I went to my first Republican Lyon County Meeting in Emporia KS. We talked about the public Schools and had teachers on the board speak. They said in our schools in Emporia they were told you have to call kids by whatever pronoun they prefer! And if girls want to identify as boys or boys as girls then you have to allow that. If boys want to use girl bathrooms because they identify as girls you have to allow that. And also don't tell the parents that this is happening. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Also they said teaching math certain ways is white Supremacy. They will also force vaccinate your children and not tell you (an educated guess)

Your better off getting your children taught by literal monkeys then this Satanic junk. I was also saddened to learn teachers spend so much time disciplining kids then actually teaching school. And we talked about some problems occur early on in the home. Parents don't even want to eat with their kids.

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