"Small streams don't plan to be mighty rivers.
We simply move through life like water directed by God's mighty hand and He decides what we will become."

The world leader recognized at the top persecutor of Christians is surprising!
We share the findings of the most recent reports in our latest article

Scout Sniper Platoon in formation for ceremony today. LOVE to see that, even after all the years of me being absent - they are STILL teaching young men to embrace the suck! LOVE IT!!!!

Many men going fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.

This field report directly from our team in Afghanistan is such a powerful reminder of what God can do during the most unimaginable situations.

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I am working on a song in the studio with my friend, Jim Beaver. I think you will love this song when ti is finished. I look forward to sharing it with the Church and the "not-yet" church.

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1,000 posts. We’re only just beginning!

This is your 1,000th post from the BerryBunch. And, well, we thought we should mark this in some way, so here we are!

On 19th April 2020 we published our very first post titled, simply, “First post of the BerryBunch.family blog”.

And, since then, we’ve grown from the odd video, to regular output including Sunday PLUS, Andy B 2 Minute Videos, Family Prayer Time, Marriage Matters, Endurance, Jo’s blog posts, Story Time with Dave the Dog and Little Blessings Online, books and more.

For the rest of this post visit our website --> berrybunch.family/1000-posts-w

The BerryBunch

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@faith20 I will continue to pray for you and others like you in your country. Thank you for the update.

North Korea is threatening to use nukes. We predicted this would happen last month.
The reason is simple. In todays article on our website we share why. backtojerusalem.com/north-kore

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The power of love for Jesus - An English family letting a Finnish family stay in their home and sleep in their beds. @daniel summed it perfectly...it's baffling, unless you know Jesus, and then it makes perfect sense.

What a truly fab time to meet DingDashers in person

Thanks to @Backtojerusalem and @sinbach and team for creating DingDash and making the world a much smaller place, and yet a much larger one too 😊

Andy B

Safe onward travels @tanjaostman and family

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Thank you from a farmer /Elder/Leader who almost gave up farming due to wildlife attacks to his paddy and lentil fields. Sometime ago @sinbach initiated few projects to help the leaders to establish small businesses. Some places the believers stopped migrating to big cities and other places they are able to sell products in the rural weekly markets. (Representative pictures).

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