Can a faithful follower of Jesus have a demon? Meet Shulie Rase. Shulie is a devout follower of Jesus on an epic journey into the heart of God. Today, Shulie shares her story from a latch-key kid to a rebellious teenager in hair-raising situations and into an extreme Christian cult in search of meaning and family. Find out why Shulie determined she needed deliverance, even after years of walking with Jesus, and why she walked away from her closed Christian community in search of greater freedom.


If our evangelism does not produce transformation, it may not be accurate to call it evangelism.

“Evangelism” comes from the Greek word evangelion, which means “good news.” The Gospel is news, not advice. News is something new. A reality has changed, and people should know about it. We will never bring people to Christ until the Gospel we preach produces transformation.

People are into all kinds of “trans” things today because they are looking for change. Let us show the world trans-formation of character. We must learn to preach the Gospel with power. Only then will the lost come to Jesus. And only then will a “revival” truly effect the changes America and the world needs.

For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power.
1 Corinthians 4:20 NIV

Fast Monday! 🔥 🙏

Every Monday until Christmas, we are fasting and praying for revival, salvation, deliverance and healing. Will you join us?

Who are you praying for today? Leave a name or names in the comments and let's agree together.

Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. Matthew 18:19

What is the judgment to come? Should we be anticipating a dark day of fire and war? Does anything good happen on judgment day? Do Christians have anything to fear on judgment day?

My wife and I met a woman in the grocery store last night. She just moved from California. She graduated from Berkeley College, and her father was a leftist professor. She just gave her life to Jesus three years ago at the age of 79!! And she got baptized two months ago!!
Don't ever give up on Jesus or on His power to reach people.

We just released our new family music video. I believe this will bless you! Please, share and help us with the algorithm!

The Apostle Paul listed several kinds of people who will NOT inherit God's Kingdom: Liars, Thieves, Adulterers, Prostitutes, Homosexuals, etc. But what if the people lying, thieving, and misbehaving sexually are Christians? Can a Christian be excluded from the Kingdom of God??

I totally affirm Israel’s right to defend herself. But I do not support Americans going to fight in Israel. We rig our own elections, frame our own citizens, and pervert our justice system. What authority do we have to police the world? We need to police ourselves!
Furthermore, if our government is willing to fight in Israel but not on our southern border, we can be sure that they are fighting for someone else’s interest in Israel and not ours. They are certainly not fighting because their conscience demands it. Our government is morally bankrupt. Don't be fooled into thinking it is acting with virtue now. Let Israel fight Israel’s battle. Clean your own house, America!

Many Christians say, "I am the righteousness of God," without knowing what that phrase means Biblically, although they think they do! To be "the righteousness of God" means something significantly different than popularly conceived. Today's podcast will help get you out of the stagnation of a Christian without a vision and into the exciting, joyful, and active work of becoming the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Some of Satan's most destructive footholds are found within the borders of "Christian Doctrines." But there is no plural for Christian doctrine. The only things that are indeed "Christian" are the true things. There's only one truth; everything else is a foothold for satan. Today, we will confront a popular "Christian" doctrine that has produced massive rebellion, fear, heartache, confusion, and rejection. I am talking about the Calvinistic doctrine of election.

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The Gospel is simple; explaining the Gospel can be quite complex. God did not give us the entire Bible only to have us throw out everything except a platitude or a statement like "God loves you." There is good reason for the Bible to be written as is. God reveals Himself through story, and I will demonstrate a little of how that story works today.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to my newest song. I wrote this song in a place of righteous indignation concerning the fear mongering during the initial release of Covid and the frustrating response of many in the Church. But this song is also an epic story that reflects some of my own journey to overcome fears in my life. The recording is top-notch thanks to my good friend, Brackin Kirkland. I believe this song will inspire and challenge at the same time. Please, give it a listen and share it with a friend.

Go On Offense

“And do not get drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit,” Ephesians 5:18 NASB

One of the keys to walking in freedom is actively building for the Kingdom of God. The Scripture above says, “Don't be filled wine, BUT be FILLED with the Holy Spirit.” Don't just avoid the negative; pursue the positive. Get on offense against the enemy. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.” (Matthew 9:7). Every father has more than enough ministry to do in discipleling his children and ministering to his wife. There is no excuse for a lack of active engagement in ministry for any Christian. These simple and immediate family needs require, faith, time, and self-sacrifice to address. It is hard to be led away in temptation when you are focused on your mission. We need offensive, intentional, and free warriors for the Kingdom of God. And by going on the offense, you will put the devil on defense instead of you.

The spirit of rejection is the most common demon I've encountered. I have yet to meet someone who doesn't deal with this spirit at some level.
What causes humans to feel rejected in childhood?

1. A lack of attention from parents
2. Being given up for adoption
3. Comparison of siblings
4. Harsh or outspoken parental criticism
5. A parent's lack of interest in listening to the child or lack of interest in the child’s activities.
6. Over-protection
7. Excessive control or manipulation
8. Abandonment
9. Material things in place of love.
10. A broken home or divorce.

A parent who feels not good enough (rejected) will produce children who feel rejected.

Hurt people, hurt people.
Free people, free people.

Do you or your children need freedom from rejection today?

Abraham is at the center of the Gospel but you wouldn't know it from American Christianity

The Gospel is very easy to preach. The Gospel is one sentence: The Kingdom of God is here. To elaborate: Jesus is God’s anointed King who has claimed and exercised God’s sovereign rule and reign over all things, snatching the world
from the grasp of sin and death. God has confirmed this claim by raising Jesus from the dead after He was crucified, dead, and buried for three days. Jesus is now the King and absolute sovereign over all of Heaven and earth. Any questions?

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