Pray!! 15,000 books I wrote in the first person from God's view to lost peoples ciew, meant for the unreached are being published and dispersed in 15 days. Laos/thai/ & Vietnam. 5K in each country. Thirty days later 15 K books on divine healing going to the all three nations to underground church in Laos and Vietbam. And 5,000 will be sent to every known church/pastor in Thailand. They don't have thai books on spirit filled subjects. So excited. Finally. 15,000 more books in all three countries divided evenly on the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Dispersed with our network in Vietnam and Laos. In thai, it will also be going to the 5,000 known pastors/Churches to help them get filled with the spirit and walking in the healing anointing and the gifts of the spirit. Pray that our funding for 45,000 books will he finished. 15,000 a month for three straight months. Pray the books get to their targets where God wants them to get to and that lives are changed forever. Saved, healed and filled!!


I'm just a regular person. My first book "Untouchable" about the total defeat of Satan on the cross of Jesus Christ and sold about a thousand copies since its been released. But selling it is definitely not my passion. God gave me a word about preaching and writing about the gospel to : as many people, in as many places in as many ways as possible" and he went on to say "making diaciples of all the nations as faith rises in their hearts through the seeds of this gospel revolution.

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