Pray for us as 5,000 of our book on Divine healing are printed in thai and sent to every Pastor in thailand Oct 31. It comes with a order form so they can order more for their churches and house churches. Pray that as they get the revelation that Jesus heals, and order more and more for their churches that the spirit of God ingraines it in their hearts so that the gospel of Jesus is preached with power, miracles and healing. Jesus is shown as alive from the dead. Pray that after we ship our first 5,000 books, absolutely free. 1 to the pastor of every known church in thailand, that the ones who want to see God's healing power will have the hunger, boldness, and wisdom to get them for their church. When they order books for the people, those are also free. It's free for any beleiver in Thailand. It's called "Divine Healing Answers" later we will put English e-book and English audio book online for free for all who wants it. But the print version is only in Thai for now. God is good.

@ChrisHarrison I cannot wait to see what God does with this. And I can get an audio English version. Keep us posted.

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