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Please tell me when to stop sharing winter pictures! This winter started early and is going to be long... We don't travel far or participate in much, due to covid. I am a lot outdoors enjoying nature instead.

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At my in-laws' summer cottage. Swimming and Finnish sauna. Most Finns love this! Pictures taken at 9.30 pm and it will be light all night! It's nice in the evening but not so nice when it's hard to fall asleep or you wake up at 4 am.

Shackled by @sinbach is translated into Swedish! 🙌 🙏 👍

(Av Sjöbergs förlag)

I'm not American, and I'm not as much into American politics as most of you here on DD and in particular @sinbach who understands both the USA and China. But I've followed DC Draino (a lawyer who got his share of Los Angeles and moved to Florida) for a while, and think he shares smart stuff. That's why I dare to share this. You can disagree (and I'm happy if you motivate why, so I learn). 😊

Thailand might be the first country to nullify the contract with Pfizer! I pray truth will be revealed. 🙏 The reason this started is because a 44-year-old Thai princess has been in coma for three weeks since her third jab. The Thai royalties are regarded much higher, than European royalties. What's going on with the princess upsets the people. (You can follow redacted on Telegram. YouTube use to censor these kind of stuff sooner or later).

I was crying when I heard that children in Finland aged 12 and older were 'strongly recommended' to wear masks in school. We are a very obedient people, and people control each other, so you don't have to legislate such things. How easy is it for a child to stand against peer pressure and teachers? I bought my son textile masks, but my heart sank as they got to cover themselves in his new school (from grade 7) and not get to see each other. To be fearful. Not be able to breathe properly. And so on. I was 100 % against it, but most Finns were not. Some are still using them!

"We lie to you news" - directly from Davos. 🤣
Comedians are oftentimes the best truth tellers, right?

"I don't know if this is going
But I know who holds my hand
It's not the path I would've chosen
But I'll follow You 'til the end
Lord, as long as I am breathing
I will make Your glory known
Even if it means I'm walking
On this desert road"

Taking a walk in the winter wonderland before the rain tomorrow. 🌧 Too bad with rain in January.

We had a great weekend with guests from Sweden (I'm behind the camera). Our last weekend with Christmas tree and decorations. We were walking on water... no faith needed. 😀

Here are two sample chapters from the above mentioned book: Celebrity culture and burn out. It's great!

Frank Viola is interviewed about his new book (that I haven't read yet) titled 47 Laws of Spiritual Power. As usual, he is Christ centered. He says that much of what is preached and taught on success, is about soul power and our flesh. Paul of Tarsus was talking about being weak, and being dependent on the Lord's strength.

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