Pinned ding #1 Best Protection against whatever virus of the year is unleashed on you and your family. (Click the above Link to see the complete benefits.) Micronized Zeolite Pure Powder safely traps and allows your body to naturally eliminate vax ingredients like heavy metals, radiation, microbials (viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycotoxins, as well as pesticide residues.) It is highly anti-cancer (including the medical treatment of cancer with radiation, chemo and surgery.) It is a safe and effective natural remedy for vaccine toxins, chemtrails and EMF exposure too. Don't be in that population!

Pinned ding Losing bodyfat is not only about looking better! It's about feeling better and avoiding metabolic syndrome and diabetes complications (amputation, blindness, diabetic coma, insulin shock.) These are all preventable by using a healthy keto diet and increasing your brown fat levels. Brown Fat crowds out unhealthy adipose tissue (particularly around your abdomen) the way probiotics crowd out unhealthy bacteria that causes disease and infection. Brown fat levels indicate diabetes risk and increase unhealthy fat loss by 300% naturally.

Pinned ding !Life Saving Information for our unaware Vaxxed loved ones and those around them that are shedders and spreaders of this bioweapon. Please share far and wide as we can help save many children's, seniors and people's lives! People getting vaxxed/boosted (not on this site hopefully, but some of our friends and relatives are, so this is to help them) are shedding and spreading this bioweapon (yes, it's patented) not the unvaxxed. You should always have protection against being around those that are actively shedding. The Covid-19 vaccines are manufactured with malaria parasites and spike proteins just to name a few of the reasons people are getting seriously ill with respiratory failure. They are shown to be gene altering (Changes Your DNA!) and also causing HIV and AIDS in many people. This needs to be stopped asap. You and your loved ones need to detox this crap out of their bodies, it will be life or#vaccines -19

Pinned ding The natural holistic way to lose weight safely and quickly. Great for anyone who needs to lose a lot of weight safely, without stretch marks afterward or excess loose skin. ο»Ώο»Ώ ο»Ώο»Ώ ο»Ώο»Ώ ο»Ώ
We’ve already seen the President Trump predict our future with startling accuracy. Back in 2017 he said that the left would take down statues of our Found-ing Fathers.
The liberal media mocked his prediction. Then in 2021, NY City Hall took down their statue of Thomas Jefferson. But it seems that’s a drop in the ocean compared to what’s coming.

You see, he made another prophecy. Something that could do far more than erase our history. It could exile patriots from society. And those who don’t react early? I don’t know if they’ll see the other side. Once again, the liberal media laughed at him when he said: β€œWe’re not going to have a country left.” But if this prophecy is as accurate as his last one. The laughing is over.

Learn how survive off the grid (offgrid) and find clean drinking water and edible plants anywhere. You and your family’s lives may depend on it. #45 Holy Basil or Tulsi is one of the most sacred plants in India. It has a purifying influence on its surroundings. It protects and heals your lungs and upper respiratory tract, promoting clear comfortable breathing. Tulsi promotes healthy circulation, is a potent antioxidant, natural insomnia remedy, lowers blood pressure & cholesterol levels and brings warmth and nourishment. It also rids your body of fluoride! Give the gift of soothing relaxation and pain relief! The Memory Foam Full Body Massage Mat with Heat is so comfortable with neck and back heat as well as different massage (vibration) programs that give you gentle or deep back and neck healing relief. This heated micro vibration Back and Neck Massage Mat can be placed on the floor, on your bed or even on a recliner. How to find, identify and eat edible weeds and plants in nature can save your life. Be ready and totally prepared BEFORE it hits the fan! When food shortages come you better know how to find food in the wild (what is safe and what you can eat to live on) when it hits the fan. Toilet paper is nothing compared to food runs and empty food shelves. If truckers and ships are not allowed to deliver food, it will 100% affect your family's food supply. Have a plan for whatever happens. The prepper survival guide and wilderness farming manual for emergency food growing and harvesting for survival, at any place or time of year. Proteolytic Enzymes are one of the most important natural health and natural healing supplements you will ever try. Systemic enzymes are effective in relieving and preventing chronic inflammation in all tissues! It is highly beneficial for keeping your arteries, blood vessels, organs and joint tissues obstruction free with complete tissue elasticity and movement. It is helpful against covid-19 related heart inflammation. They also significantly help your digestive system, colon, break up scar tissue inside your body. The first step to healing from chronic inflammation anywhere in your body, particularly arthritis joint pain is to clean up the damage (bone spurs, fibrin and scar tissue) that is causing your pain and joint stiffness. Systemic Enzymes do this and help your body dissolve impacted matter in your veins and digestive system! Natural Pain Killers work better than pharmaceuticals and are safe and effective. Start feeling better without negative side effects. Natural anti inflammatories that help your mind and body feel at their best so you can be and do all you want to do in your life without pain or limitation. Stop the Ringing In Your Ears Quickly and Safely using natural remedies for tinnitus that actually work. You can stop tinnitus or ringing in your ears (vertigo too) by restoring natural balance and prevent permanent hearing loss. Brain scans have revealed what is causing ringing in your ears and how to heal it so you can hear clearly or just silence if you need to. 5G EMF is everywhere now and is even expanding to homes, offices and even elementary schools near you. Frequencies damage and frequencies heal. EMF protection Jewelry can keep your DNA, Immune System, heart and brainwaves (as seen in EKG and EEG) free from damaging EMF Waves. If you have chronic headaches, irregular heartbeats, sinusitis, you may be absorbing these harmful radiation waves. It has been shown to activate the harmful stuff in the new covid-19 and monkeypox vaccines (parasites, graphene oxide, heavy metals) and make you act as a 5G router! Don't absorb but deflect these harmful frequencies. -19

Top German scientists from Mannheim have discovered by preparing a very common pantry food with a new and unusual method will increase calorie burning by up to 326%!

Can you guess which common pantry food it is?
(Click below to find out answer)

1) Dried Fruit
2) Butter
3) Rice
4) Oatmeal

Thousands are already using this ONE household food (which is inside your home right now) and preparing it in this very unusual way to boost brown fat levels and liquify white fat cells (the ones that stick to your body as adipose or body fat) and drop an average of 29.4 lbs!

To find out the identify of the mystery pantry food and the exact fat-melting method for yourself watch this video. How to Breathe Freely without congestion or sinus headaches this year! It's important to keep your body fully oxygenated (methylene blue) and nasal cavities unobstructed as it helps prevents airborne pathogens from affecting your lungs. Natural Sinusitis Infections and Post Nasal Drip Remedies that actually work now and long-term. Without harmful antibiotics that cause yeast and fungal infections!

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