S05E056, The Goldilocks Honey Ratio, Andy B 2 Minute Video


How do you work out whether something is good for you, or not?

God’s made us with some amazing intelligence, and yet we can be “dumb as a bucket of shrimp” when we allow what people tell us, to over rule what God has already told us.

Of course we should seek medical advice about some things, but it should never over rule our ability to, also, pray and ask God in faith - for a miracle...[READ MORE]...

Andy B

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S05E055, GPS Gone Wrong , Andy B 2 Minute Video


I was out for a walk one day and tracking my exercise on a sports app - I like it because I can see how my heart rate is doing, what my average walking pace is etc. However, on one occasion, when I checked my app, the map was just a horrible mess: imagine a 3 year old with a crayon and lots of sugar, and you’d have what I had on the screen of my mobile phone...[READ MORE]...

Andy B

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S05E057, Pounding Hearts, and Rest, Andy B 2 Minute Video


It’s no fun when you are in a place of deep sleep and are rudely woken at 3am with your heart pounding: this has become my normality too frequently. And, while I’ve been told by my cardiologist to just ignore palpitations - because I know what atrial fibrillation feels like – and carry on as normal, I can’t...[READ MORE]...

Andy B

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Holidays and Faith don’t equal Holidays from Faith

I was once talking with someone about their faith. They told me how their faith naturally developed over time. And, yet, their faith seemed more like that of a first time visitor to a church, amazed by the stained glassed windows and high ceilings, over Jesus having died on a cross for the sin in their life.

Faith has to be actively nurtured and tested, and tested means refined and I’ve never found a refinery which has great parking, and is secreted with lounger chairs and barista quality coffee.

Yes, our relationship with Jesus will grow over time; the Fruit of the Spirit does grow ‘spontaneously’ and without any direct effort on our part – at one level. But it certainly does grow as a direct consequence of our active, and ongoing, relationship with Jesus Christ...[READ MORE]...

Andy B

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While we were away on holiday for 3 weeks (yes it was awesome having so much time off in one go) we had some inspiration during the first week. Two of those things are longer term projects I won't be sharing about yet (but am super excited about!) but one I can tell you is already live, and that is a website, just for me.

I love making video resources, but I do miss writing posts too, so this is an outlet for that, as well as being a place that lets me be creative in ways not connected with the BerryBunch.

I'm excited about it, and I haven't done much other than to make it go live!

So, go check it out, sign up to the blog, and you'll be able to know what I'm up to, especially those longer posts I'm aiming to start putting out once a week.

Andy B


After a 3 week holiday the BerryBunch is back at it.

We may have been resting, but God sure doesn't, and for that I'm very glad!

Here's another of our Testimony Tuesday posts, of God's goodness - and how He is very much alive and at work today

Andy B


This was a gift from my youngest son, after our road trip yesterday to an aquarium.

He knows I love penguins and he had decided to find me a penguin 'something' and found this in a gift shop, buying it with his pocket money.

He bought one too - for himself - so we can be penguin buddies 😊

So meet Dave the Penguin...

At least I think he is a Dave. But, whatever name I settle on, he'll live on my desk - next to my computer monitors - to brighten my view 🙂

Andy B

Some BerryBunch News and a non video blog post...

This is something of an FYI (For Your Information) really: as I’m typing this I currently have no voice and my brain is slightly foggy so I’m not at most efficient either!

There’s also a few prayer requests at the bottom.

If there was a relevant message for us all here, it’s simply that Jesus withdrew in order to rest, and this is something we need to regularly do too.

If Jesus did it, we really need to do the same.

Andy B

For the rest -->wp.me/pbUICj-77U

well I kept going until my family started recovering from their various stages of colds (and the virus @TakeN had which I also managed to miss)

Now I'm in bed with no voice, and a bad head cold. And, right now, I have no voice whatsoever, beyond a hoarse whisper!

But, Praise God because I was able to lead worship yesterday morning at church. And they said we sounded good...which is a miracle...'cos we didn't sound good to us 😆

It was my first time for them, and my first time time doing a normal worship set since we led worship for Amesbury Baptist Church (Wiltshire, UK) when they had been locked out of their building by the Military due to Novichok (so glad we were local back then, and could support them with a PA system we had).

