Praise the lord
This is singye from Bhutan please be praying for our OT recording team in Dzongkha. we are towards the end of Plasm.
There are many challanges in due to changes of new laws in the country.
lots of distrubance in public at present.
kindly pray for the leaders of our county to have good sight in the name of our lord.
and kindly pray for me and my family
with love singye

Chinese families very rarely adopt.The
Culture here has been formed to only want a perfect child, and 95% of Chinas orphans have some type of issue wether it be physical, mental or sometimes even as small as a visable birthmark.The babies who are born to unwed mothers (rare due to the high abortion rate) are quickly adopted by parents on a wait list for a perfect baby. But those babies are extremely rare. So most adoptions are definitely international.

There used to be many “foster homes” which were basically like orphanages created by foreigners (usually Christians) where gov orphanages would allow children to go live with them while still registered in the gov one. These “ foster homes” were amazing! Full of love and kind care. Full of medical treatments, surgeries and schooling.Until the government swooped through a few years ago and forced them all to close and send the children back to gov facilities. The children now suffer a lot.
Thank you for caring!

Please pray for my mother and her husband, Dick and Roxane. They both went into the hospital today.

Dick is not at all well, he has liver failure and kidney failure and is very sick. He is swollen and jaundiced, blood count is a quarter of what it should be, and they are giving him blood right now.

Please pray for grace at work, as I try to take off work again for family emergency.

Please pray for a place for me to live closer to them, for God’s grace strength and help, and for salvation for both of them (they are both 80).

Thank you so much for praying.

Our products are in big demand. Hoping to set up many units to provide seedlings.

Soon an on the ground Volunteer may share real time updates!

Thank you intercessors.

Providing sustainable and reproducible solutions, leading souls to eternity!

@tymektt Most of us are on 1 meal a day. Bicycling to farm, ministry locations, etc

Inspite of political chaos administrators are doing their job well.
Colombo mayor is a born again believer.
Out of 4 groups trying to rule the nation 2 hold extreme religious or ideological views. (One is communist).

People are open and receptive to the Gospel message than before..
Many groups are discouraging farmers from sowing paddy, etc with hidden agendas.
Some groups have became extremely vulnerable, especially the war widows of last decade, etc
Please pray against Human trafficking , Laziness and extreme poverty.

Please pray for our economy ! Pray that our natural products will play a major role in our recovery!

My Mother has a better day yesterday, thanks so much for all of your prayers. They are going to do an X-ray this morning.

There are expressed concerns about her 80 year old husband not being able to take care of her, I am trying to get moved down there, but they need more help now, & he insists he can take care of her.

He’s very overweight, walks with a cane & has a bad foot, can barely breathe with lung issues, but doesn’t want to admit he needs help. He is not a Christian, and with age he is getting more and more short tempered.

I am worried and fearful that this morning if he doesn’t agree to get some type of help and assistance coming into the home, THE DOCTOR MIGHT TAKE THE DECISION OUT OF HIS HANDS AND PLACE HER SOMEWHERE 😭😞

He can afford it, please pray he comes to his senses and does right by my mom. She has 2 little dogs at home that she loves dearly & they are one of the few things that brings joy in her life...I don’t want her losing that! 😭😭😭

“Please keep my elderly Mother who is 80 in your prayers. She is in the hospital for internal bleeding. She is also having pain and a lot of confusion. 😞🙏” — THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS 💞 —

On the way to hospital to be with her, she is very confused and very upset with the nurses and doctors. She doesn’t understand what is happening, and they had to restrain her. 😭😭😭.

Please pray for all confusion to be gone and God’s peace to reign over her mind and heart. Jesus is the prince of peace, may she FEEL His presence with her!

Please keep my elderly Mother who is 80 in your prayers. She is in the hospital for internal bleeding. She is also having pain and a lot of confusion. 😞🙏

Pray for a elderly woman who is a new neighbor of mine she is originally from Spain and has a thick accent. She is very lonely so I told her that when I’m lonely I take it to God and he helps me with it. I told her she could do that and he would help her! Her eyes filled with water and she said could I? I said yes.

"Small streams don't plan to be mighty rivers.
We simply move through life like water directed by God's mighty hand and He decides what we will become."

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@atyh True, that's why things like this are so powerful. It helps a lot of people understand history that they haven't been taught. I'm still playing catch-up.

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