Thank you all so much for prayers for my stepdad, he has passed away. I am having a hard time finding a place to live near my mother, and I have to move in about 1.5 weeks.

Unfortunately my sister terminated the lease on my mother’s house, blocking me being able to bring her and her dogs home, and live with them there. She is being placed in a care home due to my not being positioned yet to take her on (so much pushback from my sister and niece) even though I want to take her on (and they don’t).

PLEASE PRAY THAT SHE CANNOT BLOCK ME FROM GUARDIANSHIP — that was the original plan, for me to get guardianship

I am a bit heartbroken right now. 😭. Also struggling financially due to gasoline and expenses with trying to do business in the hospital area.

Please pray for my finances, a place to live, and that I can somehow be reunited with my mother and take care of her. Also, that somehow we can get her dogs back. My sister is wanting to find new owners for them. 😞

Also my sister’s ultimate plan is to ship her to a nursing home in Texas, and my mother does not want to go. My mother wants to stay close to me.

@Sonshine Lord move with your Divine Hand and work according to your will. Give Sonshine wisdom, clear presence of mind and sensitivity to your Spirit. Guide, move on the sister, calm their mother’s fears and help all to sense and yield to your leadership. Thank you. Amen.

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