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I feel like someone out there needs to be encouraged in Jesus’ love for them. The suffering love of Jesus symbolized by Myrrh, may it help you to see how DEEPLY He loves you!

The Myrrh tree is a thorny tree growing in the harshest environments. The trunk exudes a reddish resin that drips down the outside of the bark & hardens, in appearance looking like tears falling. The meaning of Myrrh is tears from a tree.

Myrrh is known as an embalming spice, & is a picture of suffering love. When Jesus was praying all night in the Garden of Gethsemane, as the Myrrh tree, dripping the bitter resin, He agonized in prayer so intensely that He sweat drops of blood from His body, liquid tears of blood soaked passion flowing down His body (we are His body) as love broke through the darkness & He sealed His fate & ours with His final yes, for all eternity.

It’s hard to wrap into mere words the weight and glory of His love. I pray you will FEEL it as you read this. ❤️ He’s holding you, carrying you.

p.s. ... if I missed you on this list, please forgive me, it was not intentional. I had to sift through names to find all of you that prayed. Thank you for all of your prayers! 💞🙏🌎

@zephan @Kruselady @MaryMamuzich @Cherishingsparrows2020 @Seabreeze777 @paga4 @VeritasDomain @Fred @sinbach @Pablito @Berrybunchfamily @Calyfan @Biblestudent @BF24 @Keeper @Williams_girl @jarvil1 @sarasouthkorea @davereimer @natness1 @moamfj @bethany @thiscantberight @Jeremy @mensajero @Malleluja @andyharris @ccoutreach87 @Jo_PrayerN_actionCenter @Wallsondra @richardafaherty @fuzzi @Daniel @danielgray @tanjaostman @Knittinggrace @Lanka4Jesus thank you SO MUCH for your 🙏. My Mom is with me permanently. I still work full time from home and take care of her and 2 dogs, so not much spare time. Hoping & praying that God somehow works a financial miracle so that I can completely focus on caring for her full time before she goes to be with Jesus. Your prayers have meant the world to me, thank you from the bottom of my heart, it helped me to weather a very stormy time, and see victory. May God bless you all 💯 fold. Hope I get more time to be out here more in the future. 💞🙏🌎

Update on Mom: Mom’s court assigned attorney asked the court to extend Mom’s case until January 10. Mom’s court assigned guardian did not show up for court last Tuesday, and she had told me that I did not need an attorney, but Mom’s attorney told me Tuesday that I will need an attorney, as she only represents my Mother’s interest.

I don’t have the money for an attorney, and am working to find one that will do pro bono or contingency. It is difficult to find one. Please pray for the court of heaven to assign me an attorney that has God’s heart.

Please pray for the hearts of my sister and her daughter, that God would do a miracle work and they would come to their senses, and that no greed for what is Mom’s would take hold.

All I want to do is to take good care of my Mom and try to bring her some comfort and love in her remaining years.

Please pray that everyone involved in Mom’s case would see my heart to take good care of my Mother, this week with her has been wonderful. 💞🙏

Quick update on my Mom’s situation. She has been released into my care at home and has been with me since Thursday.

We have our first court hearing tomorrow morning (Tuesday) on the conservatorship that my sister is wanting. Please keep us in your prayers. Conservatorship is everything, and even though my Mom wants to be with me, and I want her to be with me, whomever ends up with conservatorship could move her at any time. All I want to do is take good care of my Mom. Thanks so much 🙏💕

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Thanks for sharing about the healing. To God be the glory \°°/
God bless you and your mother with His shalom. May He make His face shine upon you and give you favor in Jesus name.

@bethany was looking for your original note to comment but couldn’t find it.

Ran across this written in my Bible this morning re scripture resting in the Lord and waiting patiently for Him (from Bill Johnson):

“Patiently has 2 meanings, 1 pain in childbirth 2 whirling in the air in dance. Both of these activities require incredible focus and strength.

We are to wait on God w/unflinching resolve & focus much like Jacob had when he wrestled w/angel. Same can be said of Elisha contending for Elijah’s mantle.

Intense focus restricts what you are willing and able to see, keeping you from seeing many things while opening your eyes to see more of what you hunger for.

Self control is not the ability to say no to a thousand other voices. It’s the ability to say yes to the one thing so completely that there’s nothing left to give to the other options.”

