Something a little more experimental today. I call it "Lost in the Chaos"

Some abstract bokeh for today.
I held a small microscope to the lens of an old HP pocket camera and aimed it at the setting sun as it shone through a bush.

Intricate details of an autumnal leaf...
(Taken in my miniature studio)

For all of you who may have missed my photos, I do apologise. I've been rather busy of late, launching a fantastic new radio station, Pure 24/7 Radio ( It has been a thrilling experience, and it's only just beginning. In fact, I'll be starting a breakfast show on the station very soon - the Wake-up Call - Live every weekday, 7-10am GMT.
Anyhow, now that I've settled into my role as Social Media Manager and DJ, I am able to get back into my hobbies, including photography.
And I thought I might begin with these two images from last year, which seemed quite relevant in light of the recent onset of winter here in the northern hemisphere.
So I present "A Frosty Sunrise"

A majestic cloud formation from a few years ago.
It's a picture from an old camera which I restored.

A small, young sparrow sitting in a bush on a warm summer afternoon. Photographed in our back garden.

An abstract photo I took on my phone. A simple shot looking into a glass of fruit smoothie, followed by a little creative editing.
Pretty cool, right?

Hi guys. I've not posted any photos for a while, but I've got loads I'm really looking forward the sharing with you.
Photos are such a good way to show God's light and beauty in the world, and I hope to do just that with my photography.
Anyhow, here's a great light trail I captured from the car one night. It was tricky, but after a few attempts, I managed to get a light trail that gradually fades out of the frame.

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