Not just my son, but now he is my brother. Congrats to my son, the newest 2nd LT in the US Marine Corps

Not just my son. Now he's my brother. So proud to present the newest Lt in the US Marine Corps.

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Just booked my hotel for next week's BTJ conference! @sinbach See you in Royce City next Friday.

To be is easy for me to believe anything a man with that mustache says.

The rich unfiltered colors of fall and the light winter winds from the sea bring happiness to my bones.

Rumors are spreading on Internet that President Xi has been arrested during a military coup in China.
Is it true?
We share directly from China.

My son got special recognition from his Air Force training unit today. I thought I congratulate him.
It went like this....

Where do dreams go when they are forgotten?

Brother Yun and BTJ are responding to the deadly floods in Pakistan. Aid is being hand delivered by BTJ missionaries on the scene.

More help is needed. Use the link below to learn what you can do.

My son was only 10 or 11 years old when he posted this on his closet door in his room. He looked at it every day until he left home for university. He has since graduated with honors from the oldest senior military college in the United States and still never lost sight of this goal. I am so envious and admire his single-mindedness and dogged determination.
Today he walks through the gates of officer training school in Quantico, VA to start his career in the United States Marine Corps, fulfilling a promise he made to himself so many years ago.

I try to be a good person but then, someone pulls out in front of me going 10 below the speed limit.
Ugghhh...dear Jesus I will try again tomorrow...

The awesome thing about having a hybrid, short daily commutes, and charging stations in Sweden where the overwhelming majority of energy comes from renewable energy is this! I filled up my tank almost a month and half ago and am still on full! πŸ₯³

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