What does the Bible say about the beginning of the world, creation's purpose, and your purpose? Let's look at the first chapter of the Bible today and discover some of the foundational truths about God and life.


Brighteon Broadcast News, Apr 26, 2023 - Announcing Brighteon University and the 'Cult of the Medics' documentary

- Brighteon University launched, with free 24/7 streaming of educational content
- Featuring interview with David Whitehead, creator of "Cult of the Medics"
- The horrifying truth about western medicine's ties to THE OCCULT
- Child sacrifice, organ harvesting, demonic rituals and more
- Population collapse is accelerating: Baby retail stores shutting down
- San Francisco Target store has everything LOCKED UP to stop shoplifting
- Uber Eats driver murdered, dismembered by gang member in Florida
- Washington state outlaws AR-15s while defunding police, leaving citizens helpless against violent criminals
- Ex-Russian president Medvedev warns about nuclear retaliation against the West


What is the secret to planting 600 Churches in a hostile region? Michael Titus, a former East African Muslim, shares his testimony and wisdom in today's episode. Today's podcast will discuss deliverance, miracles, speaking in tongues, and boldness. You will find great encouragement in what Michael has to share.


“Yahweh your God has given you this country, to take possession of it.”
Deuteronomy 3:18

God has given, but you must take it.
God has won, but you must claim it.
God has healed, but you must walk.
God has conquered, but you must fight.

Some people do nothing and say, “Whatever God wills will happen,” but this is a faithless statement. Fate is not God.

Faith says, “I know I can't walk on water, but I see Jesus doing it and He is calling me out with Him too. Therefore, I will do the impossible because I have faith that Jesus will make up the difference for my weakness.”

God says, “I have already given.”

Faith says, “I will step out and grab hold of it.”

Good Morning, Friends!

By the end of the day, my wife and I should know if our next child is a boy or a girl and I will share the news with you! But this much we already know: it will be one or the other, it was decided before the foundation of the world, and it will never, ever, change.

I am continuing to explore the world of alternative medicine while I grow in the deliverance ministry. I have had some small involvement with “Quantum biofeedback.” And my conclusion is...

Change my mind.


And he said to me, “Son of man, do you see what they are doing, the great abominations that the house of Israel are committing here, to drive me far from my sanctuary?”
Ezekiel 8:6

The Bible says that we are the Temple of the Living God. But sin and rebellion can drive God far from his sanctuary. In fact, it is only the god you truly worship who will be near to you. If you engage with the work of darkness, the demons of darkness will be near to you. Begin to worship and draw near to the God of Truth and the Bible says He will draw near to you. (James 4:8).

God is drawn to worship.
God is drawn to repentance.
God is drawn to obedience.

How many know that we need the God peace, hope, truth, joy, forgiveness, justice, and reconciliation to draw near to us?

Trade your abominations for adoration.
Change your rebellion to repentance.
Turn from wandering and begin to worship.

For the sake of the world: repent and welcome God back to His sanctuary and we will have peace.

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