It's always good to see friends and meet new people! Had a wonderful time in Denmark!
Now headed back into the loving wings of my little bird. Lol

I'm in Denmark now and my friend has written an encouraging book based on 10 true stories.
Free download

When and where is the next BTJ hackers conference?

I've been travelling in Europe for almost 2 months now and I have a good laugh every time I am required to show proof of vax. It's just a piece of paper that I could have printed myself, with hand written names and dates... No watermark, stamp, website, QR code...
My friends are shocked when they see it. Not one country, coffee shop, museum, shopping mall, etc... has denied me entry.
Europeans need the QR code.
So funny!

According to this report, Hungary is being an example for all nations!

It's my last day in France. Headed to Turkey tomorrow!

Just for a laugh...
I miss my little bird. He is staying wth his grandma while I'm traveling.

I've been hanging out with some Afghani refugees while here in France. All men. Part of me says, "Why did you leave the women and children behind and come alone?"
Then I hear their stories about how they got here. Walking for days with no food, kidnapped, beaten by police, etc...
Some have been away from family for years, trying to get accepted by some country.
One young man told me today that if he were in Afghanistan now, he would be killed.
It's hard to imagine what it's like to be in their shoes

I didn't realize that France is suppressive regarding freedom of speech. There are actual police whose job it is to monitor churches for speech that they deem against minorities, LGBT, and against the government itself. Claiming that "Jesus is the only way" is considered hate speech and could subject you to arrest.

I wonder if anyone out there is making fake QR code health passes in Europe yet?

So tomorrow is a big deal here in France. The vaccine pass has been in place since July 21st for larger venues like museums. But now its required to have the pass (QR code on your phone) to be able to go to restaurants, cafe's, and small venues as well. Grocery stores are exempt at this point. There are protests, of course. Tuesday, the leadership of the cafe/church will have a meeting to discuss whether to close or comply. There is a lot of confusion and fear about how to even implement a compliance, should they choose that option.

First flight out of the US since 2019!

Some advice if you are flying out of ORD:

1) The country you are flying to has covid requirements, but the airline also has requirements which may differ. There is a test available at the airport.
2) You may need a paper filled in declaring your solemn vow that you dont have covid
3) ORD has some new scanners that dont require you to take anything out of your carryon. Look for the security lines with the bigger gray tubs, not the smaller white ones
4) The body scanner triggered on my BTJ smuggler hat. TSA had me take it off and they felt the front logo area, but not the super secret pockets! I'm not smuggling anything anyway... 😎

I'm no author, but I think an interesting book would be...
"Scriptures we never hear from the pulpit."
Like Deuteronomy 14 where tithing is commanded... save 10%, go to the holy place, and spend it on whatever you want, including booze. 😎 That probably wouldn't help the building fund.
Ezekiel 23... dont read that chapter out loud to the kiddos at morning devotion time
Often quoted scriptures taken out of context... like..
"I can do all things through Christ..." doesn't refer to making the basketball team. But what does it refer to?

Can you think of more?

I just spoke to a friend in France. Macron has mandated the vaccine for all and a passport system. Consequences of disobedience include complete isolation, cannot go buy food or assemble.
Some people on both sides are protesting and getting violent.
Some Christians dont know what to do, and fear is prevalent.
Let's pray for France!
I'll be going there in August.

Well, it's time to get going! Not all the countries I want to go to are open yet, and it's a bit inconvenient, but I'll go where doors are open, and where I have good relationships.
Obedience opens doors.

Considering all the prophesies, conspiracies, real news, fake news, raising awareness, fear mongering, truths, and lies we are bombarded with daily... And if it's true that the proverbial poo is about to hit the fan...
I rarely hear any practical advice about what to DO, except pray and vote.

We really simply go on with life without changing much. "As it was in the days of Noah... marrying and giving in marriage... until the door of the ark was shut... so shall it be when the Son of Man returns."
How about... "owe no man anything but to love"
"Work while it is day.."
"Redeem the time for the days are evil"
How do we apply those practically?
Should we be bringing children into this world if we really believe it is, or soon will be, so bad?
Or do we not really believe it and we just add to the noise?

discipleship @sinbach
I have recently been introduced to DMM, DBS, and T4T methods. It is said these methods are the primary reason for the growth of the underground church in China. Is it true? Do Chinese missionaries also use these as well in the areas BTJ?

I'm probably way late to the game on this... but this could come in handy for some people in some countries that need to hide their Bible app..

Wearing my new BJT hat during devotional set at my local house of prayer. They dont allow gum, but I smuggled some in. 😎 πŸ˜†

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