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I was interviewed for Revelation TV a while back and my interview went out last night.

Was a blast and an amazing God opportunity. My family and trustees tell me I came over well.

Andy B


Any English fans? Saw this on FB earlier 😂

Morning y'all

Something a little more experimental today. I call it "Lost in the Chaos"

Taking another plunge into the subject of cold water therapy (unlike a fine wine, my jokes don't improve with age 😁🤣) with my good pal Dr Richard Scott GP.

He'll be back on air with me after 4pm today.

A lovely man who brightens my week when we chat. He also makes topical issues understandable even for the non-medically trained like myself!

Andy B

Family Focus starting soon - 3 til 6 pm (UK time) every Sunday.

Only on www.Pure247Radio.org

I am so grateful for modern conveniences. I often think about how difficult it would be raising a kid with a disability without them. In times past folks would send their kids off to asylums and I can understand that choice, especially if they had lots of other kids to consider. Thankfully now, if Heidi makes a mess, I can just shower her off, throw some things in the washer, etc...Several of my blind friends have had their lives improved so much by technology. Use these amazing tools wisely!

Dementia is ......something I watched my dad disappear with and my mom fight to......what to say....to hold him from disappearing. He knew all of us but couldn't talk and we lost his loving personality - our leader and foundation - I guess one could say God was there but, oh, how our ground shook. God is ever faithful!
It was the most difficult time in live for me, a " Daddy's girl". I now walk the path my mom walked and fight the fight Mom fought. I need my DD family. I pray for those that have similar paths to walk - it's hard. But. It's a path that is illuminated by the presence of Jesus.

This is Sally dog, who lives in Montana, USA, with @MaryMamuzich. How cute is this photo?

I think Sally has 3 layers on in this photo where it was more than -37 degrees centigrade.

Andy B and Team Pure

Had a great night last night in Stockholm, Sweden, with the BTJ team @sinbach @bethany and Brother Yun and his Swedish-Finnish interpreter. Many young people who responded to Yun's message.

We've set up repeats for all our evening shows on our radio station - for 6 hours after their initial broadcast here in the UK.

So, if your'e in the US - and other parts of the world where your time isn't the same as the UK - it should be even easier now to enjoy Pure247Radio.org

In other words, our 6pm show plays at 6pm in the UK and then repeats at midnight too in the UK.

that equates to 2pm CST and 8pm CST

How's y'all doing?

Andy B

PPS It's still all 3 point pure
- no bad language
- nothing illegal
- nothing immoral


Bought a second hand bread maker at a charity shop. After tweaking recipes finally made this load - took about 6 attempts to make what I'd hoped to produce.

The sound of the crust breaking; the smell of the loaf; the texture of the bread...and the taste 😊

If at first you don't succeed...try, try again.

Andy B

The 2 hand made wooden plaques for our Studios here at , made by the very extremely talented artist - Helen Brown - as gifts to Pure 24/7 Radio.

We love them and they're now in position over the doors to each of our 2 studios.

Andy B and Team Pure

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Andy B

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