A young Christian disciple is in jail. We are not convinced about the 'illegality' of the business, which he is accused off. He was not doing anything unethical!!! Please pray for God's justice. Guidance for the Church and the leaders to deal with the crisis.@Olamide

It's a funny quote, however "God is opening new doors for us, everyday"! Thank you for your prayers. Many new decisions (to pick up the cross and follow Jesus), Many baptisms, from areas where believers are persecuted, new worship groups, in places where previously people were highly resistant.

It's not often that we get a letter from the church in Afghanistan that we are free to post, but this is a special situation.
The letter in it's entirety will be posted on our website tomorrow:

Timelapse from 9am to 10:30 this morning in #iceland, the fresh flow of lava crossing the Highway to Grindavik.



 Sister Deling, Bro. Yun's wife, has been hospitalized and is need of the healing Presence of our dear Lord.

Deling is in a very weak and serious condition. Local family is with her
Do join us in prayer for the healing Presence of our gracious LORD be released upon her. Pray for Father's kindness, mercy and grace through Holy Spirit cover the extended family. In the Name of Jesus our Healer!!
Copied from the email alert

prayers for my daughter's friend, Blanca. She did something really stupid. Sr. in HS; just turned 18. Replied to a post saying she'd shoot up jordan high. Thought she was being funny. She has been arrested and is in the durham county jail tonight. Arraignment tomorrow. Only child; adopted from Guatemala. Good kid. Just a really stupid joke that wasn't funny. Life altering.

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