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I haven’t gone strawberry picking for years - since my grandfather passed away. Loved seeing the joy on the kids faces as they made the same memories today that I still treasure from 20 years ago!

The surprise on their faces as they discovered the hidden fruit! God spoke so much into my heart at that moment… thoughts to share another day 😉

****URGENT help needed****

Disastrous floods causing devastation in Zhenghzhou, China as we speak! Already lives have been lost and homes completely destroyed.

Firstly please join us in prayer, that the rain would cease and no more lives lost. Also, just as Jesus met the needs of people around Him, we need to put love & faith into action by sending urgent relief to these precious people.

Details below of how to donate 👇🏻. Updates to follow….

Is Facebook using a social scoring system similar to what we have in China?
Yes, it does appear so

"Hold everything in your hands lightly, otherwise it hurts when God pries your fingers open."

In the last year, I have heard so many people who do not go to church teach me what Jesus would do. It has been really nice.
Wear a mask. that is what Jesus would do.
Keep six feet apart. That is what Jesus would do.
Stay home, save lives, that is what Jesus would do.
Don't go to church, that is DEFINITELY what Jesus would do.
Do not visit the sick, sit with the lonely, or console those grieving the death of a loved one because that is after all what Jesus would do. That is how Christians show love.
Do you not remember the parable of Jesus telling the sick to stay six feet away?
YES! Indeed! Jesus showed true Christian love to the leper by telling them to be safe, stay away from the village, and die alone.
Who knew that all that was needed to show love to those with leprosy was a mask and stay 6 ft away?
But perhaps that is not a fair comparison of the love of Jesus, because leprosy was neither as deadly nor as contagious as Covid.

So many books being shipped out today for Jesus in Iran!
Today is the final day of this special Purim offer of 90% off the ebook.

DAY 15 - Pastor Mary

Pastor Mary shares how the devastating earthquake in 2008 opened a door for sharing the Gospel.

For Purim this year we want to get this book JESUS IN IRAN into as many hands as POSSIBLE!
JESUS IN IRAN NOW AVAILABLE for 90% off for next 48 hours.
Iran is having the largest revival of any Muslim nation in the world.
Find out why!
So much to learn. For instance, did you know the entire book of Esther took place in Iran and Esther is the only book in the Bible with an Iranian name?
Did you know that Iran sent the first Christian missionaries to China 1,600 years ago?
Did you know Hitler is the one that helped change the name of Persia to Iran to hide God's heritage for the nation?
So many mysteries are revealed in this book.
No other book shares details of the underground house church while at the same time tracing the Christian history of believers back to the days of King Cyrus.
The book is 50% off. Ebook and Audiobook are 90% off.
Only for next 48 hours.
Happy Purim!

DAY 14 - Brother "Z"

"By sharing Jesus with the people in Egypt, we were able to see prisoners of Islam set free.”

HUGE 48hour Purim Sale!!!

Today is Purim - a Jewish holiday which is a mystery to most who know of it.

Jesus in Iran is definitely one of my favourite BTJ books (possibly due to my heart for the Middle East or possibly because I love the book of Esther). It I is a definite MUST READ!

Available here 👇🏻

Urgent prayer request, for believers among Somali people. As they are imprisoned and persecuted with high risk🙏🙏!

⚠️ DAY 8! (one of my favourite days)

Before he died, he looked at me and said, “Remember this with all your might: continue to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ whether the time is right or not.”

Good morning everyone, I have a prayer request: please keep my neighborhood in your prayers, there was a police shooting on the freeway by my house. Since I’ve lived in this town nothing like this has happened, just minor crime. Thank you and God bless 💟

I stand amazed in the presence
Of Jesus the Nazarene,
And wonder how He could love me,
A sinner condemned, unclean.

How marvelous! How wonderful!
And my song shall ever be:
How marvelous! How wonderful!
Is my Savior’s love for me!

So thankful for the peace, strength, assurance and even joy we ALL have access to through Christ!

Many people are facing their own battles through this but I want everyone to know He remains the same! He is not shaken or discouraged. He will not be giving us a plan B following all of this, He just wants to reveal to us His true plan A.

Whatever your path right now, I feel someone needs to hear this.... You’ve got this BECAUSE He’s got you!

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