Mentoring Vs Training
Project Vs Lifestyle

Sometimes Western patterns make havoc in the Mission fields.
Power points and thematic presentations are powerless compared to powerful impartation of the Holy Spirit.
Multiplication of souls and congregations in houses happens when first generation disciples take ownership.
A new team that received new input last month, started their ministry soon after reaching their hometowns.
(Representative pictures)

Unseasonal showers interrupting life. Elderly, farmers, orphans are affected. Please Pray!

(Representative Picture)
A group of women leaders are undergoing a special program enjoying powerful sessions.

We don't know, whether to pray and stop the rains or thank God for the delayed work!!!

Our families prayed, God answered ! You prayed and Paid and we are glad!
Thank you for the students scholarship. It's a blessing!

2 miracles reported after this post!!! Your prayers are being answered!
Hallelujah !

We are literally down to earth people 😂
The tools we provide sometimes contradict with spiritual warfare principles 🙄 (Ephesians- our weapons)!

In the leadership mentoring process; along with scriptures and food our rural associates receive tools like Spade and pickaxe to work with their own hands .

The simple way to provide food on their table.
Thank you @sinbach and team.

Progress in training location spite of hostile conditions.

Slow but steady ! Need Spiritual support to win the battle!

We don't have pictures (this one is a representative picture from open source)
Few dozens decided to fulfill the commandment, fully knowing the consequences. Social ostracism and harassment from community and family members are normal. Yet they are willing to take up their cross and follow Jesus.
is transforming because God is on the move!

Yes, it happened again! few obeyed the Word! Dove would have descended angels would have celebrated !
populating heaven with souls from challenging locations!

Thank you for your prayers.
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A friend is in trouble!!!
(representative picture)
A leader looking after orphans is facing severe challenges from coworkers! Enemy within is more dangerous than from those outside, isn't it?

The ministry of leading children to the Savior and meeting their needs may not be hindered.
The institution needs a miracle!

When volunteers provide Chicks to a Gospel worker living in a remote village or a city slum, the children must be thinking of Crow that provided Bread to Elijah ?

When volunteers provide Chicks to a Gospel worker living in a remote village or a city slum, the children must be thinking of Crow that provided Bread to Elijah ?

Touching lives in those places where 'one square meal' may be a weekly affair!

Thank you !
There was a season in our ministry, when many organizations asked us to give reports to receive support.
Then we heard about Brother Yun and Heavenly Man book from our youngsters. Some of them got the privilege to meet Uncle Tang and Brother Yun. Our Elders received training from Brother @sinbach few times.

The best gift we received from volunteers is prayer and faith based farming. we prayed, breaking the curse of the land, worked hard and God is blessing the works of our hand.

We see multiplication and transformation in our closed country.

Little bit extra prayer is appreciated!

Reaching the starting point of this season was quite tough 😳.

Exciting days of healing, deliverance and Transformation ahead!!!

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