Dear brothers and sisters in Christ and all my friends of Ding Dash,
this morning I would like to update you on what my wife and I are experiencing as a family.

As I have already told you in recent months, starting from September, I was no longer able to work at school as a teacher, because as a family we decided not to get vaccinated.

This is for two main reasons:

1) In the various phases of vaccine development, cell lines derived from aborted human fetuses are used, and as Christians we are against abortion; this is also the reason that led us to rejoice at the great victory that has taken place in the USA in recent days.

2) Vaccines can cause numerous side effects, even serious ones, potentially harmful to the human body. And this fact, which at the beginning was little known to many, in recent months, is coming to the surface more and more also from numerous accredited and official sources.

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