We must stand against sexual immorality of every kind. We must begin immediately.
It all leads to Hell.

George Carneal spent over 25 years searching for love. Plagued by depression and suicidal thoughts, George finally found his way back to the Jesus he once thought he hated. George shares his journey of moving from queer to Christ in this important interview.


I don't post enough stuff that is just for fun. How about this? A good picture of most. A couple of people look concerned or something...

I love these kids!

Today, I enjoyed censuring NC Senator Burr (for “impeaching” President Trump) at the local Republican convention!

We got ours and we love them! Don't forget to support this Man of God and Patriot, Mike Lindell!




The Karl Gessler Band.
We will come to you. If you would like us to minister in your town, visit: karlgessler.com and click the “connect” tab.

David Arthur will be speaking at my home tonight. If you live in Western North Carolina, come and hear his testimony tonight. It is incredible!
You can also listen to his story on our podcast here:

If you want to understand what has happened in the White House over the past few months, you need to follow Garrett Ziegler on Telegram. Every American should know what he knows. This is from his telegram feed.

This young woman has some crazy faith. You won't believe whom God led her to stay with on a crazy mission trip! Be encouraged through this podcast testimony.


Nobody should have to see this, BUT WE DO HAVE TO SEE IT. Meet Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden, currently installed as President of the United States. Joe Biden is also accused by his daughter of taking “in appropriate showers” with her. The question is: why is Joe Biden protected? Why was he picked to be President? Could it be that virtually everyone around him is guilty of this same stuff? Could it be that Joe Biden’s role is to protect the guilty? I’m going to say “yes, that’s it.”

One of the highlights from 2020: Baptizing my two oldest children! This is Karli before her baptism.

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