Pastor Paul distributing food & mosquito net & drinking water among the flood victims. This was made possible by a God Fearing Family from Canada.

A Family from Canada helped us to reach 30 families by providing them necessity food items & mosquito net. More people are waiting for help.

Shalom Siblings.

You may have heard about the heavy/destructive flooding in Pakistan.

Received these pictures from the Sanghar City of the Sindh Province, Pakistan where two Pastors Niaz Pauloos (Paul) & Eliah Shahbaz (Elijah) are ministering. Please see if anyone feel the burden to help & support these people who are in crucial need. Blessings & Shalom

Shabbat Shalom Siblings.
ABBA YAH. Bless You All and All of Your Belongings.

I thank Our Heavenly Father for Blessing me with a Brother Like Brother Iain McClain @speakthetruth. He is my Boss/Friend & Brother in Yehoshua HaMishiach. I pray for immense Blessings of the Heavenly Father for Brother Iain & His Entire Family & Belongings.

Please pray for Pakistan, many villages have been destroyed and wiped out from the surface of earth and many people and specially children died due to heavy flood. And it is still a lot of rain.

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