Love this and it’s so true! He is either God or He isn’t. If He IS God then nothing that comes out way is outside of His control. Praise God He is ALWAYS who He says He is 🙌🏻

I don’t think we always realise this is happening, we’re not refusing to listen. It’s so easy to become so busy that we forget to be intentional about listening for His voice.

Disclaimer: my joy IS 100% found in Jesus, I just really LOVE coffee too 🤣

Social media’s latest response to users speaking out their own options…. Yeah let us know how that works out for you 🤣

We are spending our family holiday in the forest and we have honestly had the most amazing time! Foraging, bike riding, climbing trees (kids more than me 🤣), bug collecting with the local rangers and being in complete awe of the artistry of His creation. We serve an awesome God!

For all my medically minded friends on DingDash 👇🏻🤣

I haven’t gone strawberry picking for years - since my grandfather passed away. Loved seeing the joy on the kids faces as they made the same memories today that I still treasure from 20 years ago!

The surprise on their faces as they discovered the hidden fruit! God spoke so much into my heart at that moment… thoughts to share another day 😉

HUGE 48hour Purim Sale!!!

Today is Purim - a Jewish holiday which is a mystery to most who know of it.

Jesus in Iran is definitely one of my favourite BTJ books (possibly due to my heart for the Middle East or possibly because I love the book of Esther). It I is a definite MUST READ!

Available here 👇🏻

Every good thing comes from God. Thank God for the precious gift of family, I feel particularly blessed in this area 🙊🙌🏻

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not His benefits” Psalm 103:2 🙏🏻🙌🏻

Absolutely love being outdoors with the kids! It was great to have a friend capture our family doing what we love best - being together! 🥰

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