Kintsugi - the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold. Instead of hiding imperfections it shows that beauty can come from brokenness when the pieces are handed back over to the potter. Somehow creating something more exquisite and usually for a completely new purpose! Evidence that, even in brokenness there is hope, when we hand the pieces over into His grace.

Planting seeds

2 months ago I had the privilege of working in India with one of my closest friends. We reached just over 6000 girls/young women with the gospel and the Dignity Project. Thinking about these precious women today and praying a mighty harvest will come from the seeds sown.

No one believes in us more than God does. He knows our every failing and weakness but STILL plans His goodness for our lives. All he asks is that we believe what He has spoken 🙏🏻

Apparently it’s National Daughters Day so I wanted to give a shout out to my little princess. This little girl has a genuine love for Jesus and heart for worship. She’s super sassy too 🤣. Moma is super proud of you baby girl! 💖

Thoughts and prayers with the Royal Family and our nation as we grieve the loss of our gracious Queen Elizabeth. A lady who’s reflections often spoke of her love for the Lord. Rest in peace your Majesty. Thankyou for your service to our nation and for inspiring so many. 🙏🏻

Tomorrow at 21:30 (UK) an interview I played a really small part in will be aired on TBN. It’s an episode celebrating 10 years since OnebyOne (a charity run by one of my closest friends) opened the doors of their first children’s home.

I had the privilege of being there on day 1 and seeing those precious children finally have a home, family, safety and it’s incredible to see how those precious lives have been transformed by God!

For anyone who wants to tune in it’s available on TBNUK at 21:30 (Uk), sky 582 or the TBNUK app.

I share this picture on social every year and every year it challenges me!

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