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I am a skilled, self-taught Graphic Designer with over 15+ years of Adobe Photoshop experience.

I am a skilled, self-taught Graphic Designer with over 15+ years of Adobe Photoshop experience.

Prayer request from Aamir Rafiq,
Dear family in Christ we need your prayers for sister Chanda. She is a great believer and in my church choir . Her liver is not working, bone Mero is not making blood and internal bleeding is not stopping. Her HB is again 1.5.
She is our prayers as well as financial help. If anyone can help they can contact me or donate on our website below.
Many blessings.

The course that the makers of The Chosen have chosen to take is exactly why Jesus groaned within Himself when he came to the grave of Lazares. We see Jesus specifically waiting in Lazares' case for a greater miracle and we must believe that there is a greater plan, but to tell Little James that he will not be healed until he get's to heaven 🤮. That is not my Jesus. Jesus heals. He gave the example of the woman who kept bothering the unrighteous judge and told us that we should be like that woman but he also said that the Father in heaven is not like that judge, He knows how to give good gifts to His servants. Never, Never, Never let the devil convince you that Jesus will not heal you.

We saw The Chosen season 3 episodes 1 & 2 last night in the theater. I was so disappointed with this one scene where Little James wasn't healed. Jesus told him that he would have to wait till he got to heaven to be healed. Jesus would never say this to anyone. There are only 2 instances where Jesus doesn't heal.
1. People don't believe so they don't ask. If they would only ask He would heal them.
2. It isn't His time yet. In the case of the blind man Jesus said that he was born blind so that the glory of God could be manifest in him. In that specific case it couldn't happen until the time was right.

The Chosen
In Season 3 Episode 2
Jesus tells Little James
that he is not going
to heal him until he dies
and goes to heaven.
The New Testament is clear that Jesus healed all who came to Him for healing. He never turned anyone away.

The Chosen
Season 2 Episode 6
Jesus says to Mary Magdalene:
"Did you really think you would never struggle or sin again?"
But in John 8:11 & 36 Jesus said,
"Go, and sin no more." &
"If the Son therefore shall make you free (from sin), ye shall be free indeed."

Torben Sondergaards latest letter from jail, addressed to the body of Christ. This is very encouraging! 🙏

The History of the Waldenses by J.A. Wylie

The Waldenses, also known as the Waldnesians or Vaudois, were a Christian movement of the later Middle Ages who lived in the Swiss Alps.
During the 12th century and onwards, the Waldenses were persecuted as heretics and endured near annihilation throughout the centuries. They were outlawed, hunted, tortured, murdered, and hated by the ruling Roman Catholic Church, because they lived by the Truth of God’s Word and did not ‘bow the knee’ to the traditions and laws of men. They kept the light of Christ burning amid the Darkness of the Middle Ages.

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Looking for Remote work.
I like to collect Data, Manage Spreadsheets & do Graphic Design. Message Me.

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