Update on Mom: Mom’s court assigned attorney asked the court to extend Mom’s case until January 10. Mom’s court assigned guardian did not show up for court last Tuesday, and she had told me that I did not need an attorney, but Mom’s attorney told me Tuesday that I will need an attorney, as she only represents my Mother’s interest.

I don’t have the money for an attorney, and am working to find one that will do pro bono or contingency. It is difficult to find one. Please pray for the court of heaven to assign me an attorney that has God’s heart.

Please pray for the hearts of my sister and her daughter, that God would do a miracle work and they would come to their senses, and that no greed for what is Mom’s would take hold.

All I want to do is to take good care of my Mom and try to bring her some comfort and love in her remaining years.

Please pray that everyone involved in Mom’s case would see my heart to take good care of my Mother, this week with her has been wonderful. 💞🙏

@Sonshine will do. Family can be so difficult. May God give you patience and may you show God's love in the midst of this hard situation.

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