Invited a dozen, hundred expected, 200 gathered !!!
One of our Elders decided to meet the leaders for prayer and study of the scriptures.
First meeting after the P(l)andemic. Above 200 gathered, mostly from Buddhist background. Though expensive many hired taxis and reached the location for 2 days of prayer. Some walked several hours across the mountains to reach the main highway.
(Representative picture)

We are in the final stages of pregnancy!!! Need prayers!
One of the couple, who got married soon after @sinbach shared few facts about c¤▪︎<~《◇
Expecting their first child.
As usual the senior women Elders are so excited and can't stop shopping ☺😊🤗

@Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter I'm not surprised where this is being held...
It saddens me! Like opening up a can of worms. I don't believe caste is a problem in the US....we all come from different parts of the world united under a set of laws. The biggest problem for our country, I believe, is Christ being pushed out of everything.

@Cherishingsparrows2020 @MaryMamuzich Thought I’d post and update. This is Paco, on the left, getting a souvenir and a little bonus on his 20th anniversary with my company. He’s recovering well and is on light duty for another month or so. Pretty amazing after breaking both his scapulae and suffering internal damage in the crush. Thank you for your prayers!

Great Day in ABQ for the PATH Meeting @ New Life COG, PTL :)

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