Jesus came to save His people FROM their Sins. He who commits Sin is of the devil, (a slave of Sin) but if Jesus sets you Free FROM Sin you will be Free in Reality.
Unless you Repent of your Sins & believe in Jesus to save you FROM your Sins & are Born Again of water & the Holy Spirit in Jesus's name you will never see or enter the kingdom of Heaven.
He who is Born Again of God CANNOT Sin because his flesh has been buried in Baptism he has been given a new heart & a new spirit and the Holy Spirit is joined to him, & the wicked one cannot touch him.
& this is what condemnation is, when the Truth came, people preferred the Lie. They loved their Sin more than Righteousness, & thus they received the Lie that they might be damned because they loved not the Gospel.
But as many as received Jesus Christ as LORD, they have overcome the wicked one & he finds no Sin in them.
Hallelujah Amen
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