Thought that was so good ... we are to engage with God and actively wait patiently for the Lord, not falling into passivity.

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"The purchase of 4.5 billion doses of the covid-19 vaccine for 450 million EU 🇪🇺 residents is the biggest CORRUPTION SCANDAL in the history of mankind."

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Just booked my hotel for next week's BTJ conference! @sinbach See you in Royce City next Friday.

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How is it possible they can keep him in jail without any real reason? I know these things happen in countries like China etc with persecution of Christians, but in America..?

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NEEDING YOUR HELP!! Our son, Alistair Shield Marquis, was born (SUPER EXCITING) but there have been some emergency complications. Appreciate your prayer! Please check out our note in this post and consider sharing!…

Thanks so much for your prayers for my Mom. TWO HEALINGS TO PRAISE GOD FOR!

I have been praying with my Mom every day, and God healed her roommate’s broken leg! There had been no improvement and she was at risk of having her leg removed, and God worked a miracle!

My Mom was having stomach issues again, every time that happens I pray for her, and it happened again last night ... this time when I prayed, God instantly healed her! She had her hand on her stomach, looked up at me with surprise in her eyes and said “What did you do?!” Of course, God did it ... not me. PRAISE GOD!

PLEASE PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR HER MIND TO BE RESTORED. I have no wish for a legal battle with my sister and niece/niece’s husband over her. I wish them no ill... I just want to take care of my Mom... please pray that God deals with their heart motives.

If my Mother’s mind is restored, she can make her wishes known and that will be legally honored. 🙏💞🙏 Thank you so much!!!

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Just found out a friend was discovered collapsed behind his till at work this morning

He's been taken to hospital for tests and an MRI.

Prayers would be welcome: they have two adopted children

Andy B

Thanks so much for your prayers, everyone. On the bright side, the facility wants to help, they are testing my mother’s memory, so that hopefully she can have the power of decision to make her own wishes known and honored, even with the dementia. Please pray that she does well. This will change everything.

Thanks again for your prayers, they are so appreciated during this time. Hopefully I will get to a better place and be able to be out here more and praying for others.

Thanks so much for your prayers everyone. My Mom will be returning to the care home tomorrow, which is good news.

Unfortunately, it was month end at work when she went to the ER, I lost 10 overtime hours I was scheduled to work and am in the hole for Friday. So once again my paycheck is shortened due to the family emergency.

Since May, for 5 months now, through my mother’s ER trips and my stepdad sickness, hospice and passing, I’ve fought in prayer and financially could take the hits, but they keep coming, and I am getting to a very precarious situation financially. I really needed the OT.

I’m considering a woman’s offer to take my Mom’s dogs...I’ve spent 2 nights at hospital but have had to drive round trip to check on dogs every day... and today do not have the funds to go see Mom, what little I have I need to drive to see her at the care home when she returns tomorrow. I’m financially, physically exhausted and fighting discouragement. Need God’s breakthrough for my family.

My Mom is back in ER, she was vomiting last night and there are concerns about possible internal bleeding. Prayers are appreciated.

Update on my Mom’s situation.

I entrusted all of my stepdad’s financial information to my sister to help out when she was here for the hospice visit, & she took everything with her back to another state & started to pursue conservatorship, without including me. My sister is not communicating with me in regards to my mother’s finances or conservatorship.

Feelings of sadness and grief, I had initiated calling my sister every Sunday to pray for my Mother and Stepdad & she agreed for me to call to pray and would listen to the prayers and agree in her heart she said. I never dreamed she would try to seize control & keep Mom in a care home.

I want to make a home for my mother, please pray God shows me clearly the path to go. My sister and niece never call my Mom, I am the 1 family member that has continued to be there.

Please pray for the hearts of my sister, niece and niece’s husband. They took advantage of my stepdad’s passing. I need God’s wisdom and the right path forward.

Thanks so much everyone for your prayers. I am now done with my move, have a 2 bedroom place close to facility and my Mom’s 2 dogs with me. Today the facility will be discussing my Mom’s case, my sister wants to keep her in the home, and I don’t. She is functional, and does not need to be there, and I want her home with me. Please pray for favor and the right timing for everything, and for release of Mom’s finances to be able to take care of her!

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