"All Turns to Silhouette"

As the sun retired one evening,
I could not believe what I was seeing.
The night was nigh, the day was away,
And all turned black, darker than grey.
"What a bizarre phenomenon," said I,
For what had transpired none could deny.
Then saw I, as my mind danced a pirouette,
That in such light, all turns to silhouette.

A wondrous supernova of sunlight, blowing beautiful crimson across the sky with incredible power and grace. 💥 🌅

Just saw an amazing sunset, and I thought you guys might like to see it too.
The first photo was taken on my phone, to give you a wide view, while the second was taken on my proper camera, to allow me to be more artistic.

This is my first proper try at flat lay photography.

I had been wanting to try my hand at flat lay photography for some time. Having done extensive research on the genre, I formed an idea for an image in my mind. Then I began to prepare for the shoot.
Firstly, I collected the bits and pieces for the border and background. I used a chopping board from our kitchen for the background, the wood and bark were sourced from our store of kindling, and the rabbit skin was borrowed (with permission) from my brother.
With the ingredients gathered, I set to work arranging them around my subject - a souvenir from a trip to a Land Rover exhibition.
With the stage set, I turned to the lighting. I used just two lights in the end, with the aim of illuminating the picture evenly, while maintaining adequate definition in the image.
I spent more time than usual fine-tuning the picture afterwards, adjusting the tone, sharpness and exposure to create a very rustic feel.

"Coming in Hard"
Rooftops appear to be the claimed territory of all creatures of the air. By the way they behave, I have oftentimes wondered if some birds think they own the place.
Still, it allows us photographers to get photos like this.
Seeing the crows flying back and forth, an idea for a particular picture formed in my mind. After one or two unsuccessful attempts, I caught this highflying crow coming in fast.
Mastering the framing and timing was tricky. But you can thank my extraordinary photographic acumen for the pleasure of viewing this image. 😏

Little compares with the warmth and wonder afforded by a beautifully illuminated Christmas tree. This is ours from last year.
There are three different versions - one warm and colourful, one subtle and nostalgic, and one bright and classic.
Which style do you favour?

When I awoke that morning, a blanket of snow covered the landscape, as far as the eye could see. As the sun rose, it caused the snow on the slanted windows upstairs to glow and glisten in the warm light.
It was mildly surreal, being concealed in such a peculiar fashion, hidden from the outside world beneath a layer of countless, delicate snowflakes.

A small, delicate, colourful flower hides among dark, gnarly green leaves. When a black van parked behind the fence, an otherwise uninteresting composition became quite dramatic. The vehicle darkened the background, accentuating the gloomy atmosphere, which was ideal.
Little editing was required to achieve the dark, ethereally sombre aura.

This small lamp stood gathering dust in the corner of an old garage. With dusk fast approaching, for a brief moment, the sun, peering between a gap in the trees, cast its warm light upon this long unwanted article, as a ray of warmth and hope piercing despair and loneliness.

Even with such a piffling layer of snow that morning ❄️, I was determined to get a decent photo. Any landscape shots were out of the question; the so-called 'snow' quite honestly left much to be desired. Being brutally honest, I should have to admit that the pathetic film of frozen liquid on the ground really more closely resembled sleet.

Nonetheless, as aforementioned, I was determined to find a way of seeing beauty in the weather's frankly pitiable attempt at snow 🌨️. So, I turned my attention toward details, searching for small clumps of the frozen sludge on fence posts and flowers 🌸🪵. I eventually located this leaf, which was still covered with the stuff. A trifling amount of creativity in post-editing saw the colours adjusted considerably to produce a more pleasing colour palette. 🎨
Feel free to share your pictures of snow (doubtless yours will contain a slightly greater amount of snow). ☃️

A stray splash of sunlight glows softly on the side of a pale red brick wall during a tranquil sunset one calm summer evening.

The plain, geometric composition of this image permits the binary colour palette to draw the viewer's attention to the mildly ethereal blend of its two complementary colours. A vibrant blue, the dominating colour, is sharply contrasted by a subdued shade of yellow, giving the picture a dual ambience that is both enchantingly unusual and comfortably restful.

Another ideal wallpaper I think - textured, yet plain. The spotted shade cast by a tree above working in conjunction with the scattered debris conveys a simple, rustic ambience blended delicately with refreshing, summertime undertones.

Weather-beaten roof tiles on an old barn in the English countryside.
I do love the character of some old buildings.

"In the Corner of My Eye" 👁️
Some stray sunlight peeking through the curtains onto a chest of drawers.

A friendly little chap who came over to check on the quality of my gardening the other day.
(Here, it is actually perched on the handle of the lawnmower).

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