Pinned ding Cell Phones are important for communication in our lives, especially now since they combine the powers of computers, music players, video streamers, text and phone communications. 5G EMF Radiation (electromagnetic frequency) is able to penetrate your body, brain, blood cells and immune cells. 5G and Coronavirus (covid-19) go hand in hand. It also affects your brainwaves and can cause severe mental anguish (migraine, voices in head aka mind control.) Tesla knew about the benefits and the dangers of EMF frequencies. It is powerful enough to change your DNA and compromise your immune system and make your body act as a WiFi router! Do use protection so you can use it safely. Especially needed for children and seniors due to it's brain interference. -19

Pinned ding Ivermectin and HCQ (Hydroxychloroquine) Alternatives. You never need a vaccine, but you do need to protect yourself against the vaxxed, because they are carriers, shedders and spreaders of any so called variants. You can protect yourself and family and show vaxxed loved ones how to Detox Vaccine Ingredients out Safely (for pets too.) Religious and Medical Exemptions for Vaccines. Don't let this alter your DNA. Nuremberg Code for Vaccines. Please share this so we can all be free from "forced vaccines." Coronaviruses (flu viruses) are now engineered into Covid-19 variants that are made to attack your lungs and immune system so you have to go to a hospital and get lethal drugs like Remdesivir which usually leads to being on a respirator. That usually ends up as being fatal! It is critical that you protect your lungs and respiratory system.

Pinned ding Natural Alternatives to Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. You won't get a prescription from a medical doctor because these medicines actually work unlike vaccines. Learn how to protect yourself from covid-19, coronaviruses, variants, flu infections, parasites, worms and anything else they patent to unleash on your or try to force on you. -19 #1 herbal immunity booster and anti-cancer is actually medicinal mushrooms. How powerful are medicinal mushrooms and organic mushroom extracts (even mushroom coffee and mushroom gummies)? Dr. Paul Stamets cured his wife of cancer using them. It is more powerful than any prescription antiviral medicine or chemotherapy against cancers. The best mushroom supplement is an organic mushroom blend that protects you from radiation, infection, detoxes your body from vaccine contaminants, boosts your immune system, and shrinks any tumors growing before the become cancerous. Get the highest quality organic mushroom extracts (extra potency) for natural anti-viral, antibiotic immune protection, clean energy, mental clarity and recovery. Don't use chemical pharmaceuticals that actually cause worse ADHD and ADD symptoms. Natural Treatment of ADHD in Adults and Children that is safe and effective without any harmful side effects. Treats causes of ADHD (Heavy Metal Toxicity, Chronic Yeast Infection, Methylation and Neurotransmitter Imbalance.) Zeolite is a potent antiviral, tumor and heavy metal detox crystal mineral (think Natural Vaccine Detox and Ivermectin Alternative) that is very helpful in foodborne illness (food poisoning from improperly cooked or stored food.) It helps your body detox from harmful pathogens and radiation. If you live near a 5G cellphone tower, then you need to protect yourself from EMF radiation uptake and DNA damage that leads to cancerous tumors, severe hair loss and a compromised immune system. Zeolite does that better than anything else. It even helps from medical radiation treatment (as well as chemotherapy and surgery infection) and sickness. If you toss and turn most nights with insomnia, have headaches, anxiety and overthinking, restless leg syndrome, brittle bones, poor circulation, brain fog and painful joints you are probably deficient in natural magnesium. Full spectrum magnesium works to correct the imbalance between calcium and magnesium in your brain and body. Most people have too much junk calcium that is causing these problems. Full spectrum magnesium will be greatly helpful! If you missed Perfect Keto’s big Black Friday sale … fear not, friend!

There’s still time to take advantage of their Cyber Monday sale.

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No need to wrangle any coupon codes. Just click the above sale link and enjoy big savings on quality keto products. What is Zeolite Pure? It is a Vax Detox, Anti-Viral, Anti-Parasite and Anti-Cancer natural crystal mineral. It is the Best Heavy Metal Removal Mineral (Graphene Oxide, Thimerosal, Mercury and viral detox.) Zeolite (an alkaline crystal mineral) made in the U.S. from volcanic ash and sea minerals into a natural heavy metal, radiation, microbial (and antiviral) and anti-cancer (including the medical treatment of cancer with radiation, chemo and surgery) natural medicine. Safe and effective against vaccine toxins, chemtrails and EMF exposure too, it should be your daily vitamin kit and emergency first aid kit! Coronaviruses (flu viruses) are now engineered into Covid-19 variants that are made to attack your lungs and immune system so you have to go to a hospital and get lethal drugs like -viral You don't have to get heartburn, acid reflux or GERD after eating your favorite foods! You are just deficient in one natural substance that your body makes, but declines with age or by using pharmaceuticals. Heartburn vs Acid Reflux vs GERD Symptoms and Natural Treatment. Stops indigestion, bloating, gas and burning throat. Get permanent soothing relief. Butler Hemp Co. has the highest quality and best tasting U.S. Made and Produced (organically) CBD Hemp Oil Products. Extra strength CBD oil for daytime (no THC or drowsiness) or CBD for Sleep, berry gummy bears, deep penetrating CBD cream, and CBD softgels that are easy to take and swallow. Helpful for healing, pain relief, insomnia, arthritis, anxiety, epilepsy and cancer. Save 50% on the Best Organic High Potency CBD Oils (including CBN for insomnia and CBG for daytime alertness), Concentrates Distillates, Gummies and even Pet Treats. U.S. Made and Manufactured Certified Organic CBD Oil for people and pets too! The most powerful CBD in the world 12,000 mg of deep pain relief, insomnia relief and healing (cancer, epilepsy, seizures, arthritis, muscle pain, etc.) Give the gift of warmth and comfort this holiday season. Genuine Canadian Native American Moccasins for women, men and children (some are earthing and grounded too) not only look good but protect your feet and keep you warm and comfortable. 5G EMF is everywhere now and is even expanding to homes, offices and even elementary schools near you. Frequencies damage and frequencies heal. EMF protection Jewelry can keep your DNA, Immune System, heart and brainwaves (as seen in EKG and EEG) free from damaging EMF Waves. If you have chronic headaches, irregular heartbeats, sinusitis, you may be absorbing these harmful radiation waves. It has been shown to activate the harmful stuff in the new covid-19 and monkeypox vaccines (parasites, graphene oxide, heavy metals) and make you act as a 5G router! Don't absorb but deflect these harmful frequencies. -19 Golden Citrine Quartz Crystal Tree - Abundance, Healing, Positive Energy. The most beautiful gift of healing I have ever seen! The energy feels incredible and it helps synchronize your heart and brain waves with nature's structure and harmonious waves. Crystals are what make computers work (as well as your third eye.) Have a Healthy, Happy and Delicious Thanksgiving with all the best treats you deserve. You don’t have to feel deprived. You just have to stock up on delicious, keto-compliant alternatives. These are my favorites:

