I just want to say “Thank You “ to all who have supported Light here in Kurdistan! A small request at this time! If you are holding Dinar, we can use them here! If you bought them years ago they are of no value there, but we can use them here! If you would like to get them here please contact Mike Taylor at (651)983-4188! We can help you write them off!

Praying for the anointing of the Holy Spirit as I speak on Zoom to Pakistan on Sunday! Sermon: Why Jesus Came!

Great News coming soon! Pray as I meet with two different Governments! Jesus will be in those Rooms!

What a great day at the Medical Presentation! Love you all. The Doctors were amazing!

The Dream Center had the honor of hosting one of the Greatest Groups ever to visit Kurdistan! We rejoice in this wonderful Group…The Body of Christ Jesus!

Thank you to the Mookta for allowing us into Sege! You are awesome at Governing the Village!

We have been on silence....IT is nice to be back :-). Excuse the catch up overload
Prayer Directive: Luke 22:32(a) Jesus said, "But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not:.." That is King James for "I have placed you in My Father's Hands that you may not lose your faith" You are loved today and bound for wonderful things and dreams to be accomplished, but you must believe. Don't look out the window at the craziness, look up and then look in. Your light is still shining!!!

This is Dedicated to all those on the Battlefield of Back to Jerusalem!!!God Bless You!youtube.com/watch?v=RuMLBhrKHs

Ziad Ezdeen and Sam Croos Brought Love to Sege! Yezidi People you will never be forgotten! Sege your village will be filled with God’s Love and Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow!

So Blessed that Light Ministries in Kurdistan could feed the Yezidi Families today! Thank you God, Sam Croos and Ziad for getting all the food organized!

If you are attending the Online English Communication Class from the Dream Center on Sunday, you must preregister! 7511080247

Ok Duhok! I hear you! The Dream Center will be teaching English Communication online from 7-9PM, starting May 23, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday for 5 weeks! So, if you are interested please call me on What’s App
7511080247...yes I will be teaching!
Love you all....Miss Barbara

Wait till we find out Jesus is not a chocolate bunny! You can pray all day to milk chocolate and nothing will change!

Happy Good Friday! Went to a village Church in Amadea to pray! Then to an old Synagogue. Jesus died for our sins, but Sunday is on the way! Thank God for Resurrection Power! Thank you Palo Muhammed Muhsin for taking us!

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