The Back to Jerusalem Canada Tour with Brother Yun begins this weekend! We look forward to seeing you at one of the events.

Much love & blessings on the New Year,
BTJ Canada Office🇨🇦

Happy nurses week to our cute nurse! It can be a thankless job at times, but know your care & compassion is recognized & appreciated.💗🇨🇦

FAITHFUL——> steadfast in affection or allegiance : firm in adherence to promises. The Lord is Faithful to protect, to deliver & to heal me.

During last weeks strip club outreach we saw over 30 working girls & the clubs packed with farmers the Agritrade Show brought to town.(typically we meet 4-6 girls in a night)😔 Sex trafficking increases significantly around & during large events hosted by our cities. With that being said, we are collecting items & money to fill more gift bags for three more outreaches this year. If you feel compelled to help us with this outreach, shoot me a message.🇨🇦

Well here we go Canadian church…happening sooner than I expected.🙄 And thanks to our governments announcement today we can’t board an airplane to leave Canada without the vaccine. (Implemented Oct 30)
What do you think about the churches requirement of proof of vaccine to join the body gathering?

Last night was a final walk through of a custom house my husband built and the home owners one last request was PRAYER over their new house! Of course Denver was honoured to pray & dedicate their land & new home to the Lord.

Awe...I prayed for a couple hours for the prostitute that would receive this little picture while drawing it. Tonight I met her and gave it to her. Pray for Ella.🤍

A Facebook memory came up on my feed...3 yrs ago today! Brother Yun declared revival in Canada! The whole church, over 1800 people, got on its knees before the Lord.😭 Revival is truly here.🇨🇦 @sinbach

Through the healing hands of a deep massage this sweet prostitute encountered the Lord. It’s so amazing how God partners with us in creative ways to reach out & save people. Among the cats, the guard dog & pimp this woman heard the gospel for the first time in her own brothel.🙌 Please pray for her complete freedom.🙏

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