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I'm sorry, but I decline most friends requests by totally anonymous acocunts (except from missionaries and underground Christians)! The reason I chose DD was because it was primarily made for Christians around the world, especially those who can't be on other social media for security reasons. DD was made by the Chinese missions movement Back to Jerusalem, but it is open to anybody, and many people have found their way here through other online communities. I wanted to connect with people around the world - I didn't want the drama, arguing and censorship that I have experienced on FB. I'm so tired of it. I have several bad experiences with anonymous people here on DD criticizing and sometimes attacking me because of something theological or political that I have shared. I have asked who they are but they won't even tell where they live or their age or gender in a private message. I am that kind of old fashion that I want to connect with real people.

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Please tell me when to stop sharing winter pictures! This winter started early and is going to be long... We don't travel far or participate in much, due to covid. I am a lot outdoors enjoying nature instead.

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At my in-laws' summer cottage. Swimming and Finnish sauna. Most Finns love this! Pictures taken at 9.30 pm and it will be light all night! It's nice in the evening but not so nice when it's hard to fall asleep or you wake up at 4 am.

The blue colour is where people drive on the wrong side of the road (equals left). 😀 😉

All of these are not nations, but they have their own flag anyhow. For instance the Åland Islands between Finland and Sweden, have their own flag, is a self-governed district, is demilitarized, belongs to Finland but is more Swedish in language and culture (used to belong to Sweden but when Russia got Finland in 1809 Sweden had to give away Åland as well). These cross flags is a reminder of our Christian heritage! Do you know what nations and islands these are?

With more than 70 percent of its surface covered by forests, Finland is – by far – the most densely forested country in Europe.

"Dr. Hanna Nohynek, serving as the WHO’s chair of the Strategic Group of Experts on Immunization and also holding the position of chief physician at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, delivered the bombshell admission in a Helsinki courtroom. Her testimony unfolded in a lawsuit brought by Finnish citizen Mika Vauhkala, who was denied entry to a café for lacking a vaccine passport.

During her court appearance, Dr. Nohynek disclosed that despite her warnings to both the WHO and her government against the necessity of vaccine passports, her concerns were disregarded. She told the court that Covid mRNA shots were deemed ineffective in halting virus transmission, rendering the passports and vaccinations essentially ineffective and providing a false sense of security to the public."

An interview with health expert Jordan S Rubin, on the importance of getting enough probiotics for immunity and overall health. Especially important for frequent travellers.

This is super interesting, informative and sobering! So much wisdom and humility in this conversation. (I just shared the same content on Open Spotify).

This is super interesting, informative and sobering! So much wisdom and humility in this conversation.

Please pray for the family of the killed 12-year-old, the wounded and the school affected by today's school shooting in Finland! Finland is know for its well functioning society (therefore we use to top different lists) and school system. BUT we have had a couple of terrible school shootings. Guns are not as easily accessible here as in the USA. The streets are safe, and I feel safe as a woman, children go to and from school on their own, but there is a lot of domestic violence.

The thing about Finland is that there are a lot of people who aren't doing well at all even if the society looks good on the surface - I think things have worsened because of the pandemic and Russian-Ukraine war. We have a long border with Russia, and we have an ugly history with Russia. And media is fear and war mongering every day. Some people just snap. PEOPLE NEED JESUS!

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