Are you hungry for truly God encounters? You know there is much going on behind the scenes of world events and you wonder if there are more like you asking questions! Connect with the heart of the Lord and folks from different streams and church backgrounds and cultures globally! The Remnant may be small but it is so powerful! Pray and check out . Classes starting soon in English, Spanish, Thai, Burmese.

Wondering what's next? We have two online open houses today. Join us to learn more about how the Lord lives through His Word and Spirit. Classes starting soon. Listen to recent graduates and how their lives were transformed. You don't want to miss it!

Sparks of Creativity! Announcing Summer Spark Creative Contest! Listen to Learn More!
Submit Up To 200 Word Poem, Song, or Art! Your Entry Must Glorify our Lord! The Winner Gets $100.00! ​

This is so beautiful, and exactly what Jesus would do - on the streets where all the people are. I happened to see a clip on Instagram of this girl called Harmonie London. Then I saw more clips, and people are touched by her singing in the streets of London. It becomes a place of God's presence. People are crying and this homeless alcoholic man is bowing down and soaking in His presence. A rich man passing by in a Ferrari throws money in another clip. She sings like an angel.

​CMM College of Theology Friendship learning-revelatory, experiential, refreshing and transforming!
Friendship learning-revelatory, experiential, transforming!
Classes globally online in English, Spanish, Burmese, and Thai!
Our 15th year of offering affordable, accredited Christian Degrees.​
Join a refreshing atmosphere with new friends from many backgrounds, streams, and movements as many cultures gather together to grow in the Kingdom Culture.
Go to today and check it out.
Classes globally online in English, Spanish, Burmese, and Thai!
Our 15th year of offering affordable, accredited Christian Degrees.​

Kingdom Authority-Obedience Paves Your Way Into His Glory and Joy!
​Kingdom Authority: 1. To Love And Serve 2. Then To Rule And Reign!
See Heb. 11:6, Matt. 8:8-10, Gal. 4:6

​CORRECTED: Warring From Our Third Heaven Seat! Far Above All Principalities & Power
Jesus said 'all authority in heaven and earth is given to Him.' Learn how to walk in His fullness as we are seated in heavenly places with

Wondering what's next? Listen to what recent graduates say about how CMM College of Theology changed their lives. Applications being accepted now.


Prophetic Word-Cure For Division-Love w/Signs & Wonders!
​Dancing on the islands of the Mediterranean with dear friends. The beauty of precious friendships and family is more beautiful than anything, except the beauty of His holiness. If you want to know more how to stand in the midst of great deception and avoid endless, circular debates message me or email

Victory Won! Rejoicing With 63 Million Babies in Heaven!
'The decree of death and innocent blood in America was annulled two days after Sivan 23rd when in the Biblical story of Esther the decree of death was annulled and the new royal decree was written, sealed, and sent to the ethnos.' Esther 8: 8-10
Five planets aligned Friday confirming signs in the heavens and the earth. Throughout June, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn have lined up from left to right in the southeastern sky, in their orbital order from the sun.

Help 2 CMM Friends/Teams In Afghanistan-Earthquake Aid Needed! Pray and give at as the Lord leads. Our two long-known and long-trusted friends and their teams are on the ground in Afghanistan giving aid, water, medicines and

Encountering His Unspeakable Joy! Go Up Now! Enter the Lord's eternal dimensions through knowing our supernatural identity, rising above earthly affairs to see what He sees and say what He says! Listen, like, comment and share!

​Let your audacity trouble the religious spirits, traditions of men, and even God's timetable! Our intimacy with the Lord each day determines our immediate outcome as well as our eternal one.
Build relational equity with the Lord and others as friends who don't mind you knocking on their door at midnight. Jesus offended many! Breaking illegal laws, breaking illegal prayers and traditions are available when our friendship with Jesus. It is too tight to hurt that.

Prophetic Word For The Listening Ear-Behind Enemy Lines Love Overflowing!
The last few days I was blessed to be with a dear brother of our CMM Global Family who goes where most of us can not go. He goes with such joy and love for those who are hungry to know their Father they have not met yet. What is the Kingdom of God? How do we pray when we may not know how to pray? Listen to find out more.

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