Pinned ding Friends don't let friends and family drink unfiltered tap water! Please Buy American Please and Support Your Veterans, especially our USMC brothers and sisters! Berkey is no longer but a better filter is now available. Boroux is proudly made in Colorado, and has even better ratings than Berkey Water Filter system. Always have Access to highly filtered Great Tasting Drinking Water.

Pinned ding You can help prevent DiedSuddenly (blood clots in your lungs and brain) in yourself, your friends and your family by doing a vaccine detox. !Life Saving Information for our unaware Vaxxed loved ones and those around them that are shedders and spreaders of this bioweapon that is causing AIDS (VAIDS) and death. People getting vaxxed/boosted (not on this site hopefully, but some of our friends and relatives are, so this is to help them) are shedding and spreading this bioweapon (yes, it's patented) not the unvaxxed. Please share this so we can all be free from "forced vaccines" aka Euthanasia. -19 Zeolite is a potent antiviral, tumor and heavy metal detox crystal mineral (think Natural Vaccine Detox and Ivermectin Alternative) that is very helpful in foodborne illness (food poisoning from improperly cooked or stored food.) It helps your body detox from harmful pathogens and radiation. If you live near a 5G cellphone tower, then you need to protect yourself from EMF radiation uptake and DNA damage that leads to cancerous tumors, severe hair loss and a compromised immune system. Zeolite does that better than anything else. It even helps from medical radiation treatment (as well as chemotherapy and surgery infection) and sickness. When you look good you feel good, and your attitude matches. You also draw better experiences to yourself, so how you look and feel really does matter! Nothing wrong with grey hair (gray hair) at all, I personally prefer to only have a little on the sides but full color hair on the rest of my head and facial hair (when I wear it.) I've tried everything and really only two things worked well for me, essential oils rubbed into the hair shaft and a catalase prohibitor herb called Fo-Ti (or a blend with horsetail, catalase and biotin. Black seed oil is also helpful if you take it regularly. I also use organic essential oils topically instead of any gel or spray and it works great in getting rid of 80-90% of the gray hair naturally. Cholesterol is not dangerous to your health, Statin drugs are! Cholesterol is actually critical for your brain and immune system health. Your liver uses it to make your body's hormones and vitamin D3. Healthy Cholesterol Balance between LDL and HDL is the key! Lower your high LDL and raise your heart healthy HDL naturally and Dump Your Statins Immediately or they will destroy your health! β€œMaster Mineral” Defeats Obesity, Low Energy & Anxiety? Could just one β€œMaster Mineral” be the remedy for anxiety, low energy, and obesity? STRESS is at the root of these problems, as well as many others.

What we call β€œstress” is often due to elevated cortisol levels and chronic exposure to stress hormones. If you can reduce your cortisol and stress hormones, then the stress you’re feeling will naturally melt away β€” along with the health problems caused by your stress.!

Well, it turns out one β€œMaster Mineral” plays a significant role in counteracting stress and its side effects. Between 80 and 90 percent of Americans are severely deficient in this mineral.! Is it any wonder so many of us are overweight, anxious, and lacking energy?? Buy American Please and Support Your Veterans, especially our USMC brothers and sisters! Berkey is no longer but a better filter is now available. Boroux is proudly made in Colorado, and has even better ratings than Berkey Water Filter system. Gets the harmful chemicals and toxic heavy metals and pesticide residues out of your family’s drinking water. Always have Access to Clean Drinking Water.

Doctors will tell you knee pain is just a normal part of aging. But 23,855 seniors are saying they’re dead WRONG.
You see, these adults tried a simple move with a towel for just 1 minute – and the results were nothing short of incredible.

Angela Watson, 58, said: β€œI can now run 5 miles pain-free.”

Diana Moore, 67, said: β€œI chased my grandkids around the yard without stopping to rub my knees.”

Carol Baker, 80, even said: β€œI canceled my $50,000 knee replacement surgery.” Turmeric (Curcumin Extract) is one of nature's best natural healers (cancer) pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. It is scientifically verified to be more effective and safer than any prescription medicine for anti-inflammatory pain relief. In fact most pain medicines are based off how this natural plant extract works. It heals and soothes deeply, and can be combined with other medicines or CBD oils and extracts. Nothing relieves your pain naturally and quicker. Turmeric root extract can create a healing response to your many inflammation and pain receptors and is non-addictive or habit forming. Eat what you want for the holidays this year and keep your glucose blood sugar levels in healthy balance. How to Lower Blood Sugar quickly and Prevent Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms Naturally. (Click above link to see the whole article.) You can lower your blood sugar and A1C naturally using natural bitter herbs and extracts help restore HbA1c natural blood sugar levels quickly. It's about keeping your glucose in a natural balance so you prevent serious complications from hyperglycemia, pre-diabetes and diabetes. You can prevent blindness, diabetic coma and amputation if you keep your blood sugar stabilized

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