The Power of Testimony! We all know it and the power released when we share what the Lord is doing! Join us Thursday June 17th at 2pm EDT for Special Guest Gabriel Jackson with United Hive»»>Dear Friend,
What an amazing time we are in if we see with our Father's eyes and His heart.
The Greek root of testimony is 'do it again.'
Come join in learning more about United Hive this Thursday at 2pm EDT.
Over the last six months Gabriel and I have become good friends. We were introduced by Eugene Bach of BTJ. Eugene serves on our advisory board of CMM College of Theology.
Gabriel has a great heart and you will love meeting him and hearing his heart.

Watch the attached video and also the separate video found at

Here's the meeting link:
Join Zoom Meeting

Looking forward to seeing you then.

Is. 40:5 And the glory (majesty and splendor) of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. Pray and join the Lord with us in spreading the Lord's glory by sharing with friends and family and churches during this precious time for Him to SHINE! Please share on your social media pages too!

Pastor Jachin Charley Scott is a long-term, trusted member of CMM and is asking for your prayers and giving to buy oxygen tanks to help folks in their church facing COVID during the plague and lockdowns. Hospitals are overrun and many are not accepting patients. It's time to pray and come together to help save lives! $2,500.00 is needed urgently to buy oxygen tanks and oxygen meters to help the rural poor during this crisis. Give today at our website or call our office at 704-225-3927. Together, we can do much to save lives and save souls with the Gospel!

. We are truly blessed to serve you at Declare 2021. More than that, know that you are part of a God-loving, God-praising family that extends from Sea to Sea - across nations, islands and coastlands.
We hope you were able to hear some of the Closing Celebrations blessings and receive them for yourself and your family. You can access them here.
Join us next year when we send out the call to Declare 2022, although it may not be the same!!
Love and blessings from the Declare family.

Pray for India and Asia with rising covid cases. CMM thanks our friends and partners who have prayed and given generously for us to send financial help in the last few days to trusted, long-term friends able to personally give aid, prayers and Jesus' love and hope to thousands of people. The need continues. Please share with on your pages and with your friends and family to pray and give at

Repentance&Being Diligent In Joining The Lord! Shining Hope and Salvation Into Mass Deception/Hate!

CMM's Rapid Response Helps Save Lives-Special Update-Parents & Children Get Beaten Sharing Jesus!As persecution spreads and believers face death threats. CMM is actively involved in saving lives, both spiritually and at times physically! Open Doors reports a tragic 60% rise in persecution globally in 2020.
Pray and support CMM's Rapid Response Fund so we are prepared on a moment's notice to rescue families through our trusted, embedded network in 70 nations.

Most people in the West have little idea how life in India is for a believer. Jachin is a long term friend and we are so blessed to know him and his family and ministry just love his heart as a friend of our Lord. Watch and see your faith and devotion to our Lord grow. Pray for his family and ministry as they win many souls to Jesus. Please pray about supporting his work on a monthly basis. You will share in the reward and the fruit will abound to your account. Phil. 4:17

CMM is learning from Farming God's Way how to help our CMM family Missionaries how to encounter the Lord's bountiful, sustaining agricultural methods. Thank you Grant Dryden and
Dickson Shuwali for your hearts and sharing freely what the Lord has shown over the years. Dickson held a class with Steven Saizi Phiri last week in Malawi and trained over 50 pastors how to end systemic poverty and much more. Dr. Carol Chawla, a graduate of CMM College of Theology also prepared Steven with her masterful, creative way to break generational curses. Here is the link to Grant sharing about FGW with CMM last month:
Thank you CMM Partners for your prayers and generosity, mainly AJ Mientjes, CMM COT student in New Zealand for introducing us to Grant. Pray and help CMM reach more nations with sustainable agricultural ideas and techniques and provide seeds help more to enjoy the fullness of the Lord. Give as the Holy Spirit leads at

Waterborne illnesses take too many lives, especially youth! Learn how Christ's Mandate for Missions is making a huge impact with our embedded, trusted, long term friends and missionaries. Water is essential to life! 785 million people in the world - 1 in 9 - lack access to safe water. The World Economic Forum states the water crisis is the #5 global risk in terms of impact to society.

CMM is working every day to change this for the glory of our Lord. We bring safe water and hygiene training along with community development and sustainable agriculture to many with your prayers and help. By empowering people with this fundamental human need and the Good News of Jesus we're helping provide families with hope, health and the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. Pray and give on our website or mail a check to CMM PO7705 Charlotte, NC 28241.

The Suffering Church
ACN in the News
Religious Freedom Report Report: most of world’s population live in countries that violate religious freedom
Support the Suffering Church
RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IS VIOLATED SEVERELY in one out of every three countries. In the last two years, the fundamental right to freedom of belief was not respected in 62 (31.6 percent) of the world’s 196 countries; 67 percent of the world’s population, or 5.2 billion people, live in countries that exhibit grave violations of religious freedom, including China, India and Pakistan, three of the world’s most populous countries. And Christians are most often targeted by

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