Something a bit different now. A new "Classical Music Devotion" is nearly ready for Monday since the last one was so well received by folks. This picture of a clearing countryside storm is a clue to Monday's composer and music. Can you guess who it is and what music?

Time spent in worldly pursuits is lost; but time spent with God is invested in Heaven.

Surrendering to God means you don't have to surrender to the Devil!

It is a beautiful sunny day in Fife with a nice wee breeze. We are blessed to get the first use our new patio which was put in at the end of last year. It is a lovely private enclosure to sit and read, and even write a devotional in. All glory to our magnificent Father God, who blesses us in so many ways.

New Psalm Sunday episode coming at 00:03 GMT UK time later tonight.

My new series "Psalm Sunday" begins this Lord's Day with the first verse of Psalm 119.

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