Over 70 kids and 50 adults came to our outreach in northern Thailand next to a massive Buddhist temple Saturday. Many received Christ but most importantly we began our process of planting house churches, baptizing them
And helping them to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. What a huge day! In this part of the world, those are huge numbers to come out to hear about Jesus. The area is very resistant and closed to these things but we are seeing the seeds of revival. Praise God. 21 churches planted. Over 300 former Buddhist coming to Christ. Bible school planting here and our school of missions to send Asians to Asian nations and the Middle East (also part of of Asia) where we will send them after they finish our training. Amazing times we are living in.

Your gift will make room for you and bring you before mighty men. Our gift of tons of food opened the Laos government at the highest levels inside the head government officials office and they received our gift and are going to let us deliver the food and we will pray for people. Of course we will share the gospel EVERTWHERE. This is what the old testament means when it says your gift will make room for you and bring you before the mighty. It's not speaking of spiritual gifts. You would be a.azed what a gift will do. No stings attached.

Presenting gifts to the Laos government for distribution to the starving people pf the country. Our team was able to go with them. High up in government places, because of our massive contriution in the 18th most dangerous nation to be a Christian in and yet they accepted.

In the country of Laos, our team was able to deliver tons upon tons of food to the Laos government which was promptly delivered by our team alongside the government which our team later came back and shared Jesus with many who have become disciples.

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Once again, we were blessed to have more than 100 special Buddhist people come to hear the Nativity story for the first time. We shared the full gospel of Jesus twice. The children (who were from 70 percent buddhist family) were very happy to tell the supernatural story of his birth by acting out the story as angels, shepherds, the star, Mary, Joseph, animals and wisemen and the such. It was so powerful. So blessed that we could be counted worthy of such an honor. The village headman sat in the front roll and said it was a great production and good for thr community. He thanked us actually. The people were enamored in the story and many want to know more. We will plant more discovery Bible Studies to accommodate those seeking more understanding excited to be in these end times. Merry Christmas all to all a good night. Thanks for praying for fruit that remains.

More than 100 special Buddhist people came to hear the Nativity story for thr first time. We shared the full gospel of Jesus twice. The children (who were 70 percent buddhist) were very happy to tell the supernatural story of his birth and act our sd angels, Shepherds and wisemen and the such. It was so powerful.

60 hours of revival starts today. I have two spots. Im preaching at 6 PM thailand time on the 5th and 6th of September. But there is 60 speakers including Marilyn Hickey, Mario Murrillo, David Cho (Korea), Randy Clark, Michael Brown. There is an asia direct line and a American direct line. But its also streamed other places as it says on the flyers. To be part of 60 hours of world wide revival, 200 countries, worship and prayer, connect here. Its also translated many languages through website!

Two former buddhist saved and baptized as God adds to the church daily those who are being saved. We do something similar to DMM. Rapid disciple making is happening. This man baptized in the spirit as he comes out of the water.

Yesterday was mother's day in Thailand. Our house church leaders invited their buddhist neighbors to gather behind our Agape International offices. We taught on Jesus washing the disciples feets and becoming a servant. Then we had all the kids wash their mothers feet. We had about 60 people there. Half were buddhist. The buddhist were very touched by this experience and the gospel was shared. The kids gave their moms flowers and washed their feet. In thai culture feet aren't usually touched.

Jesus, God of all god's. Preaching at one of our house churches in Thailand. We are in revival. Last week about 10 received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.


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