Bibles Delivered !
There was a big demand for Bibles in a 'specific' language. That too from a Buddhist restricted country.
Many students and professionals willingly purchased it from our volunteers.

The whole operation needed just simple faith and willingness to go to jail (if caught).
Thank you for your prayers 🙏

please pray for friends and associates. (The video is from random sources not linked to any ministry initiatives).

A teenager is admitted in the hospital with Typhoid, Viral fever and other complications, please pray for her healing 🙏

Please pray for Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists and believers , who are living near forest.

Somewhere in South Asia 3 dozen Doves descended from Heaven! Angels would have celebrated with a big Praise party !! It's amazing how these 30 plus young and old, men and women, chose to follow Jesus and carry their crosses.
Pray that they will resist the devil, who uses different persecution methods including family pressure, social boycott and physical violence.

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