"Unmasked and exposed throughout the land."

Overwhelm us Father with your presence.

Hallelujah, for Texas, no longer mandatory to wear mask thank you Jesus. It's a choice. I know a lot of people wont agree with me but it should be our choice not man forcing us to.

I am not ignorant but i do choose to speak life. I see so many voicing their opinion and i also discern it's more of the flesh than the Spirit. As long as i have breath in this body I WILL SPEAK LIFE for this reason Jesus came!!!!

Lord, here I am send me!!! To where you call I'll answer🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

God, I don't want to work for you in my own strength, I want you to do your work through me in your strength...

Life has its up and down; But take courage for it will surely pass🙏

Jesus, death was there from His birth. He lived his life as a gift, to be given, a sacrifice of love... What a marvelous man of God💝💝

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Not an easy Valentines Day.
I say good bye to my wife today for TWO MONTHS!
Our apartment has been sold, so she flies back to China today to sell all our stuff.
It will be a very very long two months.

"Your presence is an open door."
Pour your Spirit upon the church, the body of Christ💝 let the anointing fall upon us O Lord.

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Would you pray for my son? He has Asperger's and is easily influenced. He's off to college and wrestling with what he really believes spiritually. Even though he's at a "christian" college, there's no biblical feeding happening and instead, he was introduced to D&D groups (which, in my opinion, is witchcraft). He looks lost in his eyes and sad. He must walk this road and decide to choose Jesus while out on his own. It must be HIS relationship. His passion and choice. I know the promise God gave me for him: that his life was to be dedicated to God and he is a kingdom warrior! It will happen but I'm praying he doesn't take the long, hard road. Please pray that he chooses to remove himself from these D&D games and instead find other students who are a godly influence. Pray that he would encounter Jesus in a very real, personal way. Thank you. ❤️

We must always remember the mercy God had towards us. Is it easy, No but with his grace It Is POSSIBLE...

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Few fishes jumped out of a fellow young fisherman's net recently. Please pray for the community. Due to opposition from the family, social and religious pressure.
Please Pray for the remaining catch to be safe from the attacks of the enemy.

Jesus, thank you for our spiritual life,and physical life. A life that is full of Jesus on earth...✨✨✨

I love you, I love you, Jesus with all my heart and my soul💝💝💝💝

I am convinced nothing is Greater than the Kingdom of God...
If we think the world is then we are in trouble. Matthew 7:24-27.

May we truly live by Faith and not by our sight. We are spirit beings living from eternity. We are on a mission on earth may we complete it for our children sake and the generations to come. To God be the glory and the Power.🔥🔥✨✨⚡⚡

Many voices will be heard but our ears must recognize the voice of the Living God...⚡⚡⚡⚡✨✨

God is mercy!! If you haven't encountered him then you don't know how to love the unlovable.

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