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"The LORD replied, 'My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.' " -Exodus 33:14 ✝️🚶‍♀️😴🛋️

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"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." -Psalm 46:1 🏰💪✝️

Watching this made me laugh - because at the very end of the video @3.12 was soooo the voice of my wife on soooo many occasions.

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@sinbach I am so grateful for good healthcare. I sit right now in an ER. My special son has badly broken leg which has broken before. My heart is breaking but I am grateful for good care. I want miraculous healing, but I remain grateful.

October 19 will always be one of the most special days of the year for me. It was the day my life changed when my son was born.

Studying the Bible is not for an education that merely brings self-gratification.
It is essential preparation for active deployment.

I was born a male and I identify as a male, but when I sit alone at Longhorn Steakhouse, my portion size identifies as a party of three.

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Sometimes, we forget our Gospel. The world is NOT GOING TO HELL in a hand-basket. The world is a beautiful place that is full of God's glory. One day, the world will be full of ONLY God's glory.

Yes, today, there is much evil in the world, but cheer up, Jesus has overcome that evil. This is the Gospel.

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@Cherishingsparrows2020 @Bereonb2020 yeah, we need to be careful. We can post 99 good pics showing the truth but someone will focus on the 1 mistake and try to diminish the other 99.

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Great News coming soon! Pray as I meet with two different Governments! Jesus will be in those Rooms!

Had such a wonderful time tonight sharing at Good News Community Church with good friend Pastor Daniel Mangeac.

Big thank you to you all for staying much later than planned. It was such a special evening.

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No restrictions in Sweden, Norway or Denmark. 64.9-75.3 % of their population is fully vaccinated. Countries with higher rates of vaccination have rigid restrictions. These decisions are not based on medical science, but are totally political.

To all my German Friends, this amazing testimony of Esther and her ministry, imprisonment, and perseverance in North Korea is an encouragement to every believer. I worked with her for almost 10 years in North Korea and I have simply never met a warrior like her.

WOW!!! I just had such an AMAZING night sharing at Calvary Chapel Boise tonight!
Such a heart connect with sooo many people. PTL!!!!

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