach the safety of its kin beneath the Gathering Tree's rich earth. Greycloud the Hunter sparrow swallowed Patryka the worm whole. It was two days before her birthday and a long awaited gathering celebrating her retirement from the Beta Zone night watch in which she had served faithfully and rescued no small amount of wounded friends over the long winter months. Greycloud took off with a gust of the eastern wind to continue his hunt for flesh in the Delta Quadrant...

An atmosphere of mourning filled Plum Burrows, but the worms were not content with mourning. Worm leader Councillor Statock sent word to the Deep Kingdom calling for the assembly of the Earthen Mastermind. This was the action that would trigger the formation of the Utopian Force, a fellowship that would hinder the lives of the Hunter Birds for a gruelling age."

Thank you all for praying for Abbie - she really needs Jesus 💔

"When the Spirit of the Lord comes to dwell within, the vileness that once reigned in the heart and mind, is stripped of it's power to compel and bind.

Yet the new creation who has begun in faith, must be on guard, watching day and night. For the eyes of the wicked look for opportunities, to ensnare the saint again, in grave depravity."

Maxims of the Heavenly Realms

Please pray for Abbie, a young lady I met today. Abbie is homeless, begging on the streets and living in a tent. She has a daughter who is living without her mum. Abbie wants to be housed and to get her daughter back.

Please pray for Abbie's heart to soften to the gospel; for the Lord to have mercy on her and help straighten her out; for her to be rehoused and restored to her daughter; and anything else the Lord leads you to pray.

Thank you!

Now Jesus is risen from the dead.
He has sent His Holy Spirit to save & empower the seekers of truth, and to convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgement. All those who are of the truth, listen to Jesus.

"Temporary pleasures do not undo abiding sorrows,
But those who follow righteousness inherit unending pleasures."

Maxims of the Heavenly Realms 1:4

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