Powerful Time preaching at our home church in Thailand. House of Praise International Church with Pastor Jonathan Vickers and Pastor Judy Vickers. I am honored that they give the pulpit as often as they do. The Lord definitely used the word of God in a very practical and powerful way as we learned how to close the door on the devil and all his attacks today. Subscribe, click the bell, click like if you thought it was good and finally leave us a comment. It really helps us if you can leave us comments. If today raised any questions about deliverance, oppression or possession by the devil or where to get more material on the subject of victory over the darkness - something Jesus already did it for every believer but not every believer uses it. please email our Executive Administrator for AIM1040; kate@aim1040.com


Ten things Christian’s care more about the giving to the unreached. :). Enjoy. :)


@Berrybunchfamily bless you. Making it. Things are looking up! Blessings.

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@ChrisHarrison hey up

still alive 🙂 and God is still good 😎 😉

how's you?

Andy B

Anyone else cannot send any money to help friends in India and Nepal. What do we do? Western Union blocks it. Everyone blocks it. How do we help our friends there? Any help appreciated. There are suffering saints there that we cannot help.

@Berrybunchfamily same. Things are up and down but trying to keep my eyes on jesus. Thank you for asking

Sorry I have been gone. How is it going? Everyone good??

Enjoy watching more than 75 pastors being baptized.in the Holy Spirit in the golden triangle. Thais, Burma, Laos, and tribes. All traditionalist. They were against it at first. I taught it from the Bible. Half the people there received which is 65 to 75. Powerful and instant. Now they are winning souls and the power of the spirit is helping. Enjoy. youtu.be/TB3f1QZmrws

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This is a sad day for Finland. 😢 A transgender law was accepted today which allows men/female couples to have children as being the childs only parents. Also the definition of "mother" and "father" is going to change. A biological woman giving birth to a child can now be the father of the child. So crazy!!

If Italy is going through a punishment of God, so will be the case for Finland too. We are today stepping aside from God's blessings and shelter with this law that violates His standards and creation. 🥶😭 God have mercy on us!! 🙏

@sarikorpi sadly they followed America's foott prints. So sorry.

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I am a companion of all them That fear thee, and of them that keep thy precepts.

Psalm 119:63

Are you living in the areas known as the 1040 Window or the global south and you want to be a missionary. We have amazing opportunities for you. On this link, ignore the cost. We are sponsoring anyone who wants to come for free for an intense 28 day missionary school. Because we have students coming from at least 8 nations, you must be able to speak English this time. All you need to do is believe God for a plane ticket to Chiang Mai, Thailand and all your expenses are paid.(Oct. 4-31 this year). Food, lodging, transport to our outreaches and such, everything it cost for curriculum and to live on campus which is beautiful is fully covered in every way. God is providing all needs. Right now we are taking 32 specialists - people who know Gods word but want to be church planters either in their own country (those from unreached nation). Or to a cross Cultural nation. You will leave being a self sufficient house church planter click, scroll to MTC register button aim1040.com/en/whatyoucando/st

Over 70 kids and 50 adults came to our outreach in northern Thailand next to a massive Buddhist temple Saturday. Many received Christ but most importantly we began our process of planting house churches, baptizing them
And helping them to understand what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. What a huge day! In this part of the world, those are huge numbers to come out to hear about Jesus. The area is very resistant and closed to these things but we are seeing the seeds of revival. Praise God. 21 churches planted. Over 300 former Buddhist coming to Christ. Bible school planting here and our school of missions to send Asians to Asian nations and the Middle East (also part of of Asia) where we will send them after they finish our training. Amazing times we are living in.

@sinbach thank you. APPRECIATE what you do! Thanks for the encouragement.

@Jhayward haha. Amen. Sorry. I was off ding dash for a bit. It was on my thai phone. But I'm.back

Your gift will make room for you and bring you before mighty men. Our gift of tons of food opened the Laos government at the highest levels inside the head government officials office and they received our gift and are going to let us deliver the food and we will pray for people. Of course we will share the gospel EVERTWHERE. This is what the old testament means when it says your gift will make room for you and bring you before the mighty. It's not speaking of spiritual gifts. You would be a.azed what a gift will do. No stings attached.

Presenting gifts to the Laos government for distribution to the starving people pf the country. Our team was able to go with them. High up in government places, because of our massive contriution in the 18th most dangerous nation to be a Christian in and yet they accepted.

In the country of Laos, our team was able to deliver tons upon tons of food to the Laos government which was promptly delivered by our team alongside the government which our team later came back and shared Jesus with many who have become disciples.

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