🍪Keto Cookies - Soft, decadent, and perfectly sweet, these are everything cookies should be. Plus they have no added sugar and only 4g net carbs per package (2 cookies in each).

☕Keto Collagen - Collagen is critical to healthy hair, skin, and nails and Perfect Keto Collagen is the best on the market, hands down. I love using Salted Caramel in my morning coffee.

✨Keto Bars - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Keto Bars are my favorite! Grab these to satisfy your sweet tooth, maintain ketosis, and indulge in rich cookie dough mixed with decadent chocolate chips, guilt-free. These contain only 3g

I can’t wait to stock up during Perfect Keto’s biggest sale of the year. One of the most important natural health and natural healing supplements you will ever try. Systemic enzymes are effective in relieving and preventing chronic inflammation in all tissues! It is highly beneficial for keeping your arteries, blood vessels, organs and joint tissues obstruction free with complete tissue elasticity and movement. It is helpful against covid-19 related heart inflammation. They also significantly help your digestive system, colon, break up scar tissue inside your body. The first step to healing from chronic inflammation anywhere in your body, particularly arthritis joint pain is to clean up the damage (bone spurs, fibrin and scar tissue) that is causing your pain and joint stiffness. Systemic Enzymes do this and help your body dissolve impacted matter in your veins and digestive system! -19 CBD Distillate and CBD Concentrate is an extract from the cannabis hemp plant that is highly concentrated into pure cannabinoid concentrates (CBD, CBG, CBN, etc.) These are pure CBD Concentrate extracts that give you the most therapeutic or beneficial compounds for health, healing, recovery and cellular rejuvenation. It is the highest potency in the smallest amount (just a dab under your tongue, in a beverage or rubbed into a painful area) gives you instant relief! When you look good you feel good, and your attitude matches. You also draw better experiences to yourself, so how you look and feel really does matter! Nothing wrong with balding or grey hair (gray hair) at all, I personally prefer to only have a little on the sides but full color hair on the rest of my head and facial hair (when I wear it.) I've tried everything and really only two things worked well for me that keep my hair full and thick (and it's natural color), essential oils rubbed into the hair shaft and a catalase prohibitor herb called Fo-Ti (or a blend with horsetail, catalase and biotin. Black seed oil is also helpful if you take it regularly. I also use organic essential oils topically instead of any gel or spray and it works great in getting rid of 80-90% of the gray hair naturally. Powerful Vaccine Detox and Natural Ivermectin Alternative that works, no prescription needed. Did you know that vaccines, including the Covid-19 with spike proteins and variant vaccines have LIVE PARASITES in them? It is why people are using the Ivermectin parasite dewormer (based off of the herb wormwood mentioned in the bible) because it gets rid of parasites, viral infections like malaria and flu viruses (coronaviruses.) It also causes lung issues and chronic stomach issues. Parasites steal your health and rob the nutrition in your foods and excrete waste into your body. Using CBDa and Zinc will get rid of any spike proteins in your body and prevent infection or outbreak. There is a natural way to get permanent relief using a parasite zapper and specific parasite killing herbs and minerals like zinc and colloidal silver: -19 Stop taking Calcium Supplements! You are magnesium deficient because everything you purchase is fortified with junk calcium that causes hardened tissues (arthritis, atherosclerosis, aneurysms, heart disease, muscle cramps and insomnia to name a few.) Calcium competes with magnesium and cause severe imbalances in your body and brain. Most magnesium supplements you buy at the store are 1 or 2 types of synthetic magnesium, which do little more than give you loose stools. Natural Full Spectrum Magnesium is the best magnesium in the correct ratio that helps anxiety, insomnia, constipation, memory, blood pressure, stress, restless legs, cramps and more. It is the top herb you may be deficient in. It really, really works! #1 Insomnia Remedy is CBN oil. CBN is an extraction from CBD oil, but has a purely relaxing effect, whereas CBD also has CBG which keeps you more alert. Organic CBN Oil in Tinctures, Capsules and Gummies are the best thing to come along for quality sleep. It is a stronger sedative than CBD but can be combined. CBN oil is slightly psychoactive but you can get the pure version that is very strong without the high. Wake up refreshed not groggy!

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