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Sometimes, we forget our Gospel. The world is NOT GOING TO HELL in a hand-basket. The world is a beautiful place that is full of God's glory. One day, the world will be full of ONLY God's glory.

Yes, today, there is much evil in the world, but cheer up, Jesus has overcome that evil. This is the Gospel.

I love that Sydney Powell, who shared this article, was not satisfied with the fact that the bill passed. She also added, "The 54 have got to go." This is the attitude that we need. We can give no quarter to evil and that is what the trans-agenda is.

Pride is a thug.
Pride murders marriages and divides parents and children
Pride is a great deceiver, convincing us that our actions are justified and our anger appropriate.
Pride assures us of our righteousness even as we tear down the works of God.
Pride as a deceiver and a thug. Let us give him no quarter.

I think the Newsboys got it wrong. I think breakfast in hell will included Grape Nuts.


Who is your favorite preacher today?

Charles Spurgeon reached tens of thousands of people with the Gospel in a time when other pastors thought such things couldn't happen. Spurgeon is known as "The Prince of Preachers." My friend, and Spurgeon enthusiast, Nathan Sundt joined me to discuss this hero of our faith on today's podcast.


Is that time again. Make the popcorn and gather the family. Consider this free homeschooling material.


We are putting together our BTJ Book Tour with Mariam Ibraheem for March 2022.
Sunday March 13th will be in Fairfax County, just outside of Washington DC, where Mariam will share her story and will be signing books.
More details to come. Can't wait!

@bethany Great conversation with Eugene on the podcast about the roles of men and women. I loved the back and forth. You both were great at speaking straightforwardly and not beating around the bush.

We should not be deterred by bad news. The day of the Resurrection began with bad news:

"They have stolen His body..."

We don't yet know the miracles that God is working in the middle of the nights and inside the tombs.

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Our hope is resilient because we belong to the one true God “who gives life to the dead and calls into existence things that do not exist.” Romans 4:17

Why do Christian parents still send their kids to government propaganda schools? What is the justification? We must resist the allure of fancy buildings, big sports programs, public prestige, etc and seek first the Kingdom of God. I was on the Campus of the University of Tennessee this past Tuesday and what I experienced should embarrass anyone who promotes the halls of “higher learning.” I posted this article yesterday but I want to post it again today. The world does not need the “education” these kids are receiving.


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