S05E053, Best Laid Plans, Andy B 2 Minute Video

There’s a rather crude phrase in the UK about how P&*$ Poor Planning Produce P*£% Poor Performance. (You can interpret those symbols for whatever works best for your innocence!)

The basic point is simply that if we don’t put in the effort to plan something, it’s likely to go wrong. And planning poorly usually results in poor outcome.

As humans, as parents, as friends, as children, as employers and employees we’re regularly planning something. Even if it’s our next break for a cup of tea!

Meanwhile, never planning for anything is a very bad idea on a number of levels. But, it is also a bad idea not to plan so much you’ve sorted the next thirty years of your life, without considering how you’re gonna do it.

We can dream that dream house. But if it’s on the other side of a ravine, we need to build a bridge first before fitting our bespoke kitchen units an...[READ MORE] ...

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