You’re not defeated until your doubts take the place off your dreams… keep hold of your vision and your eyes fixed on Jesus 💥

Hey DingDash family!! How is everyone?? Crazy busy couple of months and I’ve not posted in soooo long!!

Love this quote I came across today. Hope this blesses and encourage someone 🙏🏻

“You will see God’s hands in all areas of your life when you leave everything in God’s hands “

I share this picture on social every year and every year it challenges me!

Please pray for these precious people. No one should ever be forced to live like this! Imagine being crushed to the point where suicide feels like your only or best option. God do what only You can do 🙏🏻

I have a friend in Shanghai. He’s been locked in his apartment for a long time. I think about three weeks now. Please pray that the people are released and set free soon. I’ve heard reports of some committing suicide. This is a common side affect of lockdowns. We’ve seen it across the world. Kids suffer the most. They get addicted to gaming and dads lose it on families, etc etc. Pray that Holy Spirit comes and invades those home with Massive Shalom bombs that give nothing it peace healing and Justice of the soul! Amen!!

Praying for the millions of people imprisoned in Shanghai and for everyone in China who is affected by this ruthless, horrific lockdown. 😢😢😢 As you well said, "lockdown" isn't even the right word for this. There are no words for this! Come Lord Jesus Come!!! Praying for the Lord's provision for urgently needed food and medicine. Fervent prayers for our brothers and sisters there!!! Thank you very much @sinbach for the BTJ report so that we can 🙏 🙏🙏.

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