Thanks so much for your prayers. God has provided a place for me, where I would have room to take my mother in. The funds/insurance are there so that I could take her home and have assisted care while I work from home.

My sister and niece and her husband just want to keep her in a care home, and eventually put her in one in another state, but Mom doesn’t want that, she wants to be with family, and I want to take her in. Please pray for a miracle for me, that God works it all out, and that she can stay with me.

There is so much grief in my heart. I am grieving the loss of my stepdad. I am grieving for what my mother is currently going through. All I want is to take her home and make a home for her.

I spent the past 4 days and nights with her at the care home, holding her as she grieved at night. I’ve an inside view now, and I don’t want her there. I sill believe she needs to be with family.

She is also starting to wonder if God has abandoned her, she’s lost her husband, dogs, and home all at once.

Please pray for a miracle, that God makes a way for her to be with me. She needs to be with family that loves her. I don’t want the hardest time of her life, at 80 years of age, to be compounded by her being in a carehome. Needing some miracles from God and a path forward.

Also please pray for protection from Covid, a nurse there just came down with Covid, don’t want the facility to be locked down to where she can’t see me, or for her to get Covid and they stop me from seeing her 😭💔

Thanks so much everyone for your prayers. I am now done with my move, have a 2 bedroom place close to facility and my Mom’s 2 dogs with me. Today the facility will be discussing my Mom’s case, my sister wants to keep her in the home, and I don’t. She is functional, and does not need to be there, and I want her home with me. Please pray for favor and the right timing for everything, and for release of Mom’s finances to be able to take care of her!

Update on my Mom’s situation.

I entrusted all of my stepdad’s financial information to my sister to help out when she was here for the hospice visit, & she took everything with her back to another state & started to pursue conservatorship, without including me. My sister is not communicating with me in regards to my mother’s finances or conservatorship.

Feelings of sadness and grief, I had initiated calling my sister every Sunday to pray for my Mother and Stepdad & she agreed for me to call to pray and would listen to the prayers and agree in her heart she said. I never dreamed she would try to seize control & keep Mom in a care home.

I want to make a home for my mother, please pray God shows me clearly the path to go. My sister and niece never call my Mom, I am the 1 family member that has continued to be there.

Please pray for the hearts of my sister, niece and niece’s husband. They took advantage of my stepdad’s passing. I need God’s wisdom and the right path forward.

@Sonshine Praying for you and your mom and family that they will do the right thing!❤️🙏

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