Please pray for a Gospel worker's wife, who is undergoing treatment for CML. TIA

Oh, Montana, I love you! But seriously!! Three days ago it was 76 F (24 C) today the high was
37 F (2.7 C) and snowed & rained ; the mountain in the back ground is Columbia Mountain it's only 7,234 ft (2205 M). Happy Spring!!!

Saturday will be a day of death that haunts the soul of thousands of young women who have scheduled abortions today. Saturday is Planned Parenthood’s kill-day.

Pray for mothers and fathers and babies. Pray for Doctors,
Grandparents, and Boyfriends. Pray for every person connected to an abortion. Pray for change, repentance, and healing. Speak LIFE. Lord, Jesus, have mercy.

Please pray for our brethren in India as you pray for these families of pastors who went on to glory as a result of COVID. As the Lord leads sow into their families at

“You know how it is with pagan rulers,” He said, “They Lord it over their subjects. They get all high and mighty and let everyone know it. But that is not how it’s to be with you. If anyone wants to be great, he must be your servant.”

Matthew 20:25-26

The United States Government was built around this idea. If the government is by the people and for the people, they will serve the people and the nation will be great. But as it is, our supposedly “elected” leaders have slipped into paganism. In fact, much of America has slipped into paganism as they “Lord over us,” instead of serving us. A Christian revival is the only way back to freedom and good government.
That revival begins with us giving up paganism and becoming servants in our families and communities.

Lockdown or No Lockdown, Job or No Job, Business Or No business, Gospel must be shared. Youth empowerment Gospel sharing and House church establishment. Keep in prayer.

Thank you again for all the prayers for our daughter. Today we received a VERY encouraging report. She's not yet completely well, but the doctor was so happy with the improvement in her condition and is confident that she'll continue to full recovery. I'm so grateful to God for His healing touch and to all who joined in bringing this need to our Heavenly Father.

My 39 year old daughter is struggling with covid in a far away city. Will you please pray for her? Her name is Kelly. Thank you.

Blessings upon blessings. My Mom's birthday today. When I was a very little girl I'd sit up on the counter watching her make cookies and listen to stories about the love of Jesus.
This sweet servant can't remember a day in her life not loving & living for the Lord.
She always has been & forever will be my best friend. Happy 91st birthday, Mom.

Finally able to see and hold my new granddaughter!! What a blessing - a beautiful gift!
Thank you for praying for her safe healthy arrival.

My granddaughter got discharged from the hospital!! Jesus blessed us with a tiny bundle of joy.

*UPDATE * On my daughter, Lisa, and baby.
Miracles all around!! Lisa had a terrible Accreta case, she lost 5 liters of blood during surgery! She has amazed the doctor and nurses by healing so quickly. The nurse said most ppl with cases like Lisa are in bed for 2 weeks. Lisa was out of the hospital in 5 days. Two weeks later and she is doing amazing!!
Baby, Kynlee, has also been hitting each goal set for her. Today her feeding tube was taken out. She recovers quickly when her oxygen levels dip AND... She may be discharged in a day or two!!
I came home yesterday. It was a stressful time but also a time of many blessings caring for my other two granddaughters.
Thank you all for praying! My love to all of you!

I still haven't been able to see the baby😢 ...but soon🙏

A BIG FAT THANK YOU to all of you guys that have been praying for our work in China. We've had some major miracles happen and KNOW that it's the direct result of your prayers!

One of our BTJ partners working in a closed country was ministering yesterday in a rural village. The police were called and the local authorities are now looking for him.
Please keep him and his family in your prayers today 🙏🏼

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