We want to thank all those who have prayed for us all these months. May the Lord reward you abundantly for your help and encouragement.

However, we ask you to continue praying for our situation. In fact we believe that in September or October at the latest the restrictions may be reintroduced again, as some authorities are already saying.

We ask you to pray that the Lord will open a door for us to be able to work free from all restrictions and vaccination obligations.

If it is necessary and if it is God's will, we are also ready to leave the country to live in a country where there is still a bit more freedom than where we live now.

God bless you abundantly. Thanks again for your prayers.

Your brothers in Christ,

Antonio and Anna

@faith20 I will continue to pray for you and others like you in your country. Thank you for the update.

@MaryMamuzich @faith20 I too will continue to pray for you both. Would there be a possibility of teaching online?

@Cherishingsparrows2020 @MaryMamuzich

Thanks for your prayers. In Italy, during the restrictions, all teachers had to be present at school but with the vaccine obligation fulfilled. Those who had fulfilled the obligation could also teach online but only if there were cases of contagion. Therefore, the fulfillment of the vaccination obligation was also required from home. Thank you, God bless you.

@faith20 @Cherishingsparrows2020 why would teaching at home be ok for those that took the shot but not ok for those who choose not to take it???? Not right!!

@MaryMamuzich @faith20 @Cherishingsparrows2020 thanks after I saw your post I read Antonio's. That is really bizarre, but lots of things are now.

@MaryMamuzich @Cherishingsparrows2020

You are right. If you knew how many such things, all unjust, they have been able to legislate in these two years ... I'll tell you just one ... think that in Italy even those with the third dose of vaccine could not enter the hospital to visit a patient, even if dying. Many have died in the hospital (I'm not talking about covid deaths) alone with no chance of having a son or a wife or husband close by. They died completely alone. How sad ... 😥😥

@MaryMamuzich @faith20 This is definitely not about health safety. May God give grace, wisdom, and guidance.

@faith20 , thankyou, Antonio and Anna, for the updates. I'm praying much for you. May your hearts be so full of joy and Christ's peace as you're walking these difficult roads with and in Him.

@Williams_girl Amen. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you. 🙏

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