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In your experience have churches allowed you as a christian much freedom to serve God according to Scriptures or do they demand to have their hands in your every decision. In other words if you wanted to start a small bible study or prayer group, would you be able to do it easily or would hour church require they have control over it and would u need their permission?

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Will you please pray for me ? Some deadlines with construction. Pending legal paperwork. Payments to be made for several ongoing projects. Financial support to be received and send to persecuted families. Busy 2 months schedule ahead.

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πŸ™ Updates on the health of my wife's mother whose name is Teresa. πŸ™

She had blood tests done and the doctor said it's not the flu but it's an infection.

In addition, the doctor said that many values such as calcium, vitamin D, and others, are below normal.

So now it is urgent that she is cured of the infection and that all the values return to normal.

Then, when she feels better, she will need to have more tests.

Thank you again for your prayers which I ask you to continue to raise on behalf of this dear sister in Christ. ❀️ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

I copied this post off Gab, and I think it's interesting:
"Bible Prophecy
Arise and spread false teachings and hope in last days
BREAKING NEWS JUST ANNOUNCED: Francis Chan, Rick Warren And NAR Were Already Planning A Revival At Asbury University In Video Released 7 Days Before It All Started

Satan doesn't want anyone prepared or watching for Jesus's return .... he is using false teachers such as these to help deceive many

Biblical Discernment....
Asbury "revival"
Not a revival - most there seemed to be seeking a spiritual high (but not necessarily thru the true Holy Spirit)
So was it a planned, staged event ... for those believing in NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)?"

I myself an aware that there are such things as false revivals. Jessi Penn Lewis warned us that these things would happen in the last days (false revivals). She came from the Welsh revival and helped co author the book "war on the saints", Watchman Nee of China used her book. ?πŸ€”

I went to my first Republican Lyon County Meeting in Emporia KS. We talked about the public Schools and had teachers on the board speak. They said in our schools in Emporia they were told you have to call kids by whatever pronoun they prefer! And if girls want to identify as boys or boys as girls then you have to allow that. If boys want to use girl bathrooms because they identify as girls you have to allow that. And also don't tell the parents that this is happening. GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Also they said teaching math certain ways is white Supremacy. They will also force vaccinate your children and not tell you (an educated guess)

Your better off getting your children taught by literal monkeys then this Satanic junk. I was also saddened to learn teachers spend so much time disciplining kids then actually teaching school. And we talked about some problems occur early on in the home. Parents don't even want to eat with their kids.


A Lament for all the murdered babies. This is a very short poem, and a sad one but I think it hits the heart of the issue!

In my opinion the Chinese balloon is not concerning to me and probably the whole story was planned. Because through tictok and all the Chinese spies in America, plus Chinese drones, and Chinese satellites, and congressman paid by china have been here a lot longer and is much more concerning. So why is media and everything inflating a balloon story? Is this just another story to put on the front line news to make China and America more openly at odds in order to keep tensions for world war 3? If our country really cared about Chinese spy things we would have done a lot more getting rid of tic tok and Chinese spies and everything else, but it makes news when one balloon gets known that it's Chinese? I think this is all planned. Anyone have a different opinion?

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Another sad day for Finland πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”
The new transgender law was accepted by the Parliament.

We'll see where and how this way our leaders have chosen ends. πŸ₯Ά

I have just one word: Maranatha ! β€πŸ™ŒπŸ™

This is my last episode being the 5th one in season one. The episodes are
1) My Testimony
2) Christ's blood and salvation
3) baptism and Salvation
4) Sin and Salvation
5) Repentance and salvation.

These are foundational stepping stones. I think the next one will be episodes on spiritual growth.

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What this new law would mean in practice, I believe we can't even imagine what doors it would open. For example, if a man changes his gender to be a woman (he doesn't even need to be a transsexual at all) then he (now "she") will have full access into women's locker and showerrooms.
What about women's right for safety and privacy??


My final comments and paper on the study case I did on Clement concerning salvation. In my opinion Clement understood salvation very well, you can tell he was taught by Paul the apostle himself. Warning: Some things Clement says may hurt your easy soft good feeling message concerning salvation and how you ought to live. This message may make you feel angry or bad so please note the side affects.God bless

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