I copied this post off Gab, and I think it's interesting:
"Bible Prophecy
Arise and spread false teachings and hope in last days
BREAKING NEWS JUST ANNOUNCED: Francis Chan, Rick Warren And NAR Were Already Planning A Revival At Asbury University In Video Released 7 Days Before It All Started

Satan doesn't want anyone prepared or watching for Jesus's return .... he is using false teachers such as these to help deceive many

Biblical Discernment....
Asbury "revival"
Not a revival - most there seemed to be seeking a spiritual high (but not necessarily thru the true Holy Spirit)
So was it a planned, staged event ... for those believing in NAR (New Apostolic Reformation)?"

I myself an aware that there are such things as false revivals. Jessi Penn Lewis warned us that these things would happen in the last days (false revivals). She came from the Welsh revival and helped co author the book "war on the saints", Watchman Nee of China used her book. ?🤔

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