"If Christ died for my sin, I cannot trifle with the evil that killed my best friend."
- Charles Spurgeon

It’s strange to say this about a place I have never even been but Iran holds a special place in my heart and hours of my prayer time.Praise God more and more are turning to Jesus but they need bread - the Word! if you can, please support via the link below and help get Bibles into the hands of these precious people! 🙏🏻 📖


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎶🎶

If you look closely you can see our beautiful BTJ hand made ornaments 🥰.

Welcome to all our new DingDash members! It’s so so good to have you here!!

If you have any questions…. I’m here 🙋🏻‍♀️

There might have only been an inch of snow but we made the most of it!

Looks like the eldest shares mummy’s love of heights, fast rides and adrenaline! This was our 4 year olds favourite ride yesterday! Mummy joined him of course 😉

Love this and it’s so true! He is either God or He isn’t. If He IS God then nothing that comes out way is outside of His control. Praise God He is ALWAYS who He says He is 🙌🏻


Don’t think I’ve EVER seen a Christmas sale start so early!! Check out the link below and grab a bargain! Here’s why….

1) BTJ has wayyyyyy too much stock that simply MUST go!

2) There’s gifts on there to please everyone!

3) Your purchase is supporting ground level missionaries all over the world and projects working to reach the unreached!

4) The products are awesome!! True story!!


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