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BTJ article, video tip from Daily Caller:
"Chinese Student Promoting Communism is Shut Down in Less Than 3 Minutes"

"Communism is surging in popularity among young college-aged students around the world, primarily because history has been erased and distorted. This prompted a young Cuban man to approach a Chinese woman promoting Communism in the west.

When the Cuban, a refugee from the Communist nation of Cuba, understood that the young Chinese lady was promoting Communism, he asked her one simple question that completely destroyed her argument in support of the atheistic idea of Communism."

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A young Christian disciple is in jail. We are not convinced about the 'illegality' of the business, which he is accused off. He was not doing anything unethical!!! Please pray for God's justice. Guidance for the Church and the leaders to deal with the crisis.@Olamide

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So looks like I have three choices to make money in America:
#1: Get a loan from a bank and pay back the loan in a way that makes profit for everyone - me, the bank, and insurance company - EVERYONE. BUT - the government can come years later, take away my company FOR DOING NOTHING ILLEGAL and make me pay fines for having 'favorable loan rates?"
OR #2: Come to the country illegally, attack police and citizens and be rewarded with 10s of thousands of dollars for free, with free housing, free medical, free travel and free education education
OR #3: Set up a fake company, have my family members run it, and funnel in $10s of MILLIONS$$$$ from foreign governments like China and Ukraine with ZERO questions asked.
What to choose...what to choose.....

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If I know someone with dementia with access to nuclear weapons, should I report them to the police?

It's not often that we get a letter from the church in Afghanistan that we are free to post, but this is a special situation.
The letter in it's entirety will be posted on our website tomorrow:

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Think on this:

I believe that in each generation God has called enough men and women to evangelize all the yet unreached tribes of the earth. It is not God who does not call. It is man who will not respond! - Isobel Kuhn

I am such a sucker for a Good Christmas movie though....

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