Praising God that along with our many Bible College locations around the world, great reports have come in from our online Bible College. 58 registered students and another 70 who took the class just to learn just finished our Divine Healing course. There have been more than 30 reported healings through the hands and ministry of the students out there doing the works of Jesus. But today we got the best news. One of our Bible School directors who decided to go back through Divine Healing class because she was battling intense cancer and the results had not been good even as she went through the 8 coursed on divine healing. But she stayed with it and she put what she was hearing to work. Today she got the results back from her major radioactive iodine scans that were done 8 days ago right as our class ended. She is 100 percent healed and cancer free. She is praising God and we are praising God with her. register for FREE, select Divine healing! Put the Code: Dingdash

@ChrisHarrison Will this be available next month as well? Or how does it work? I'm very interested in this class, but am currently enrolled in the one on End Times. Thanks!


@Cherishingsparrows2020 You can take divine healing at the first of next month if you want. Once we do a new class, online students can start a new class at the beginning of a new month. You can take one class at a time or you can choose to take two classes at once. Some find that hard to do. So if you want to email and tell him that you would like to be added to the divine healing class at the first of November. You can also continue with the classes that come after Bible Prophecy and still have Divine Healing class added to your classes. If you need extra time since you are taking more than one, no problem. Just tell him that you want the dingdash free class on divine healing added. Take your time and let it feed you. There is a lot of reading involved and 8 teachings. To get a grade, if you want credit just watch all 8 videos and upload a few notes showing you watched the videos. Then answer a few questions about the small book. Easy peasy. :)

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