Got this in my email today.. really good.

Listening well—all the way to the end of whatever the talker has to say—is rare these days. But it’s powerful.

I’m discovering that when I keep my mouth shut and simply rest in listening to others, that’s when I discover unexpected gold nuggets! (Have you ever noticed that this is how detectives approach people on those TV crime shows?)

Would people say that you are a good listener?

Give yourself a quick test by considering if any of the following five statements would describe your interactions in the past week.

When others are talking to me . . .

I find myself finishing their sentences.
I give my opinions before hearing them out.
I get restless and impatient.
I lose track of what is being said.
I mentally rehearse what I’m going to say next.
Recognizing these patterns in yourself is a step toward becoming a better listener.

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