Had a great time in Indiana yesterday!
Got to see Sister Esther speak and Joanna did a wonderful job translating!
Also got to see Will and Paul!
It's great to leave a church service encouraged, challenged, and connected.

Mikaela Shiffrin, the champion skier, just said something profound on an interview.
She overcame a knee injury recently and still won many downhill races.
She said (paraphrased), "Love makes you overcome fear. I fear pain. I fear injury. But my love for skiing compels me."

Reminds me of:
"...Perfect love casts out fear..."
"The love of Christ compels us..."

There's no worse job in the church than being the sound guy. Thank goodness for the Babylon Bee and their helpful tips.πŸ˜†


What if AI reads all books in the world... including the Bible... and decides to follow Jesus and encourages the world to do it too?

Could AI help spread the Gospel?
Bible translation?
What if we set up a computer and microphone in an untranslated town...
Then AI learns the language, already knows Hebrew and Greek.. and translates the Bible in a short time?

Just read an article about how a normally intelligent, rational person was duped out of $50k. The scammers used:

The problem is that even good legitimate leaders and organizations, without ill intent, often use the same.

Do we need to be coerced to do good or to give?
Is there an alternative?

"This is the most important election in US history!"

... said every 4 years πŸ˜† πŸ™„

Headed to Ireland in 1 week!
I've always wanted to go there.
Any Dingdashers there?

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, all fear is gone
Because I know He holds the future, my life is worth living
just because He lives

Common scams in missions:
1) Building projects... fake receipts, "cost over runs," fake photos, "ministry" buildings get used for personal real estate, the buildings quickly fall into disrepair
2) Multiple affiliations... Church changes the sign board name according to the organization
3) Orphanages without real orphans
4) Disasters... example: "We had an earthquake" But the earthquake hit on the other side of the country not even close
5) Persecution... example: Photos of real persecution in India used as a sympathy ploy for fund raising in Nepal.
6) Exaggerations... Especially church plants, numbers of converts, baptisms, church "affiliates."

Know who you are giving to.
Know geography

A good friend and I were talking about a topic we agreed upon... then I showed a Bible verse which I thought would "put a nail in the coffin." Doing this opened a can of worms and started a heated discussion.
I apologized for even bringing up the topic. I should have known he would have strong feelings.
Damaged relationship. Not worth it. Stay away from the non-essentials.

Wow! Crossing the border was an experience! I was searched and interrogated more than any other country, including Turkey, India, Ukraine...
I guess I have a suspicious face
Welcome to Canadastan

Road trip time!
Driving up to Ontario this weekend to see Brother Yun... twice!

Persecution is on the rise on India, especially in Chhatisgarh State. I've seen videos of believers getting beaten by bamboo poles, and their rice crops stolen.
From a friend:

Situation got very serious in Narayanpur city. While we all were celebrating New Year in different places. They destroyed several churches from last 3days including one of our village church. All the Christians from these 3 villages are sleeping in jungle from last 3 nights. They are seeking to kill Pas Rajmal. He is hiding from few days. Please pray. Around 9 hundred persecutors gather and attacked 2 of Pas Rajmal Karanga's place on January 1st. A Mob (4000 people) gather in Narayanpur city. Destroyed Christian school and a church. There is a curfew now. These people want to close down whole Baster division. In Baster there are 6 districts including Bijapur and Narayanpur. My family (The Overseeing Pastor Ramesh & Family ) has to move out today to be in a safe place. Please pray for us and our protection.

I could be wrong, but I think that plain greek yogurt and sour cream are the same thing

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