S06E008, It Is What It Is, Endurance

Steven and Nathan are back with Endurance after a bit of a break, and they are using the expression ‘it is what it is’ to talk about accepting what is.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

In this GoDeeper, Steven talks largely about accepting what is. He begins by pointing out that in order to change you have to first accept where you are at, and he gives an example from his own life.

Then he discusses those things in life that don’t change even after much prayer. The apostle Paul had some experience of that, which Steven unpacks from 2 Corinthians 12. The other point that he makes is that we need to accept the past because we definitely can’t change that.

He concludes with a passage of Scripture from Ecclesiastes.

Steven and Nathan

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