Register for Sybergy Bible College. Fully online & at campuses. We have been going since 1986 and have graduated 3715 student & many hundreds are in full time ministry. Mention that you heard about this on DingDash when you register (it only takes 30 seconds to register) this entire quarter will be at no cost to you. Divine Healing, Bible Prophecy, and Gospel Communications. Three full courses. Totally free. After you register, they send you an email with a username and password. mention to that you want the dingdash promotion. Three free classes. No strings attached. No future courses required unless you want to. Even those courses, being of high value are low cost because it's about getting the word out and if you need help with even the low cost of future courses let us know, we will help you out. But REGISTER RIGHT NOW. and go to register now. Select either divine healing, Bible Prophecy or Gospel Comminicstion. Thanks.


@ChrisHarrison I'm so excited about the Bible Prophesy class and hope I can take the Divine Healing one as well. Thank you so much for making these available!

@Cherishingsparrows2020 just open your heart for what the Spirit says to you during this. They get better and better. If you hear something that's a little different than what you have heard before, stick in there and let the word speak for itself. The spirit is our number one teacher. The class culminates into a finale that is absolutely powerful and I cannot wait for everyone to hear it all. I teach it fresh week by week. Two classes a week. There are three classes that are already released on there now. 2 more coming on Monday. 2 more each week. Counting the intro there is 9 sessions. If you do the reading that is assigned and try to read a couple of chapter of the reading every day, wow. It really feeds you. I chose not to read anyone's books on End Times. I choose not to do listen to anyone's teaching but rather just to study scripture, listen to the spirit. I have to say that my own eyes are opened wide. The notes with each lesson are helpful too!!! Bonus Material will be added

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