The Question No One is Asking
8 months ago, China launched 16 rockets into the sky to 'seed' the clouds and make it rain. And it rained! It was a success!
But are there side effects to manipulating weather?
BTJ partners with the underground church are currently helping the victims in the worse flood in 1,000 years. I am wondering - is this simply mother nature, is it due to climate change, or could it possibly have something to do with climate manipulation?

The next generation is needed!
A self paced mission course for teens and tweens! Learn about missions and learn how they can get involved now. They can do it at home and at their own pace.

ok DingDashers....
This is happening. LIVE video feed is coming soon.
We will launch our first video feed with the best interview EVER.

Gospel Privilege - Author and missionary leader David Joannes joins our BTJ podcast and shares about his new book.

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These two books are great to read side by side. Together they give a comprehensive understanding of the sheer demonic oppression over Pyongyang and North Korea from 1910 to today. But they also help to understand what we Christians can do and should not do to help.

I'm SO EXCITED to be speaking at two Sabbath meetings this week! If you are in the Denver CO area, come and join us for a special Back to Jerusalem Sabbath service at Roeh Israel, a Messianic Jewish congregation. Jews and Gentiles ALL WELCOME! I will be sharing details from the frontlines from China, North Korea, Iran, and how you can get involved.

China and Afghanistan - the forgotten border and how it is impacting the future of missions for BTJ

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PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY~! And all the firemen, police , ambulance, medical and frist responders as they are traumatized also.
They were having a bonfire when the dad went to add gasoline to the fire as it was not starting. And explosion happened and the Dad, Mom, 1 year old and 4 year old girl, and 6 year old boy were all injured. The children and mom have life threatening burns and the baby just died after surgery.

We were best friends in Canada with 2 of the first firefighters that arrived on scene and have been in contact. They are taking it very hard.

There is a connection between the elections in America, Israel, and Iran that Christians should know about. Rabbi Myles Weiss joins our podcast to explain more

The freedom phone?
Has anyone purchased this phone yet?

In loving memory of someone very special, I would like to offer a free gift to all of our prayer partners at BTJ

Hey White House Press Secretary! You will NEVER be banned on DingDash.

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This week CPAC speeches were blocked by YouTube.
Now an entire party in the a democratic country is being blocked. Regardless of your political stance, we should all be against blocking free speech.
This is why I LOVE DingDash.
We will keep trucking and providing a free speech platform.

During the summer, you can get your family involved in a missions program without leaving home. YET.

120 students abducted from Bethel Baptist school in Nigeria by Muslim extremists.
Why are we so silent on this???
On this podcast I ask BTJ Nigerian partner and friend Pastor @Olamide to explain to us the situation.

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