Lost in translation part 2. (I don’t understand Chinese, but I understand that the English translation is not really proper).

Suddenly it got warm - around 22°C today (tomorrow 15°C). Last time it was snowing (a little) was 6 d ago. I love this time of the year in Finland! The birds are singing intensely and nature is just bursting. We almost have midnight sun already. The picture of the beach and from the greenhouse are taken between 8 and 9 PM!

Dingdash office 2021, like Facebook office 2004? 😉 I must say I prefer the 2004 version (I joined FB in 2007), compared to the creepy business it is today.

A little (yellowish) snow left of the winter - in the slope a was skiing a couple of months ago. Soon nature is really green. Springtime came late this year.

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My 39 year old daughter is struggling with covid in a far away city. Will you please pray for her? Her name is Kelly. Thank you.

My colleague and friend Heidi defended her doctor's thesis today and invited me to the dinner at a fine dining restaurant. It felt like coming out of a cave, since we have been working from home since March 2020 and haven't met all together since that. I have been so much in the woods lately and I prefer hiking shoes before high heels. But I have nothing against this world. We Christians are not called out of the world, but to be where the people are... even if it's sometimes easier to just be with those who think and are like yourself... or to be alone in nature.

I love The Babylon bee sarcasm. And I love the fact that it's possible (as a Nordic citizen) to question what's going on regarding covid and world politics on Dingdash, without being called names and being accused of being anti-intellectual fooled by conspiracy theories, like you easily are on Facebook... (The question is, who is fooled? The trust in governments is too high in the Nordic countries, in my opinion).

An article by a Finn living in America about cultural differences, and why Finland ranks highest in the world on UN World Happiness Report. It's not about living in the most wealthy country in the world, since it's far from the richest country. It's about contentment and reasonable expectations. In addition emotional well-being was not measured (then we wouldn't top), but variables like education, freedom, democracy, lack of corruption etc were included. The word "Happiness" is a little misleading in this study, since lots of Finns are quite grumpy and depressed. We used to be known as a leading country for suicides some decades ago, besides the famous Finnish vodka and knives. (Maybe a result of too many wars and poverty). It's getting better and I'm happy that we are getting famous for other things nowadays, like our school system, Finnish design, the beautiful and clean nature (and clean air) and the UN WHR etc.

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Fasting has been a popular diet fad for years now, but what if intermittent fasting can help keep you healthy?

In this clip, Dr. Patrick Quilling shares the science behind fasting and how even one day a week can help prevent cancer, heart disease, and a host of other ailments. Watch now! 👉 brighteon.com/db936a2c-5ca3-4b

#TheTruthAboutCancer #TTAC #Q4TC #FinalChapter #fasting #healthyliving

You might think I am a little weird, because I'm tapping birch sap. It's super healthy and I give it to my son to enhance his immune system, since it helps against pollen allergy. It's very easy to tap, and we have birches, so why not... it's expensive in grocery stores. (And to all tree huggers: it doesn't hurt the tree. We plug the hole when we are finished and it heals).

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Genuine evidence of the Holy Spirit’s influence in a believer's life is not excitement, experience, or emotionalism.

Instead, it’s sanctification producing a Christlike character. - Dustin Benge

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“How can we survive persecution in our current church structures, so we don’t have to suffer or change?”

The answer to this is... you cannot!

True, physical persecution (e.g. when Christians are being arrested, beaten, imprisoned, or even killed) will not leave most current church structures intact. It will completely dismantle them!
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