– A Recent Healing Miracle

I’ve been struggling with Atrial Fibrillation for a while. I wont’ bore you with the details, but it isn’t much fun. At the heart of the matter is, well the heart! And, in the most general terms there is atrial fibrillation, and there is mild atrial fibrillation.

When the heart goes into A Fib, it simply doesn’t beat in a regular rhythm. Severe means your heart may be beating at 220 beats per minute and you need a hospital, rapidly! And I’ve had that severe kind, twice – last time in November 2021: I was in the inner part of A & E (ER) for more than 15 hours, hooked up to many machines just in case.

When you’re surrounded by multiple doctors (and barely a nurse in sight) you know it’s not great! It should be said, however, that while it is bad, it is not quite ‘that’ bad – as you’re likely to feel awful, but you’re not likely to die from it – not at my age anyway…[READ THE REST AT OUR WEBSITE]

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