Here’s a few entries from my second published book, Modern Musings, way back in 2003. A few of these titles were actually licensed for two years by the James Lawrence Company for the production of high end wall art.

20 titles across numerous genres and topics, 100% of proceeds to charity! Here are a few poetry samples from Modern Musings, one of my earliest publications.

It is going to start soon. Remember…because if the “treaty” Biden signed with the World Health Organization, social media is now REQUIRED to censor any medical information which is not approved by the unelected, totalitarian, world government organization which has as one of their stated goals the massive DEPOPULATION of the world. If there has ever been a time to think for yourself and learn the word NO, it is now. Plans are underway to push a new PANDEMIC alert with masking, VAX, lockdowns and more beginning in September or October.

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