Help Me! Why is this happening?

• 1 in 6 has had Covid (possibly more, 40% asymptomatic)
• 60% are fully vaccinated in USA
• Covid vaccine has an effectiveness that is non-zero.
• Natural immunity has been found to be more effective than the vaccine
• vaccinated can still be infected
• vaccinated can still transmit
• vaccine may have side effects

So why are vaccines being mandated?
Logically it does not make sense to me.

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We are on one of our biggest adventures right now. can't say much about it but would appreciate your prayers.

Andy Walks With Me is doing 260 chapters of the New Testament in 260 weekdays of 2021. Today he begins the book of John.

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@sinbach this was a good video. I love your passion man. Are you going to Iraq? Just curious cuz I am now lol

Each day Andy covers a chapter of the New Testament. Today he begins Corinthians!

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Lord God Almighty-God our Provider, You own the cattle on a thousand hills. You are creator of the heavens and the earth. Nothing is too hard for You. You hear the cries of Your people in NK. They hunger for physical food. They cry to You to intervene. Lord, You are all powerful. Come to their aid. Break down the barriers that are impeding the flow of food. As You brought down the walls of Jericho, bring down these walls. Bring true freedom for the precious people of NK. Lord, You know how much I love this nation. It’s one You gave me many years ago. May my prayers be as incense before You. My heart is so touched and burdened for the extreme hardship my brothers and sisters in Christ are going through. I cannot relate but I stand as one with them. We are one in the bond of love. May they know they are loved and not forgotten. Show Yourself strong on their behalf. I love You and glorify Your name, Amen.

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🚨Urgent Prayer Needed🚨
Isolated BTJ workers in North Korea ask for prayer as money dries up and food grows scarce.

Today we give A shout out to back to Je rusalem and the End Time Persecution 30 Day Survival Guide.

I just scored the “Jesus In Iran” Audiobook for only $0.99 at Back to Jerusalem’s website.

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