Heavy metal, hard rock...oh and chucking in some Gospel too

Proud of oldest son. And, my word, does he have the perfect voice for this show!!!!!

Andy B

Dear brothers and sisters, I need your intercessor, my wife is thirty-four weeks pregnant, but yesterday suddenly there was a large amount of amniotic fluid outflow, and then we rushed to the hospital for overnight examination, the baby in the belly is normal. However, the doctor advised the baby to be born because of insufficient amniotic fluid. The baby was born prematurely at thirty-four weeks. Please pray for the baby and Grace ,wishing them peace and health.


Divine and rich words for the soul (again!) from Jeff Lucas today and his "Life with Lucas" daily notes.

These daily notes are eagerly read by our whole family by the way...we love them!!

Andy B

Connected to our Live Portal...usually like to do that about an hour before we go Live

Suffice to say MANY technical issues (nothing at our end) meant we didn't actually connect - to be able to speak Live - until about 15 seconds before the end of the first sing of our Sunday, Family Focus show!

Just about made it, minus a sound check and various other things we can't actually do until our computer can 'connect'

Still, that's Live radio for you, and we wouldn't want it any other way


Andy B

PS we do a riddle every week. Have a go at an answer and we'll give you a mention on air, next Sunday 😊

We down tools on Friday evening when the job is done, and they stay down until about 1pm on Sunday, so we can prepare Studio 2 for our Family Focus radio Show.

I've posted quite a bit on here about the new radio station we launched: we're just three weeks old and yet my diary is rapidly filling with interviews and meetings about possibilities.

God is good and I'm amazed by what we've seen in such a short time, and what may be. I have no clue what may be! But Im looking forward to find out.

Saying Yes to Jesus is the best decision any of us make. But choosing to, then, follow Him wherever He leads, and regardless of the costs we envisage - while not for the faint hearted - is an exciting journey! And it's one we all get to live, should we choose to honour God and let Him guide our lives in the way that only He could!

It means you put yourself at the mercy of people and of God

It also creates the most unimaginable moments when all you can do is gaze in awe of God's provision

Andy B

well, God is so very good!

our first day with 3 Live shows, nearly back to back:
- my Get You Home Show
- the JoJo show
- Steven's Rock Show

2 more shows starting up as well next week, and two the week after


S05E001, Directions: Love, Family Prayer Time

Family Prayer Time is back!

Taking inspiration from the book of Revelation, Peter and JoJo encourage us to pray as a family by using the directions given by Jesus to the Churches.

Peter and JoJo pick out how Jesus calls us to love God and others, and pray about being loving as a family, because prayer changes everything!

Exiting news, Peter and JoJo have been helped by Jess from Hope Designed (www.hopedesigned.co.uk) who has created new and inspirational materials for us and you can find these on the BerryBunch website.

Peter and JoJo challenge us to read 1 Corinthians 13: to pray for the Fruit of the Spirit: and to memorise Galatians 5:22.

Love is in the air!

This video will always be best enjoyed on our website:

My Live Drivetime show is buzzing today with energy

Our drivetime show and @MaryMamuzich's wake up and get going show

Multitasking around the world...drivetime and breakfast show at the same time? Ok 😁😃

Andy B


Friday - that can only mean one thing - today is my 5th Get You Home Show: 3pm til 6pm every weekday.

And Skillet will definitely feature this afternoon. Oh yes!

Andy B

Only on Pure 24/7 Radio

This some of our presenters are divided over whether or not white chocolate is actually chocolate.

Comment below your opinion.


and we now have a Studio B - at our satelite recording hub. that's getting prepared for the start of October and a new presenter starting here at our global online radio station Pure 24/7 Radio (loved the comments from people from multiple locaitons in England, bonnie Scotland and even Montana in the USA)

today was a mostly good day. my first show went well - did I mention I was Live, solo, for 3 hours?!? well, that happened today and I loved every single second of it.

sadly palpitations kicked in at 5pm, but i managed to keep going until they finally subsided after 8pm a nd it seems no one noticed, 'cos i managed to finally do what my cardiologist told me to do and to ignore them - even while broadcasting Live 🙂 .

our News on the hour issue is seemingly resolved so, from tomorrow, it should get back to normal and should auto-update itself merrily without intervention...we will see...

day one? good. day two ? bring it on!

Andy B


Dido, The Levellers, Van Halen, Shania Twain, Sheryl Crow - the last few songs from the mix on our Pure 24/7 Radio.

Still have to pinch myself that we pulled it off, under 3 months, under budget, ahead of schedule and now have a global media organisation.

Interesting what God calls us to do and how little He asks of us.

Have you tried listening to our radio station yet?

Pure 24/7 Radio - Everyone's cup of tea (or coffee!)


My drivetime show starts on Monday

3pm, UK

Pure247Radio.org - Everyone's cup of tea

first Live show on our newly launched Radio Station went almost flawlessly.

God is good!

Andy B


The Family Focus Show is back, now on Pure 24/7 Radio. We have all our usual features, including Word of the Week, Riddles, Movie Music and so much more!

Tune in from 3pm on Sunday 3rd September. We'd love it if you could join us.

Pure247Radio.org - Everyone's cup of tea


let it begin!

we are Live and God is good

i'll be honest. when that first link played, bang on time, I cried just a little

nothing to global radio station launch within 3-4 months

God is so very good!

Enjoy music free of bad language and anything immoral or illegal

you're welcome

Two days til we start up the music ...

On Pure 27 Radio 😁🙂

Listening right now to our stream. My word it's good!!!!!

Last 15 minutes: Shania Twain ,Sheryl Crow, Fireflight and now Melanie C
..everyone a superb example of great music!!

Andy B

Https://www.Pure247radio.org - Everyone's Cup Of Tea

more progress as we hit 3 days to launching our own Global, Radio Station - Pure 24/7 Radio

Just scheduled my first regular guest for my own, Live, daily, drivetime, show

Want to know more?

Andy B

Welcome to Pure 24/7 Radio

We are Pure 24/7 Radio - Everyone's cup of tea.


7 Days Til the Music Begins

A message from Andy B about the launch of Pure 24/7 Radio.


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