*Miscarriage not miscalculated* gotta love auto correct! 🙄

The Lord is creating my newest grandbaby! I'm so excited and so in love! Please pray for my daughter and baby as she has miscalculated twice before.

So many ppl coming home to DD!!! I'm excited to get to know all of you! We share blessing, burdens, (corny jokes) and help each other when our hearts are breaking. Welcome home!

Jonathan Cahn: "WARNING for Election Day & Call For Day of Prayer & Fasting"


Please pray for Brother Ren the translator of Brother Yun. They were on their last evening of tour in Sweden when he grew really sick. He has a fever and sore throat. He has had heart surgery and has a pace maker.
Thanks for the prayers.

Rudy gives 3 minute HEROIC video further exposing The Big Guy Biden

Many heroes are emerging at this historic time. You, sir, are one of them.


India' ugliest secret of lockdown:Tens of millions of Indians living below the poverty line and transient migrant rural-to-urban migrant workers were left with their livelihoods upended by the lockdown. With fiscal resources already under pressure, attempts by the central government to offer a social safety net are insufficient, with spending at under 1 percent of Indian GDP.

Been living on the coast for 50 years. NEVER had a hurricane hit this late in the year. Electricity been out since last night around 8PM.

another update! huge pro-abortion manifestations in Poland, roman-catholic church services interrupted by shouting rioters, military police going to the streets on 28th October, more covid restrictions on the way.

Breaking!!! Enemy is under the false impression that by scaring and scattering the leaders, they can destroy the Church / the Body of Christ. 🤣🤣🤣 Our teams are diptizing people left and right, many are receiving healing, thereby bringing more relatives to the Lord. So many deliverence sessions where demons are fleeing. Hallelujah! The King of Glory is in control!
Please continue to pray for ministry India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladeshi refugees Rohingya refugees, Chakma refugees, Nolanders. .

Father train our hands to design, create, establish new tools that will help the body of Christ to expand and establish the Kingdom. In Jesus' Name

Jesus is building his Church in Asia, the Gates of hell shall not prevail against it, Amen ? The new manipulated study and the related schemes to shut down Christian orphanages and Homes will not/ should not affect the Kingdom establishment. Praying for the safety and security of children. Mattew 18: 14 Father, it is not your will that any one of these children should perish (like one lost sheep ).

Sooo! Things are getting a bit more "interesting" in Poland!
Today we've announced that starting this weekend we are going to visit one city per week to talk about our vision of House Churches that serve all other Churches and work to gain Oneness in cities.
Also today - our government announced that starting this Saturday all country will be a "yellow" zone with extra restrictions - including gathering restrictions.
I will keep you posted! Prayers are Welcome 🤩 😍 😘

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