Once again, we were blessed to have more than 100 special Buddhist people come to hear the Nativity story for the first time. We shared the full gospel of Jesus twice. The children (who were from 70 percent buddhist family) were very happy to tell the supernatural story of his birth by acting out the story as angels, shepherds, the star, Mary, Joseph, animals and wisemen and the such. It was so powerful. So blessed that we could be counted worthy of such an honor. The village headman sat in the front roll and said it was a great production and good for thr community. He thanked us actually. The people were enamored in the story and many want to know more. We will plant more discovery Bible Studies to accommodate those seeking more understanding excited to be in these end times. Merry Christmas all to all a good night. Thanks for praying for fruit that remains.


@ChrisHarrison I love this!! I have a couple friends that are into Buddhism. Your updates give me hope! Praise God!

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