Good Morning, Friends!

I don't know about you, but I am finding my sense of security in my country eroding daily. I used to feel safe and protected here in the USA but not anymore. Is anyone else with me in this boat? Is God rearranging the furniture of your life like He is mine?

What gives you strength?
What gives you courage?
What gives you peace?
What gives you joy?
What gives you hope?

Strong Christian community is one major source of peace and strength for me. What about you? It is a very important time to know where our strength lies.

Good Morning! ☀️

We hit a snag in the pursuit of revival in our church yesterday: Many Christians don’t believe that they can have demons in their lives. This is a problem that I plan to address. But what do you think? Can a Christian have a demon? Why? Why not?

"Let the Word of Christ dwell richly within you." Colossians 3:16

Reading God's Word is one of the most important parts of deliverance ministry.

The Constitution of the United States in an amazing document but it is not the source of our freedom nor America’s greatness. We all witness how black letter laws on paper mean nothing without the will to adhere to them. What we need is the law of God written on human hearts. It is Christian revivals alone that have made America great in the past and will make her great again.

But there is a price to pay for freedom through revival. We must obey Jesus, even when that means suffering for the sake of righteousness. History is clear that the voices of righteousness always get persecuted before they are vindicated.

Put your armor on. This is war.

The first realm of government God has bequeathed to man is self-governance. The most effective way to reform national government is through personal repentance and reformation.

Are you sick of corrupt, “elite,” pedophiles in government? Get your face out of porn! You are part of the problem!

Are you sick of money laundering snakes in Washington? Stop lying and stealing yourself!

Jesus said that those who are faithful with a little will be faithful with much and this who are unfaithful with a little will be unfaithful with much. (Luke 16:10).

America is not getting out of this mess without mass deliverance. We are like the man of the tombs who had a “legion” of demons. Those creeps need to be driven into pigs and cast into the sea. (Luke 8:26-37).

Clean out your own house. That is the only road to cleaning out the White House.

JUST IN: Senate Votes 62-37 to Advance Bill That Would Protect Same-Sex Marriage - Here Are the Republicans Who Voted with Democrats

Jesus healed every person who came to Him for healing.
Jesus cast out every demon in those who sought deliverance.
Jesus saves everyone who calls on His name.

We are not supposed to be waiting on a sovereign move of God for revival. God has already made His choice. God has already said, “Where two or more are gathered in My Name, I am there in the midst of them.”
God is simply waiting for us to believe Him, to obey Him and to chase after Him with a whole heart.

Revival is now. 🔥

This is not a time to sit back and watch but a time to pray and obey. Don’t miss the real “red wave”. This is wave of God’s mercy through the blood of Jesus.

Pray is the fuel of revival. We need you to be in serious prayer, every day, for our nations, families, friends, and enemies.

Remember: this woman was an “enemy” before. She is a friend now. This transformation came about through grace, truth, and love. Not anger nor soft-peddling conservatism. Grace and Truth + prayer and obedience. Let’s go!!!

“And every day the Lord added to their number those who were being saved.” Acts 2:47

This woman was a Bernie Sanders leftist Witch, only a year ago. God has radically changed her life. We are in days of revival. Get in the field, the Lord is hiring laborers for His harvest.

You will love what my kids have to share after experiencing harsh vitriol toward our pro-life display on college campuses.

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