@sinbach I am so grateful for good healthcare. I sit right now in an ER. My special son has badly broken leg which has broken before. My heart is breaking but I am grateful for good care. I want miraculous healing, but I remain grateful.

God is still sustaining baby Diana! Doctors ate doing loads of tests to find out why her belly keeps swelling everytime they give her formula. Please keep praying! That little clinched fist breaks my heart.

Andy B & Bethany!
My first attempt at Yorkshire Pudding. My husband likes it!

Andy B. this is me, the waffle maker with my Waffler Iron.... Aka Waffle Maker. Sooooo, together we are a waffle making team.

SOS! A believer is on the run. He is falsly accused of murder.
The authorities are after the institution he is leading. Hefty bribe demand for out of court settlement.

A senior friend of ours, in his late eighties, lived in a foreign country half his life.

Led 100's of children to Christ, equipped the local leadership.
Married to his ministry never thought about retirement.

Remember him in your prayers.

A Gory Truth: New FDA Records Show Purchases of Fetal Organs, Heads and Tissue for ‘Humanized Mice’ Project judicialwatch.org/press-releas

Thank you dear CMM Partners and Intercessors for praying and helping free 26 girls, age 13-15 from slavery. Here are some of the 26 girls sleeping their first few hours in freedom. Pray for healing from trauma and all the Lord desires for each of them.

Please pray for believers who live in extreme poverty, inspite of surrounded by rich Natural resources . Aldo pray for
Super rich leaders, who live in prosperity without caring for their poor community members.
Pray for change in attitude of leaders who oppose our team's ministry of equipping believers for the fulfillment of Great Commission .

ladies and gentlemen, winter is coming. the time will be soon approaching when the US Presidential election will be upon us again. when it is, be prepared for social media to take control like never before.
Tell your friends, DingDash will be there. Open. Free. Unafraid and sharing the Light of God.

Those who follow Jesus are filled with the 'Spirit ' and enjoy the 'peace that overflows our understanding '. whereas the non believers need home 'distilled spirit' to survive the misery.
Please pray for breakthroughs in the region where team is spending couple of days.

Severe persecution stronger FAITH. No persecution but just peer pressure from relatives few families abandoned their faith.
Please continue to pray for

Please pray that the leaders and believers may focus on saving souls, inspite of poverty and obstacles.

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