Happy Birthday to the United States of America. May you be born again in Spirit and in Truth!

I am working on a song in the studio with my friend, Jim Beaver. I think you will love this song when ti is finished. I look forward to sharing it with the Church and the "not-yet" church.

There are some mind-blowing stories in today's podcast!
You won't want to miss this!


"We call you to come to Jesus not because He is good, but because for you, He became sin. In this sense, Jesus is not above you, He is below you. In order to come to Him, you do not have the difficulty of climbing but the ease of descending.

How many sins have you committed in this life? Have you murdered a hundred men? Jesus has taken upon Himself the murder of millions. Have you committed ten robberies? Jesus has taken upon Himself thousands of robberies. How many adulteries have you committed? Jesus has taken upon Himself the sexual impurity of millions. So with lies, and will all other sin.

There has never been a greater murderer, thief, robber, or liar than Jesus Christ--not in the sense that He committed these offenses Himself, but that, in a more profound way, He took them upon Himself. They are His!
It is easy to come to Jesus."
—Richard Wurmbrand ✝️

Now the state battles begin.
I am so grarteful for those states already standing for Life.

We often read remarkable stories in the Bible of faith and miracles, but most of us rarely experience anything extraordinary through our faith. Has God changed? Nope. So, what is the key to experiencing the life of power and victory promised in the Bible? I believe the answer might be tenacity, and I have a couple of powerful stories to share to illustrate the point.

"Everyone finds what they truly seek" --C.S. Lewis


If you are having trouble with your faith in God today, take 5 minutes to sit down and talk with Him. We often wonder where God is in our lives, but we rarely give Him time to reveal Himself.

I bet you didn't know that the Three Stooges could be used to illustrate this spiritual point.

In today's vlog, I will show you how I am teaching my kids to be versatile in music and ministry.


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