God is the God of the living not of the dead and when he walks among the dead is to bring them back to the life of his son( Jesus)⚡⚡ He restores. He heals. He prospers. He position's. All is within Him🔥🔥

Rise up in Faith!! Without it we can't please God⚡⚡⚡

Father God,Thank you forgiveness and giving us this day our daily 🍞.
Grace upon Grace. In Jesus name⚡⚡

Known to God from eternity are all his works. Acts 15:18⚡

Holy 🔥 of the Holy Spirit is coming upon America and Global.
For the glory of God. The name of Jesus shall be lifted up⚡🏹

God is the builder of every house!
He is looking for those who will let him rest within⚡
Will you???

Leaders may die, but God's prophetic promises live throughout generations⚡⚡

Father God, we call the prodigals 🏡 from the North, South, East, West and every point in between. Stir their hearts with an over whelming love and peace to their soul's. We declare, Their soul follows close behind You; Your right hand upholds them. Ps 63:8 .In Jesus mighty name.🏹🏹🏹

Our Father, in heaven your holiness purifies our ungodly thoughts. Your godly thoughts transforms our mindset into the mind of Christ Jesus. The sword of the Spirit removes it All. Chosen to think and align my thoughts with the Spirit of Truth. In Jesus mighty name⚡⚡

Take my hand and let me lead you through the storms of life.⚡

Lord, I lift up my hands to the one that lifts my spirit up💕

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The early part of the day has been stressful, due to persistent headaches in the last three weeks I had a consultation at my opticians who has now referred me to my Neurological Consultant, the possibility being that my residual brain tumour may have grown. So now I am sitting waiting on a phone call which may not happen anytime soon from my consultant. In this I am not afraid, my Father God is completely in control. I would appreciate prayer regarding this.

Lord God, I awake with you in my mind and i ask you to fill it with wisdom and thank you for walking with me to see your purpose and plans out fold. In Jesus name🏹⚡

There is a river of overflowing mercy from the throne of God. He is merciful and He is compassionate. Who can behold him in his goodness? It is the souls that long to be saved from the pit of hell.
Jehovah Rohi " The Great Shepherd."

Father God, strengthen our heart's to the Spirit of Truth. Truth prevails in our inner being.🏹🏹🏹

Remember who you're talking to in your time with God. He hasn't changed, we are the one's that need the changing. He is the same yesterday,today,tomorrow. Remember He is a mighty God and nothing scares him, hes's not a wimp but a warrior🏹🏹

Church, the body of Christ arise let your light shine. The groom catches his bride throughout the earth and draws her with his ever lasting love.
The eternal El Olam🔥🔥

In your light I see the light of heaven🎆 🌈🌈🌈 the thundering from your throne illuminates my being🔥

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