Are you living in the areas known as the 1040 Window or the global south and you want to be a missionary. We have amazing opportunities for you. On this link, ignore the cost. We are sponsoring anyone who wants to come for free for an intense 28 day missionary school. Because we have students coming from at least 8 nations, you must be able to speak English this time. All you need to do is believe God for a plane ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand and all your expenses are paid.(Oct. 4-31 this year). Food, lodging, transport to our outreaches and such, everything it cost for curriculum and to live on campus which is beautiful is fully covered in every way. God is providing all needs. Right now we are taking 32 specialists - people who know Gods word but want to be church planters either in their own country (those from unreached nation). Or to a cross Cultural nation. You will leave being a self sufficient house church planter click, scroll to MTC register button

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