standing up for medical freedom and bodily autonomy of ALL Taiwanese! Demanding the Government cease plans for vaccine passports and demanding they allow alternative treatments like Ivermectin, Quercetin, etc.


Tell the world: deaths in have quickly surpassed deaths from -19 itself. Stats as of 10/29:

Deaths from COVID: 847 (from 2020/01/01)

Deaths from CV Vaccines: 982 (from 2021/03/22)

The youngest victim was a 2-month-old infant who died after nursing from her mother who had been vaccinated earlier in the day. The Government initially dismissed the death as vaccine-related. It took a strong, concerned grandpa who didn't trust them to force their hand via an autopsy. After an autopsy was performed, they admitted the infant's death was caused by the vaccine.

And guess what the Taiwan Government gives to the family of anyone who dies from the vaccine -- only if their assigned coroners "confirm" it?

A mere $3,000 USD. Is that all a life is worth?!

So far, only 10 of the 982 have been labeled as such.

Taiwan covets its international reputation as a vibrant democracy. But the past 6 years prove that in some ways it is not at all.


Some of the posters for today's demonstration against experimental vaccines and vaccine passports in Taipei, . Please hold this brave group in prayer. We are truly in a David vs. Goliath moment.

Taiwan Guardians, a small but growing group of Taiwanese opposed to experimental vaccines and vaccine passports in , are going to be having a demonstration outside the Taipei City Government Office Building in the Xinyi area at 3 on 10/30. They are led by a brave pastor from the Taipei area who is warning of the danger Taiwanese apathy, Taiwan media silence, and of the vaccines themselves. More demonstrations are planned for the future.

Details (Mandarin only):

Taiwan Guardians, a growing group of concerned parents and professionals, protested outside the Taiwan CDC offices in Taipei today. They were protesting against the ideas of forced vaccination and vaccine passports. Watch the full protest here:

A coup? A revival? A collapse? Or all the above?

Watch .

Watch what will happen in China...

In whom and where is your trust? In yourself? In your own ability to "figure everything out"? Or is it in the Lord Jesus?

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