Yes, our mobile phones have a Bible App but it can't replace the undisturbed prayerful reading of a real paper Bible every day.

Boris Johnson has travelled to Ukraine to receive an honorary degree.
The former prime minister was awarded Doctor Honoris Causa of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, which translates as "for the sake of the honour".
What is interesting if not disturbing is the salute and the banner directly behind Boris.

This was my first memory verse in my renewed try at memorising verses. I have always found this difficult due to the after effects of brain surgery, but in recent days I was encouraged to give it another go with lots of prayer. Hallelujah - this verse is now stored! 😊

Here is a question for anyone...have you read "Systematic Theology" by Louis Berkhof, and what did you think of it? I just started it.

Something a bit different now. A new "Classical Music Devotion" is nearly ready for Monday since the last one was so well received by folks. This picture of a clearing countryside storm is a clue to Monday's composer and music. Can you guess who it is and what music?

Time spent in worldly pursuits is lost; but time spent with God is invested in Heaven.

Surrendering to God means you don't have to surrender to the Devil!

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