My little garden has had a hard season. It has gone through: snow, days of pouring rain, hail, wind, heat, moles,ants,moths and tiny black bugs!
I muscled my way through some pretty beat up thick skinned vegetables. The insides are sweet soft tender goodness that will nourish my husband and I through the winter.
I think we Christians probably look a lot like this little kohlrabi with it's tough skin from our enemy constantly hitting us with everything bad...BUT!! God will provide,protect and use us to complete His good will.
So, let us keep our attitude looking for the good in all things and ppl. Let's march on in the strength of Jesus Christ our Savior.
I continue to pray for all you beautiful DD ppl!! My family - my forever friends!

Thank you all so much for prayers for my stepdad, he has passed away. I am having a hard time finding a place to live near my mother, and I have to move in about 1.5 weeks.

Unfortunately my sister terminated the lease on my mother’s house, blocking me being able to bring her and her dogs home, and live with them there. She is being placed in a care home due to my not being positioned yet to take her on (so much pushback from my sister and niece) even though I want to take her on (and they don’t).

PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE CANNOT BLOCK ME FROM GUARDIANSHIP — that was the original plan, for me to get guardianship

I am a bit heartbroken right now. 😭. Also struggling financially due to gasoline and expenses with trying to do business in the hospital area.

Please pray for my finances, a place to live, and that I can somehow be reunited with my mother and take care of her. Also, that somehow we can get her dogs back. My sister is wanting to find new owners for them. 😞

Pray for Forge Ambassador teams working inside Somalia!!

With some news research you’ll discover that Al shabaab has initiated horrific attacks. Bombing and intense fighting has been going on for nearly two days.

Forge ambassadors are saying “We have not slept but are hiding out. We have peace that if we die then heaven awaits us. But we are burdened to the point of no sleep for our people. There is aggression and hate, the loss of innocent civilians, no peace in the people’s hearts, and no true belief. We are burdened with the darkness that covers this whole land, the relentlessness of satan repelling anything good.”

Support God’s work through everyday kingdom laborers in places of great needs:

Biblical things happening all over the world?
What the heck is happening in Poland and Germany?
The Oder river had been poisoned, SO MUCH that in a few weeks our government had declared an emergency and said that NO ONE should get close to the water (see the map of the regions with alerts).
20 tons of dead fish had been recovered from the river so far (just on the Polish side).

So what will happen when the real poison will hit the Earth...

Revelation 8:11
"The name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters became wormwood, and many men died from the water, because it was made bitter."

‘Satanic Verses’ author Salman Rushdie attacked on stage

The novelist was about to speak in New York when he was reportedly stabbed

Update on my granddaughter!! She grew!!! Yay!! She is 1.5 pounds heavier and 1.5 inches taller!! Still smaller than the majority of children her age but she's healthy and smart!
I'm so grateful for then prayers concerning her, thank you!! God is so faithful and mighty.

so far 4,750,000 Ukrainian refugees had fled the war zone and entered Poland.
I'm speechless.

Please pray for our economy ! Pray that our natural products will play a major role in our recovery!

So....I helped my mom stain her deck today. I thought I'd have to go slow so she wouldn't feel bad if I got too far ahead of her! HA!! What a joke!! This 92 year old Wonder Woman is tough as nails! No rest with this gal!! 🤣❤️

Please pray. I just witnessed to a guy who's in a deep valley in this crazy life. Plz pray he surrenders his life to Jesus.

My Mother has a better day yesterday, thanks so much for all of your prayers. They are going to do an X-ray this morning.

There are expressed concerns about her 80 year old husband not being able to take care of her, I am trying to get moved down there, but they need more help now, & he insists he can take care of her.

He’s very overweight, walks with a cane & has a bad foot, can barely breathe with lung issues, but doesn’t want to admit he needs help. He is not a Christian, and with age he is getting more and more short tempered.

I am worried and fearful that this morning if he doesn’t agree to get some type of help and assistance coming into the home, THE DOCTOR MIGHT TAKE THE DECISION OUT OF HIS HANDS AND PLACE HER SOMEWHERE 😭😞

He can afford it, please pray he comes to his senses and does right by my mom. She has 2 little dogs at home that she loves dearly & they are one of the few things that brings joy in her life...I don’t want her losing that! 😭😭😭

“Please keep my elderly Mother who is 80 in your prayers. She is in the hospital for internal bleeding. She is also having pain and a lot of confusion. 😞🙏” — THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL OF YOUR PRAYERS 💞 —

On the way to hospital to be with her, she is very confused and very upset with the nurses and doctors. She doesn’t understand what is happening, and they had to restrain her. 😭😭😭.

Please pray for all confusion to be gone and God’s peace to reign over her mind and heart. Jesus is the prince of peace, may she FEEL His presence with her!

I need to find a place to live closer to my aging Mother and her husband who are both 80 and struggling with health issues. I haven’t been able to find anything I can afford yet, and need to move beginning of September ... prayers are appreciated for the right place to open up!

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