Keep planting....some of the seeds will result in a harvest of much more than you planted!

We should avoid anyone who teaches that there's no power in Christ's cross.
"For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God." 1 Corinthians 1:18

Great News coming soon! Pray as I meet with two different Governments! Jesus will be in those Rooms!

In Italy the situation is really unbearable. Without a vaccination passport you can no longer work. As I have already written to you since the first of September I am at home without work. It's sad but it's happening right under our eyes. I have been a believer for twenty years and I can assure you that it is a very hard test. I am also thinking of expatriation but I don't even know where to go. They took our jobs away! Pray again for my wife and me. Let's pray together for Italy. Remember that what is happening now here could happen anywhere because Italy has been chosen as the world leader for the organization of vaccinations. Thanks again. I love you in Jesus Christ.

People, get a load of THIS: Mainstream Canada news is reporting that the Saskatchewan police are looking for the public's help in identifying 15 people who appeared without masks at a recent federal election night candidate's venue, the one truly conservative man running for prime minister. They actually have a link to the police station where you can VIEW the 15 people's faces that they isolated from random footage! This is a HUGE new level of police state activity!!

I live in a country where the trust in authorities, politicians and journalists is extremely high. And it makes sense, because it’s the third least corrupt country in the world together with a few other. It’s easy for the leaders here to fool its people. There is only ONE narrative when it comes to c-19 in Finland. If you just ask a valid question you are left out in the cold. There are no questions asked in media regarding risks with vaccines, their efficiency etc. only “take it!” Our journalists don’t do ask inconvenient questions, only repeat what our authorities say. Every single article (both newspapers and scientific papers) that I have saved in my computer, I have found after taking time to search. It’s a detective work. Our media should share summaries of varying research results , but they don’t. What I’m missing out is facts on mutations of c-viruses. Is Delta even a mutation? Are the mutations less harmful? I’m not after conspiracy theories and guesses, but serious sources.

Pride is a thug.
Pride murders marriages and divides parents and children
Pride is a great deceiver, convincing us that our actions are justified and our anger appropriate.
Pride assures us of our righteousness even as we tear down the works of God.
Pride as a deceiver and a thug. Let us give him no quarter.

So far this year 25 million dollars has been paid by Christian churches and Christian families paid to terrorists in Nigeria. Pray for this information to be exposed and dealt with by world leaders. A report is coming out tomorrow in Epoch Times news. Laura Logan of Fox Nation has done an excellent expose with data from our friend, Doug Burton. Lord help end the Genocide and brutal atrocities as the money trail is exposed.

So thankful for this young lady (my daughter)! To those who prayed for her earlier this year during her health crisis, "Thank you so much!" She is doing well.

Register for Sybergy Bible College. Fully online & at campuses. We have been going since 1986 and have graduated 3715 student & many hundreds are in full time ministry. Mention that you heard about this on DingDash when you register (it only takes 30 seconds to register) this entire quarter will be at no cost to you. Divine Healing, Bible Prophecy, and Gospel Communications. Three full courses. Totally free. After you register, they send you an email with a username and password. mention to that you want the dingdash promotion. Three free classes. No strings attached. No future courses required unless you want to. Even those courses, being of high value are low cost because it's about getting the word out and if you need help with even the low cost of future courses let us know, we will help you out. But REGISTER RIGHT NOW. and go to register now. Select either divine healing, Bible Prophecy or Gospel Comminicstion. Thanks.

My heart bleeds for today's young ministers who want to catch up with their spiritual fathers by all means. Don't be like a maize plant that grows rapidly but doesn't survive the next season. Rather, be like a palm tree that takes time to deepen its roots and can live for decades. Hide and allow God to announce you. Self publicity is destructive.

Much love from your brother.

Our dear friend Pastor Alain in Santiago de Cuba is facing charges for
Preaching the gospel in Cuba.
Please keep him and his family in prayers.

My doctor diagnosed me with Covid because! I am having stomach issues for weeks now

It's time to seek real help!


Exo 15:26: "...I am the LORD that healeth thee."


Isa 53:5: ...with his stripes we are healed.


Mat 8:17: That it might be fulfilled... saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.

telling the church to accept the 2000yold fact:

1Pet 2:24: ... by whose stripes ye were healed.

I'm going to meditate on those truths.

Pray for these beautiful children all rescued from the evil and trauma of human trafficking. This is one of several houses CMM cares for in Asia with our loving staff. The numbers are increasing and we ask you to pray about helping with monthly support for all their needs: food, medical care, clothing, utilities, Christian education and as they grow, vocational training so they can live Christ-centered, fruitful, productive, self-sustaining lives. Pray and give at HTTP://

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