So, you mean to tell me the governments are restricting the sales of chicks in one of the most necessary and important areas? Lancaster county has the capability to raise and farm lots of chickens on their processing facilities right in this area. They post this though at the local tractor supply company.
This is a very important video of information for today and about the things that are going on. PLEASE WATCH THIS. IT IS HAPPENING.

According to the head of the Israeli army’s operations division, the entire top military command of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip has been killed! Please continue to pray as Houthis in Yemen has said they will fire rockets into Israel. Hezbollah and Hamas are still threatening to take action if Isreali officials visit the temple mount tomorrow which is Tisha B Av.

Shabbat shalom y'all. Here is some developments of the last 48 hours with Israel to keep in prayer. Gaza threatened Israel and said no one was to visit the temple mount tomorrow. The IDF responded by drafting another 23000 reserve troops and beginning operation breaking Dawn. So far 15 jihad senior officials have been killed as well as 20+ Islamic jihad activists in the west bank. Gaza has fired 160 missiles of which 10% fell in Gaza. Gaza has stated that they are in no hurry to get anywhere. We will continue to exhaust the enemy. Israel stated that they will continue to fight and target jihad officials until the jihad stops sending missiles. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

I was going to my room this evening while all the lights were out. I had a bit of a thought. To often in our lives, we are walking in darkness and we see the smallest amount of light like from a night light. We become too focused on the small bit of light and stumble and forget to find the true light. We focus on terminology, etymology, theology, and interpretation rather than just opening ourselves to the possibility that we could be wrong, and just taking God's word as it is, believing it, and most importantly, OBEYING it. When this is all done, we want to force others to believe our story and follow the small light rather than realizing that we are not following the real light.
Is anyone else in America watching this? This does not seem right.

We are now under the control of a faucist government who has been marching across the world without resistance. So far there is no country that has not yet fallen to the leaders of the party. They encourage fear lest someone stand and loose their freedom. They also encourage patriotic pride in the new Government by wearing a mask and getting the jab. If you do not do these things you are a danger to the regime and they encourage all those who see you to mock you for refusing to be patriotic to the cause of great freedom and the Nutsy party.
I do not in any way endorse these things as right. I had an idea to see where the word Holi in our word Holiday comes from. The result? See the following link.
I think of the festival of lights, and modern Christian celebrations. For understanding of how our creator would like us to respond, please read Leviticus18:3-5

Shabbat Shalom dingers! I hope you have blessed Sabbath.

I thought I would share some scriptures I have been reading today that seem to apply to us today. Isaiah 24 through 27 seem to be talking about eternity and the end of the world. 24:1-12, 17-20, 23; 25:2-5, 10-12 is talking of people feeling useless and the earth having tribulation and passing away. 24:13-16; 25:6-9; 26:1-21; 27:2-13 talk of our life in eternity and 24:21-22; 27:1 talk about judgment day. I was encouraged by Isaiah 25 in general and verses 6-9 are just so beautiful.

Some may get offended when they watch this. 

A good encouragement to everyone. 1Peter 2:1-12, Mark 6:4, Matthew 5:10-16
I have recently been reminded of these verses in my devotions. "Remain steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord" regardless of what is going on around us as by that we are pillars the world around us can trust and go to for guidance to the way, the truth, and the life. Be encouraged that God knows and is ready to help us in our need.

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