With a really dodgy voice even yesterday morning, I pulled on all 35 years of practicing, and it was a joy to hear the congregation making a joyful noise to the Lord.

Andy B

It's me and Steven covering the breakfast show tomorrow morning, before Steve Legg takes over at 12pm.

9 til 12pm. Only on Konnect Radio.

Andy B

S02E005, Snakes and Sticks - Dave Unleashed

Once again Dave the Dog is unleashed and, once again, he gets up to his usual funny antics, even though Peter is on hand trying to keep him on track.

In Dave Unleashed you are treated to a Dave the Dog Story Time and Art Time with JoJo. And Dave encourages us to watch the art time again and get our “Art on!”

The BerryBunch

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Good Morning, Friends!

Today, my family and members of our community are turning our swords directly against the enemy in a head-on assault through our mass deliverance service.
As you can imagine, it's been a rough few days leading up to this event, and now it is hours away. I covet your prayers.
We aren't taking the dragon by the tail; we are grabbing his throat and cutting his head off. Satan may get worshipped in some parts of this country. But in Western North Carolina tonight, he will have his butt handed to him. Satan will feel the pain tonight!

“The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” Romans 16:20

– A Recent Healing Miracle

I’ve been struggling with Atrial Fibrillation for a while. I wont’ bore you with the details, but it isn’t much fun. At the heart of the matter is, well the heart! And, in the most general terms there is atrial fibrillation, and there is mild atrial fibrillation.

When the heart goes into A Fib, it simply doesn’t beat in a regular rhythm. Severe means your heart may be beating at 220 beats per minute and you need a hospital, rapidly! And I’ve had that severe kind, twice – last time in November 2021: I was in the inner part of A & E (ER) for more than 15 hours, hooked up to many machines just in case.

When you’re surrounded by multiple doctors (and barely a nurse in sight) you know it’s not great! It should be said, however, that while it is bad, it is not quite ‘that’ bad – as you’re likely to feel awful, but you’re not likely to die from it – not at my age anyway…[READ THE REST AT OUR WEBSITE]

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A Brief Pause with Andy B, 07.02.23

Jesus stopped.
We should too!

It’s good to take a regular pause through the day to hush and pause – and to check in with God. What might God say to us if we let Him?

Andy B

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S05E053, Best Laid Plans, Andy B 2 Minute Video

There’s a rather crude phrase in the UK about how P&*$ Poor Planning Produce P*£% Poor Performance. (You can interpret those symbols for whatever works best for your innocence!)

The basic point is simply that if we don’t put in the effort to plan something, it’s likely to go wrong. And planning poorly usually results in poor outcome.

As humans, as parents, as friends, as children, as employers and employees we’re regularly planning something. Even if it’s our next break for a cup of tea!

Meanwhile, never planning for anything is a very bad idea on a number of levels. But, it is also a bad idea not to plan so much you’ve sorted the next thirty years of your life, without considering how you’re gonna do it.

We can dream that dream house. But if it’s on the other side of a ravine, we need to build a bridge first before fitting our bespoke kitchen units an...[READ MORE] ...

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S06E008, It Is What It Is, Endurance

Steven and Nathan are back with Endurance after a bit of a break, and they are using the expression ‘it is what it is’ to talk about accepting what is.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

In this GoDeeper, Steven talks largely about accepting what is. He begins by pointing out that in order to change you have to first accept where you are at, and he gives an example from his own life.

Then he discusses those things in life that don’t change even after much prayer. The apostle Paul had some experience of that, which Steven unpacks from 2 Corinthians 12. The other point that he makes is that we need to accept the past because we definitely can’t change that.

He concludes with a passage of Scripture from Ecclesiastes.

Steven and Nathan

Watch on our website --> berrybunch.org/Articles/655094

S03E008, The Silver Lining, Family Prayer Time

Psalm 12

Peter and JoJo have returned to encouraging us to pray as a family by using the Psalms. They start off with Psalm 12.

Peter and JoJo read out loud all eight verses of this psalm and encourage us to do the same as a family. In the first half David despairs at the growing number of wicked people, and in the second half he praises God’s goodness.

JoJo points out how we should be like David who is honest to God about his feelings, and thoughts, but always ends up praising God and knowing God is in charge.

Jo Jo and Peter

Watch on our website --> berrybunch.org/Articles/655015

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