Andy B these photos is for you. One of the helicopters at the helibase. It's a company from Canada but has an office in Arizona.

I've missed everyone!! DD is like a life line in a stormy ocean! I've been out of internet and cell service fueling helicopters for forest fire. I missed you all - I prayed for all of you and send you all hugs!

Sisters and Brothers, I'd like to bless you with a song about christian martyrs. Composed by good friends from "Fisheclectic" band. Those folks are closely related to the team that made the first Polish edition of "The Heavenly Man". So...
This Sunday please consider Hebrews 13,3.

Love you guys: @sinbach @bethany @MaryMamuzich @Berrybunchfamily @Olamide @elasiewniak @dragonski

PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY~! And all the firemen, police , ambulance, medical and frist responders as they are traumatized also.
They were having a bonfire when the dad went to add gasoline to the fire as it was not starting. And explosion happened and the Dad, Mom, 1 year old and 4 year old girl, and 6 year old boy were all injured. The children and mom have life threatening burns and the baby just died after surgery.

We were best friends in Canada with 2 of the first firefighters that arrived on scene and have been in contact. They are taking it very hard.

July Checklist-
1. Audio Bibles - missing
2. MP3 Bible software- computer crashed.
3. 1 year Bible reading plan- not copied
4. Bridge technologies- Ready 100%
5. Intercessors- Identified, 50% active
6. Vehicles- 3 has valid documents, 1 need major repairs or replacement, 3 documents expired, smaller vehicles only 1 has valid documents.
# Pray whenever you remember.
is Ready!

On my morning walk this pretty little doe was super curious of my little pup, Sally. We watch her for quite sometime and got quite close to her.

Being a church planter in uganda and rwanda. This is a church that was to be opened soon/launch but the shutdown in uganda has made it not possible soon I had scheduled this day. But now not sure when.
Lift the church and the body of. Christ in prayers

It is the day after Father's Day and I am troubled. I can't stop my heart from aching for all the Families who's Daddy is in jail becuase of his Faith in God! Becuase he is a Christian he can not be with his children. And on Father's Day, they sit alone....without their Daddy......


Update on my grandfather:
The doctors are pulling his breathing tubes this week. Ether he stats breathing on his own or he doesn’t breath. We’re still praying for a miracle.

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to anyone who is willing:
I'm so worldly again and most of the time I don't even see it. Please keep me in prayer that I might turn away from worlds vain attractions daily.

I want to be nearer to Christ. Nearer, still nearer...

I was talking with a dear sister from Sudan the other day and she showed me the scars on her throat and arm. When I asked what they were she told me.
"The scar on my throat was from a hot metal poker that the doctor used to burn my throat to make my cough go away when I got the flu. It took three months for the burn to heal. The scars on my arm are from the burns of a hot iron to keep me from getting malaria. All of us were forced to do this in Sudan. It didn't work, but it didn't matter. It made the people feel like they were doing something to fight the disease and it was expected that everyone pretend it was working."
"Wow that's crazy," I said. "Everybody doing something that they know doesn't work, but makes them feel better about doing it anyway."
"Like wearing a mask?" she replied.
WOW! Puts it all into perspective. She deflated my western pride. In some ways we haven't advanced so much.
My Sudanese friend is a medical doctor and now lives in America.

Sooooo, I got a puppy...
I've waited 16 years after my last dog passed away. I named her Sally Jane after my best friend who died when I was 8 years old. She is a chihuahua rat terrier mix. Tiny little girl! I love her so much already!

Hello everyone. I am new to dingdash. I am asking for prayer for my son and his wife, they are both dealing with addiction with drugs. Please help me pray that Jesus gives them the strength and power to overcome. Thank you all and God bless.

There are three sins against God's creation.
They are:
1. Turning are perfectly good cucumber into a pickle.🤢😢
2. Mashing a beautiful tomato into catsup.🤢😢
3. Putting sweet yummy pineapple on pizza. 🤢😢
Go and sin no more! 😊

@Cherishingsparrows2020 please pray for Mexico: in june 6 Gods will. We will have elections. We have a very bloodie time. More than 80 candidates was killed and others are under warning. Could be the begining of the comunist sistem and we are losing fredoom very fast.

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