I was asked to give the Father’s Day message for our church and shared a little from one of my books, among other resources. Hope you are blessed!


If you are going through a season of loss…grief…heartbreak, NEVER run from God or seek vainly for relief from somewhere else. Dive deeper into His presence than ever before. God is far more familiar with the landscapes of grief and loss than any man shall ever be, and He cares far greater than you can imagine, and will carry you safely through.

SECRETS: In a time after time’s end, He ascends above all things to that place where He, alone, dwells. He bears a lonely sorrow, shielded from all other hearts; a gnawing grief of shattered hopes held for those who would not be reached. The fullness of all glory…secretly weeps.

As bad as this life can sometimes seem, it is only the middle-ground between two very different destinations. When this life ends and your eyes are opened to what lies beyond your current perception, your new and eternal reality will be either ALL good or ALL bad…with the total absence of every blessing of God you now take for granted.

We have ALL contributed to the “bad” in this world and the “bad” is our selected destination for eternity, unless you decide to change course.

The price has already been paid by the one who is the very source of everything good. You can, indeed, change your eternal destiny - your eternal destination - but you have to choose to freely receive what is freely offered.

Being “saved” simply means coming back into relationship with the living God who IS the creator, sustainer, and very source of EVERY good thing, now and in the endless ages to come.

From my book “Sketches and Reflections.” www.amazon.com/author/mmm

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